The End of Legends

The world came to being with the thought of the great Dragons.  The Trinity of Bethany, Tsarsaidor and Nox created the Universe without thought of the life that would come and under the Eye of Galileo, the Oldest of Dragons, he who was before all else.

Around an insignificant star in an insignificant galaxy, a world came into being proving to no one the truth of Chaos Theory.   For a few billion years the world boiled up its heart stone and slowly cooled until something in the solar atmosphere became attracted to this particular chunk of rock, the molecules of oxygen and nitrogen and hydrogen.

Two combined and the new planet felt the first drops of rain, it turned into a deluge.  For several million years the world flooded, the heated heart melding with the water to cool the earth into fantastic shapes.   Valleys formed, mountains were thrown up by titanic convulsions, and rivers flowed into the rifts and became lakes, then seas and finally oceans.

Galileo watched all and waited, knowledge of the future his to read.  Tsarsaidorís attention was drawn by the Oldestís gaze and he walked the Earth.  So great was his magic that where ere he stepped a bit of his power leeched into the rock and so great his stride that each step was far placed.  From this touch life began and Galileo, in his Realm, one day to be called Cinnabar, knew all the Universe was changed.

The history of this planet was long in modern terms but at last a time came when the life there evolved into creatures with the power of thought.  Since they had come from the Magic of a Great Dragon, each was of that Magic.   Each came to multiply and the Magic worked still.  Elves and Demons grew to power, each in their own place and each in accord with the Neutrality of Tsarsaidor.  Elves where the Good, Demon the Evil and there was Balance.  For the Dwarves under the Earth grew the Orcs to challenge and again there was Balance.  Each Evil grew a Good, each Good an Evil and so it was as the world ripened.  Not all came from the Dragon.

                Science was not to be out done and played its own trick on this planet and placed in a single race both Good and Evil.  Man came late into the world and like a plague covered the earth with its own, taking without thought of the Elder Races.  Man raped and pillaged and grew jealous of the powers of the Elders they having no grasp of the Dragonís Magic.  Instead, they created machines, science became their Magic and Galileo saw his visions come to pass.

                Now is come the End of Legends for Man has become all pervasive, covering even the inhospitable lands heretofore only entered by Magical beings.  Greedy for that which they will never have, Man has begun to destroy the Elder races, not with outright war but with prejudice and fear.  They hunt the Ďbeastsí of the wilderness, the Unicorn, the Pegasus, the Merfolk and even the very kin of the Trinity, the Dragons.

                To this world come the Last King and Queen of the Days of Legend.  Called Oberon and Titania, names history will record in human terms only in plays and fantasy books, they seek to lead the few Creatures of Legend to safety through a passage on the great Road.  Into the world has been sent the emissaries of the King and Queen tasked with finding the last of the Legend and bringing them before the Royal Couple.

                Titania did look upon a simple faun, a satyr called Drynnan, and smiled for it was he she had sought with all of her powers.  The King Oberon gave to this faun a mission to lead from the world of Man a small group of disparate creature he knew had a destiny to fulfill.  In their route was a Great Treasure that would be the salvation of all of the Elder, the Stones of Life.

                Drynnan took only his pipes and held in the arms of the King himself, flew across a Great Sea to the bank of a river flowing through a human city.  Oberon gave to the faun a Gift of the Fireoak and left him with his task secretly knowing he would succeed.  Now Drynnan must find those whom he will save and hope that he finds all that are needed.

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