Terror Inc.
Giganto turned toward me, his rocky countenance the most alien thing I had encountered in my short experience as the Master of the Wild Hunt.  From the quiver I drew one of my new Electro-Stun arrows and sighted down the shaft at the moving rock formation.  The shot took him fair in the chest but he merely staggered slightly and stalked toward me, unruffled.  Muttering a mild obscenity I pulled my Air-Solidification arrow and drew a fresh bead on Giganto.  As it left the bow the charge in the arrow's head was triggered creating a bubble of solidified air about the size of my fist.  As the molecules were drawn into this sphere the shape caused a stream of superheated gases to be expelled like a rocket exhaust,  accelerating the shaft to hypersonic speeds.  The result was gratifying.  Giganto was lifted off his feet and hurled back several meters.  You can imagine my surprise when he rose to his feet and resumed his march.  I never did knock him out that day.  I would hit him, knock him back, he'd get up and come at me again.  I must admit it was a relief when Professor Muerte called a general withdrawal for I was about out of arrows.  This was my first encounter with a group of supervillains and not my last with the group called Terror Inc.
This was my first game of Champions played in 1982.

Steve Perrin's Terror Inc. © copyright 1982, 1989 by Hero Games

Feur:  the flame.
Giganto: the rock.
Mentalax: the ego.
Professor Muerte: the brains.
Scorpia: the beauty.

Terror Inc. henchmen
Panzerbjorn: armored polar bears

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