Tark Tan ji's Fantasy Hero Page
This page came into being to help a dear friend with whom I shared a dream.  It never came to fruition, sadly, but it was a glorious dream.  I shall not let my work go to waste and will convert the contents to Fantasy Hero.  If a time comes, in the far future, when the dream comes alive once more, than I shall return all to its rightful setting. - Ghost Archer

Tark Tan ji: the Storyteller
Bibady: the Holy Man
Kara: the Duelist
Mouse: the Fire Mage
Seltz: the Ranger
Silent Voice: the Thief

The End of Legends
Aldous: the Green Elf
Chee San ji: the Maktir
Damon: the Half-Demon

Diamond Heart: the Half Angel
Drynnan: the Satyr
Kaylee: the Dryad
Trasz: the Draconian
Yenlee: the Elf

Tark Tan ji's Normals Page


The Alchemist's Lab
The Armory
The General Store
The Herbalist Shoppe
The Weapons Vault

"Drawings"   by Ghost Archer
"Hauntings"  by Tiffy

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