The Wild Hunt

A history in timeline form

Pre-time : The Void: Galileo, Oldest of Dragons, comes into existence.  Tsarsaidor, Bethney and Noxarith come into existence a few moments later. 
c. 12023 BCE : Earth: The saytr that will one day be known as Drynnan Illar aka Sean Quinlan aka Capricorn of the Zodiac is born
c. 12000 BCE : Earth: The Time of Legends comes to an end with the departure of the last of the fae Royalty.  An unknown number of magical beings remain.
c. 2000 BCE : Earth: The appearance of the Greek Titans
c. 1675 BCE : Aegaen: Zeus and the Olympians defeat the Titans
c. 1628 BCE : Aegaen: Thera volcano erupts
c 1440 BCE : Aegaen: Minos born
c. 1406 BCE : Crete: Minos becomes king of Crete
05/12/1280 BC : Crete: The Minotaur (Taurus) is born as a result of the mating between the god Zeus and the human Europa.  
05/12/1256 BC : Athens, Greece: Ghost Archer arrives on a trip through time; most of his memories are lost in the trip.  Archer spends nearly four years in this time period before regaining his memory.  During this time Archer befriends Theseus
03/30/1252 BC : Knossos, Crete: Ghost Archer, disguised as Theseus, defeats the Minotaur in the Minoan Maze.  Injuries recall Archer to himself and he returns home.  The Minotaur, thought dead, hides deep in the Maze, healing and plotting revenge.  
c. 1210 BCE : Knossos, Crete: The Minotaur emerges for the first time from the Maze.
c. 1200 BCE : Knossos, Crete: Drynnan Illar encounters the Minotaur and the two begin a long friendship.
c. 1150 BCE : Knossos, Crete: Drynnan Illar and the Minotaur stowaway on a Greek ship bound for mainland Greece.
c. 900 BCE : Aegaen: The Nereids are born including Leiagore, later known as Pisces
563 BC : Unknown: Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) born
551 BC : Unknown: Confucius born
469 BC : Greece: Socrates is born
10/12/430 BC : Crete, Eastern Mediterranean:.  Calling himself Minos Taurus, he secretly steals scrolls from the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks and Romans.  Over the ensuing decades he studies Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid and Demosthenes.  
428 BC : Athens, Greece: Plato born
384 BC : Greece: Aristotle born
4 BC : Bethlehem: Jesus of Nazareth is born
571 : Mecca: Mohammed born
04/12/581 : London, England: Ghost Archer, Sarge, Daimon, War Eagle and Crusader are exiled by Tsar to 6th century England.  Stripped of most of their great powers, the group, none the less unites England as one nation for the first time against the Vikings.  Sarge, in a fit of humor, takes the name Arthur and gives rise to the legendary king with each member playing a different part.  The most adept at combat, Ghost Archer, becomes Lancelot du Lac, with Crusader taking the name Galahad, Daimon being know as Gawain while War Eagle, becomes the model for Merlin the Magician.  Contrary to legend, Guinevere and 'Lancelot' do not have an affair.  The 'Arthurian' age ends after thirteen years when Tsar lifts his block on Archer's ability to travel the Road. 
01/22/1832 : Atlanta, GA.: Jeremy Butler aka Captain Confederacy is born.  
07/29/1833 : Lexington, KY: Joshua Plitt aka Sarge, is born.  
07/03/1863 : Gettysburg, PA.: Sgt. Joshua Plitt CSA and Capt. Jeremy Butler CSA mortally wounded in Pickett's Charge and taken aboard an alien spacecraft.  
02/07/1897 : Mossy Creek, TN: James J Moore, Aquarius of Zodiac, born
5/28/1918 Cantigny, France: The 28th Infantry Regiment of the US 1st Infantry Division assualts and captures a German observation post in Cantigny, France in the US Army's first offensive campaign of World War I.  Private James J. Moore aka Aquarius of Zodiac, is wounded.
11/11/1922 : Paris, France: Marie Renault born
2/7/1928 : Romulus II, Romulus Star System: War Eagle born  
4/26/1933 : Cinnabar: Joram, his wife Rilia and newborn son, Turin, arrive in the Nexus city of Cinnabar.  Accompanied by the Arch mage Rathorn they take up residence in the Magic Section of the city.  Within hours the inn they are staying in is attacked by the Demon Argarat.  The infant child is kidnapped, leaving Rilia heartbroken and Joram determined to take his revenge  
7/27/1934 : Fresno, CA: Willam Wayne born
4/4/1936 : McCook, NB: Harriet Black born
8/19/1940 : Paris, France: Ghost Archer travels to war-torn France and meets the eighteen year old Marie Renault.  Both join the resistance and twice Archer rescues Marie from the Nazi Gestapo.  
