Viper is a world-wide criminal organization that dates back to 1946 when a group of powerful industrialists joined together to combat the future threat of Communism.  From around the world they came, each member of the new Viper wealthy beyond belief, all of them determined to increase that wealth.  For years they remained quietly in the background, gathering information, using their wealth and position to take over corporation after corporation.  Things looked bright for Viper until . . . a major player in the organization died, leaving his seat on the Viper Council to his son.  This single point changed Viper forever.  Weaknesses were perceived by other members and the Council fractured, larger corporations swallowed up smaller, reducing the number of members to a handful.  One member saw this as an opportunity to expand Viper operations into the criminal realm and steered the organization down a path they follow to this day.  Now, fifty years later, Viper controls several Third World countries, most of the criminal activities in the Western World and all of the Middle East drug business.  They are terrorists, smugglers, blackmailers, influence peddlers, drug dealers, bank robbers . . . anything to make money or garner power.

Viper © 1993 Hero Games. All rights reserved.
Thanks to Scott Bennie & Cliff Christiansen, authors of Viper.

This is an agent group that has been together for several years now, battling the Wild Hunt several times and surviving.  I designed them based on the Agent Personalities the The Viper Source Book.

Bull - Mauler Agent: a thug, pure and simple.
D-Man - Baiter Agent: Bombs! Bombs! Bombs!
Edge - Air Cavalry Agent: Combat Air Patrol.
Kid - Standard Agent: the naive in the wolf's den.
Sarge - Steel Serpent Agent: the professional.
Spook - Covert Agent: the 'Infiltrator'.
Wacho - Standard Agent: not quite all there, know what I mean?

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