Villains of the World

    The 'New Arm's Race' began with the announcement of the Minuteman Project by the United States and around the world nation after nation followed suit with their own teams.  The reasoning behind the US's assembly of such a team was questioned by many, but events quickly proved that the United States had the right idea. It wasn't many, at first, but the activities of certain Metahumans soon became the hot topic in the Media.  A meta calling himself Springheeled Jack began preying on lone women across Great Britain, a new victim every week or so, all but one died.  This started another 'arm's race', a publicity arm's race to see who could become the most famous of the growing number of 'Super Villains'.  Here are a few.

United States
Cannonball: destroyer of the Washington Monument.
Great White: shark-like killer.

United Kingdom
Dashing Dash: thief, bank robber, attention seeker.
Glo Caled: Welsh eco-terrorist.
Jack O Lantern: psychic terrorist, con-man and sexual predator.
Springheeled Jack: rapist, terrorist, murderer.

Set: reborn Egyptian god?

Metalica: poor girl who just wants more

Anarchy: terrorist or just a nut-job?

Middle East
Jihad: state-sanctioned terrorist? 

Oude Kerk Demon: summoned by who?

Inferno: destructive living volcano.

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