The Wild Hunt Normals Page
This page will be dedicated to friends, enemies and associates of the Wild Hunt through the years. 
The Wild Hunt Friends
Afton Barr: a burglar friend of Fletch Walker (Ghost Archer)
Brother Cadfael: in memory of Ellis Peters
Captain Charles Driscole: SFPD contact of Ghost Archer
Jessica Lorenzo: reporter contact of Ghost Archer
Kelly Greene: a druid friend of Fletcher Walker (Ghost Archer)
Krysten Joral: a thief friend of Fletcher Walker (Ghost Archer)
Krago Ironfist: a dwarven friend of Fletcher Walker (Ghost Archer)
Raymond 'Stoney' Jackson: informer contact of Ghost Archer
Sharon McCone: a private eye friend of Aaron Wayne (Ghost Archer)
Shashta: a Water Wizard and Mentor of the Lady Rogue of the Ocean

The Wild Hunt Enemies
Ironman Marsten: an enemy of Fletch Walker (Ghost Archer)

The Seattle Hunt Friends
Big Pete: drug lord and friend of Raven.
Bob: computer genius and garbage man.
Col. Quinn Devereux: team Government Liaison.
Eliza Layton, Special Agent: team FBI Liaison.
Gage Renshaw:
troubleshooter for James Hawkins

Jesse Ellison: bisexual madam and friend of Raven.
John MacAlaster: automotive genius and junk collector.
Sean Thornton: actor/stuntman, husband of Gabrielle.
Sorcha: otherworld scientist, friend of Raven
Terry Gibbs: CEO of Fireoak Globelist Inc.
William Washburn: Raven's first 'mate', now low power paranormal.

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