by Tiffy
    Vikivia walked through the house as the lady chattered away to her about the strange happenings that had been going on in her home for the past year or so.  She let her mind wander to her  studies as she absently took in the small details of what the lady called the 'hauntings'. She smiled to herself and turned to the lady.
     "Your name . . .?"
     Blushing a little, the woman replied. "Oh, sorry child, Mrs. Delliena."
     Vikivia nodded looking up the stairs of the house, over the finely detailed, but old, woodwork lining the steps. She sighed, pulling a strand of hair from her eyes as she started up the stairs the woman watching her and not moving an inch.
     "I . . . believe I will stay down here, Sweetie . . . it's rather . . . unnerving up there,"  she said hesitantly.
     "I understand," replied Vikivia. "I will be back in a while . . . "
     She turned, heading up the stairs ignoring the woman's goodbye. Viki stopped at the top of the stairs, watching Mrs. Delliena close the door, apparently off to ‘take care of some business' while she worked. Vikivia sighed, looking out of the upstairs window into the courtyard. The Garden Maze was beautiful, still as breath taking as it had been when she was a
child.   She had never known Mrs. Delliena, she was the new owner of the Estate. Vikivia didn't much take a liking to her, her rich family was known for their extremely petty ways  and their spoiled brat attitudes. Finding her mind wandering Viki slumped down into the window seat, her eyes drifting over the upstairs hallway curiously at the many old and dingy paintings. The dust
was coated over them thickly, the smell of mothballs emitting from the works. She sat, listening, her elven ears perfect for her job. She heard the soft chirping of a bird outside, the disturbing sound of silence also.
     Then it started, a soft scooting sound, her ears perked up and she looked around, getting quickly to her feet to examine the sound. She took soundless steps down the hall towards where the sound was coming from , her eyes going from one side of the hall to the other.  She looked to her side, the door to the dumbwaiter … putting her ear to it she decided that this was where the noise was. Stepping back she opened it slowly, the darkness of the hole in-penetrable. Suddenly she heard a blood curdling scream, jumping back from the dumbwaiter she gazed into it curiously, fear not canceling her emotions any longer.
     "WHO!" she yelled loudly.
     She heard soft whimpering and a black lump tumbled out from the opening.
     "M..M…..me" the little lump said.
     "And this helps me? " she smirked.
     "Who is me?" Vikivia said agitatedly.
     "Ry..Ryain..Ryain Ovidazon" the little lump said as it stood up to its full size of a small child with a hood pulled over his face.
     Vikivia rolled her eyes and slammed the door to the dumbwaiter shut.
     "Do you KNOW how much trouble you can get in here! This is one of the wealthiest families in all of  New Danex, do you think they would have a second thought of sending you to the Correctional Facilities?"
     Ryain hung his head lowly as Vikivia continued to speak.
     "I am here on business young man and you have interrupted a very important proje . . ."
     Vikivia cut what she was saying short as she caught something out of the corner of her eye.  Looking around she let her gaze fall upon the window sill where she was seated earlier. The curtains flittered in the wind,  the windows had been shut earlier. She muttered, glaring at the little boy. Vikivia put her index finger to her lips in a ‘shush' motion as she took the boys hand and led him down the hall quietly.
     Her hearing had picked up the sound of voices farther down the hall, whereas, Ryain's human ears had not. As she stepped closer to the room at the end of the hall, she glanced at Ryain. She could see very well, that, from the pale expression on his face, he could hear it now also.
     Standing still at the door to the room, Vikivia reached to her backpack slowly, she set it lightly upon the floor of the hall and got down on both knees, sifting through it as quietly as she could. One hand grasped Ryain's arm firmly as she gave him a ‘don't move' look. Slightly afraid of the mysterious woman, Ryain didn't budge.
     Her hands ventured through the bag until they clasped around a small diamond shaped vial, she took it in her hand and lifted it from the bag holding it before her. The translucent green mixture was bright in the now darkness of the hall the voices still talked. It was two voices, the first being the husky one belonging to a man though, as usual, the words were gibberish, the distinction between the two voices was evident. The next was a woman , from her voice she seemed that she might have been a shy , young woman.
     They droned on , never ceasing as Vikivia set to work. She uncorked the bottle of green liquid , the smell horrid. She almost smiled seeing Ryain cover his nose as she poured it from one side of the white painted door frame to the other. It made a jade colored line across the floor and the chatter of the two voices halted. Ryain looked at her quizzically as if wanting to know
how that happened. She avoided his gaze and leaned over, whispered softly.
     "Don't move from this spot no matter what, do you hear me?"
     Ryain quickly nodded his head, his face very pale and his expression grim. Vikivia took her bag in her hand and stepped across the line into the room as she was blasted by a cold air  that she had expected. She looked, made sure Ryain was where he was supposed to be , and he was. Viki turned and held out a hand filled with the soft green liquid. The air became frigid. She
shivered slightly even through her leather garb, softly she repeated the prayer from one of her many books into the cold air surrounding her as she spoke she felt the tension in the room grow. Tension being something only those who are gifted in the spiritual area can describe. She looked around and said another prayer, softly speaking in a different language that none could explain.  A sharp beeping sound started, Viki being the only one to hear it at first, but then it got loud enough for Ryain to hear.
     She poured the green liquid to the floor from her hand now, dropping slowly to her knees and spreading it along the floor. As her hand ventured over the floor the small trail of green goo boiled as the talking and beeping grew louder. It continued, Ryain now with both hands over his ears and whimpering softly. "Cease." Vikivia said softly. The noise stopped. The chill drifted from the air. And the green spots on the floor, disappeared. She rose from her feet, gathering her pack from her shoulders. She tossed a lock of hair behind her ear and stepped toward the door, looking at Ryain and frowning slightly as he stared at her in awe.
     "Tell not of this,  what you have seen, my work . . . is my own . . . not to be copied by any other than my apprentices," she said gently, placing a comforting hand softly over the back of his neck.  He nodded.
     "I promise, Vikivia . . ."
     They walked down the hall together in silence, regarding the now shut window grimly.  As they went down the stairs they watched as Mrs. Delliena scurried through the door to see how everything went. Vikivia simply held out her hand for her pay and replied.
     "You will be having no more troubles."
Mrs. Delliena payed her. Vikivia and Ryain walked from the house now talking about where they should eat for dinner.
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