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I have no plans to update the X-men past 1994, EVER!

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Rogue Line

     Of course I grew up with the Uncanny X-Men, what player of Champions didn't.  And, naturally I  have my favorites but will not go into that.  Many years ago, in the Adventure's Club, HERO published a conversion chart for Marvel Super Heroes to Champions.  Seeing this sent me into a flurry of creativity.  One small problem, with few exception, the average Champions hero would kill  the average Marvel hero in a matter of seconds. The skills and attack powers were fine or could easily be set up at my game level but the defenses ... So I fudged a great deal to make the Marvel heroes playable. Disadvantages were fairly easy but Hunteds were too changeable so I  made them all about the same.  As I use Genocide constantly, that was a given, but the other groups are from Marvel's own works.  The teams for the X-Men do not reflect the current roster ... sorry but I have gotten very behind on my comic collection, in fact, years behind. As a result the teams are out-dated and I have no expectations of updating them. In fact I like them the way  they are.  I am not going to even attempt to tell the tale of the Uncanny X-Men nor will I provide individual  histories, for this has been done far better than I could ever hope to do by Marvel.  For those X-men Fans that know nothing of Roleplaying and Champions, please understand that the history of the X-Men in my campaign is divergent from the 'official' Marvel history.  Think of these pages as a look into an alternate dimension and the X-Men presented here as an 'alternate' version of the Uncanny X-Men.

Rogue Line
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Rogue Line
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