S.A.A.T., Society for the Acquisition of Advanced Technology, was the first group I put together. Composed of disconnected supervillains, SAAT members are all motivated by a strong desire to make money, all that is, but Timemaster. Not originally a part of the team, Timemaster joined to further his own work on his time machine. Thunderbolt, the leader of the group, saw the possibilities in a collaboration with the time traveler and readily agreed. The Witches were designed by me as a set of twins so interconnected that if one takes damage, the other feels it. One of the Witches is the Offense of the duo and the other is the Defense. They do work well as a team. The rest of the group was taken from Hero publications and the original authors deserve the credit for their design. I hope they forgive me the liberties I have taken in modifying their work. SAAT's main target is, of course, the latest technology and they are thieves par excellence. They have been known to injure the occasional by-stander but try to avoid killing as it will turn up the heat from the Law. The Wild Hunt has had many run-ins with the group and Ghost Archer and the Rainbow Archer are 'old friends'.
Dragonmaster: one of the best Martial Artist in the world.
Fire and Ice: the strangest mixture.
Rainbow Archer: second only to Ghost Archer.
Shamrock: the luckiest brick alive.
Silver Witch: the 'defender' twin.
Thunderbolt: the leader of SAAT.
Timemaster: the lost time traveler.
White Witch: the 'control' twin.

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