Solo Villains

Enemies of the Wild Hunt
Predator: the alien hunter that stalks paranormals for the challenge.

Star Bolt: mutant brother of Pam Portis

Enemies Revisited
When I started my adventures as Ghost Archer the villains presented in the Enemies books where state-of-the-art.  A lot has changed in the ensuing years but my old enemies have remained frozen like a fly in amber.  It was time to bring them into the modern world, or at least into the world of the 5th Edition.

From European Enemies
Huntsman of the Black Forest: rival to the Master of the Wild Hunt, and immortal enemy.
Hounds of the Huntsman: the Huntsman's pack.

From Enemies III
Bison aka Buffalo: U.S. Army research project gone bad.
Dark Angel: reluctant emissary of Death.
Demonfire: a demon's daughter.
Green Knight: the headless warrior.
Mechassassin: one of the first of Ghost Archer's foes.
Monster: Evil Incarnate.

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