10/3/1940 : Paris, France: James Grayson, an RAF recon pilot, is shot down near Paris.  Ghost Archer beings the wounded man to Marie Renault.  James and Marie fall in love and marry after the war.
7/25/1942 : Cinnabar: Rachael is born to Rilia and Joram, partially healing the wound in Rilia's heart.  The girl child displays none of her mother's incredible talent for magic but does show a remarkable facility for being lucky.  
3/7/1964 : Cinnabar: Cufaen (Q. "Spirit of the Bow") aka Ghost Archer, is born to Rilia and Joram.  It will be years before the powers given to the child manifest.  Joram is delighted with the boy but again the child shows no aptitude for the Magic of Rilia.  
5/8/1964 : Martinez, CA: Sue Freschi  is born.  
6/1/1964 : Martinez, CA: Marilyn Chak is born.  
9/19/1964 : Nottingham, England: Marian Locksley aka Rainbow Archer, is born.  
1/27/1966 : Cinnabar: Laure (Q. "Golden") aka Fire Witch, is born to Rilia and Joram and at last the Magic in the sorceress Rilia is passed to the next generation.  With the birth of her last daughter Rilia is at last whole and happy.  The ensuing years are to be the happiest of her life.  
12/4/1966 : Cinnabar: Joram's vengeance on the Demon Argarat goes unfulfilled, in frustration he turns his war-like nature on the unsuspecting citizenry of Cinnabar and with Rathorn's help, becomes Doge of Cinnabar.  
7/1/1967 : Cinnabar: Cufaen lives up to his name and begins a life-long dedication to the bow.  
1/24/1970 : Vallejo, CA: William Stanton aka Daimon, born.  
1/26/1970 : Seattle, WA: Robert Regular aka Voltage, born.  
4/1/1972 : Cinnabar: Joram's rule is overthrown by his own returning son, now eighteen.  The Demon Argarat aided his prodigy in the conquest.  It is at this point the eight year old Cufaen Walks the Road for the first time.  As Turin stood gloating over his bound family, Cufaen touched each, urging them to hold to him, and slid into the Realm he would come to call the Road.   Surprised at this sudden shift to other planes, Rilia and Joram lost contact with their son and so fell away from their children.  In what realm they found themselves, none know. Rachael disappeared shortly afterward, also lost in time and space.  Cufaen held Laure's arm with such force that he inadvertently snapped the bone but it saved the younger girl from the fate of his parents and elder sibling.  The two appeared suddenly amidst the camp of William and Harriet Wayne, a couple camping in the deep mountains of Northern California.  
6/22/1972 : Martinez, CA: Cufaen, now called Aaron, and Laure are adopted by the Waynes.  
9/2/1972 : Martinez, CA: Aaron Wayne meets Marilyn Chak and the two begin a life long friendship. 
6/22/1976 : Moline, KA: Cassandra ‘Cassy’ Winters, aka Whirlwind is born. 
4/21/1977  : V, Kepler Star System: Lady Rogue of the Ocean, daughter of Marlin, King of the Oceans, is born. 
9/2/1977 : Martinez, CA: Aaron Wayne meets Sue Freschi and is immediately smitten by her.  He begins a four year effort to woo her but it is to be in vain.  
10/31/1977 : Martinez, CA: Marilyn Chak is struck by a drunk driver and nearly loses her leg.  Aaron Wayne helps her through the many long months of therapy.  
6/9/1978 : Detroit, MI: Pam Portis born.  
7/13/1979 : Berlin, Germany: Aaron Wayne enters the XXXth World Championship Tournament representing the United States in the Archery competition.  Aaron Wayne meets Marian Locksley, his female counterpart representing the United Kingdom.  The two 15 year-olds hit it off immediately.  
7/14/1979 : Berlin, Germany: FITA, Federation Internationale de Tir a L'arc, the governing body for International Archery approves paranormals in all competition.  The United States, Britain and Canada withdraw their teams in protest.  Aaron Wayne and Marian Locksley react differently.  Throughout the evening and far into the night Marian raged with Aaron providing a sympathetic ear. 
7/15/1979 : Berlin, Germany: The two teenagers part, Marian Locksley still steaming, with vows to keep in touch.  
12/23/1979 : Martinez, CA: Aaron Wayne receives notice he has been chosen to represent the United States in the Summer Olympics in Archery.  
2/21/1980 : Washington DC: President Jimmy Carter announces the United States would boycott the Summer Olympics of Moscow in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  
3/19/1980 : Los Angeles, CA: James Hawkins aka Icehawk, born.  
9/18/1980 : Stonewood, Western Shore: Thistle Grey is born.  
6/22/1982 : Martinez, CA: Aaron Wayne, Sue Freschi and Marilyn Chak graduate from high school.  
