The General Store
    Welcome to the General Store. Here you will find a myriad of items for sale ranging from the simple to the  complex, the  cheap to the outrageous.  All your wants may be satisfied  and  if I do not  have it, I  can  find  it.  Special orders are not a problem.
RPG - The Proprietor

The base monetary unit is a silver piece (approx. $1 value). 
10 copper piece(cp) : 1 silver piece(sp)
10 silver piece(sp) : 1 gold piece(gp)
Weights are in pounds.

The items found here are described for a Roleplaying Game and should not be taken as actual merchandise available for purchase online. 
It is a GAME!!


 Adventurer's Equipment
Animals; Live
Bard's Equipment
Beverage Rack
Butcher Shoppe
Cooking/Eating Equipment
  Dairy Products
Dry Goods
Fruit Bin
  Grain and Fodder
Household Goods
Illumination and Heating
  Instruments; Non-musical
Nut Bin
Preserved Meats
Priest's Apse
Security Items
Sewing/Weaving Equipment
Spice Rack and Cooking Oils
Thieves Guild
Transportation Equipment
Vegetable Bin
Writing Materials

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