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Well, many years have come and gone since I last really looked at the Zodiac.  They are still and will remain, my favorite villain group.  That being said I have found that while rewriting their histories there are many opportunities I have missed in their bulids.  For instance, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus are ancient beings with thousands of years of experience.  I have been updating them accordingly.  As always, points pretty much mean nothing to me so expect some major increases.

I designed a group several years before HERO published their versions.  The team proved to be my most feared villain group.  When I got my hands on HERO's publication I was both delighted and disappointed.  The artwork was fabulous and several of the characters were superb . . . but . . .  I felt let down in one respect, few of the characters displayed the attributes of their Sun Sign.  After digging through all my books I found my Astrology guide and thumbed through it.  Long deliberations produced a set of Disads for each member according to their classic Sun Sign description.  As I said, I had my own Zodiac but several of HERO's characters were to well designed to overlook.  I tossed out a couple of my team, in a long running series of battles with the Wild Hunt, and added their Hero replacements.  Also I decided to promote equality and produced a team of six male and six female members.  Taurus was to good to drop, my compliments to Doug Shuler, and remained the overall leader of the group.  My Leo, a woman, became the combat leader of the team.  So my team developed and remained my most feared weapon.  My thanks to Doug Shuler for all his work on his The Zodiac Conspiracy ©.

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