7/3/1982 : Gettysburg, PA:  Joshua Plitt and Jeremy Butler return to Earth after 119 years, both have been enhanced with bionics courtesy of their alien hosts.  The Civil War veterans agree to use their powers to fight crime.  Joshua becomes Sarge and Jeremy takes the name Captain Confederacy.  
7/18/1982 : Trinity Alps, Northern CA: Aaron Wayne arrives for a month long camping trip after hitchhiking for two days. 
8/1/1982 : Vallejo, CA: William and Harriet Wayne murdered by a Viper assault squad.  Laure Wayne severely injured.  
8/15/1982 : Martinez, CA: Aaron Wayne returns for a camping trip to find is parents dead and his sister in the hospital.  Using his regenerative powers for the first time, Aaron heals his sister and removes her from the hospital.  
9/17/1982 : Los Angeles, CA: Aaron Wayne, with the money from his parent's life insurance, enrolls in UCLA.  
9/20/1982 : San Diego, CA: Marilyn Chak enrolls at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography with the help of Aaron Wayne's inheritance.  
10/9/1982 : Los Angeles, CA: Aaron Wayne becomes Laure Wayne's legal guardian.  
10/15/1982 : Fireoak Forest: Raven born.
10/20/1982 : Los Angeles, CA: Aaron dons a mask and takes up the bow in a hunt for Viper and the people responsible for his parents' death.  
11/27/1982 : Los Angeles, CA: Aaron Wayne's successes against Viper cause the local Nest Leader to hire the mercenary Rainbow Archer to hunt down the fledgling hero.  
12/3/1982 : Los Angeles, CA: Rainbow Archer hunts down Aaron Wayne but is defeated by him.  He realizes Rainbow Archer is actually Marian Locksley and lets her go after taking her archery equipment.  
12/23/1982 : Nottingham, England: Aaron Wayne is drawn to travel to England where he encounters the Wild Hunt in Sherwood Forest.  When the Master of the Wild Hunt is mortally wounded he passes the duties of the Master to Aaron.  The primary power acquired by Aaron is the Master's Danger Sense.  
1/20/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Aaron and Laure Wayne return to San Francisco.  Aaron uses his powers to continue his education at UCLA, flying at high speeds to and from the college.  
3/17/1983 : Berkeley, CA: Laure Wayne begins classes at UC Berkeley, majoring in Journalism.  
3/25/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Aaron Wayne takes the name Ghost Archer and begins his crime fighting in earnest.  
4/2/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer's first encounter with other supers, Cujo and Howler, in combat.  Archer chooses the wrong side and helps Howler defeat Cujo.  Discovering he mistake to late to capture Howler, Archer recruits Cujo into the new Wild Hunt.  
4/14/1983 : Oakland, CA: Laure Wayne takes an intern job at KTVU Channel 2 in Jack London Square.  This is the start of her career as a broadcast journalist.  
5/30/1983 : Oakland, CA: Ghost Archer encounters Deathstroke for the first time and with the aid of Sarge, Captain Confederacy and Captain New Jersey, defeat and capture Deathstroke.  Ghost Archer recruits the three heroes into the Wild Hunt.  
6/14/1983 : San Francisco, CA: War Eagle crash lands in downtown San Francisco and kills nine.  Archer defeats War Eagle but finds him to be confused about his location and agrees to help him adjust to Earth life.  Warrants are issued by the San Francisco District Attorney for an "unidentified alien" in connection with the deaths of nine people.  
7/26/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer Walks the Road for the first time since his escape from Cinnabar.  This journey takes him to Nottingham, England in the late 12th century.  
8/1/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer returns from the 12th century far more experienced as a leader and champion of the innocent.  
8/8/1983 : San Francisco, CA: The Wild Hunt meets the Zodiac for the first time and is soundly defeated.  
9/4/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Aaron Wayne opens the Wayne Detective Agency.  He is surprised when Sue Freschi applies for the secretary's job and hires her, beginning a long and successful partnership.  
9/7/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Sue Freschi begins classes in criminology at San Francisco State.  
10/31/1983 : Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA: The alien to be called Lucifer arrives on Earth.  The Wild Hunt, on patrol, discover the bat-winged girl wandering the paths of Golden Gate Park.  For Sarge and the girl it is love at first sight.  Lucifer joins the Wild Hunt.  
11/2/1983 : San Francisco, CA: Daimon, Voltage and Quasimodo apply to and are accepted by the Wild Hunt.  
01/11/198 4: San Francisco, CA: Thunderbolt forms the Society for the Acquisition of Advanced Technology (SAAT).  Members include Rainbow Archer, Shamrock, Fire and Ice and the twin Witches.  
1/15/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer and Sarge battle the newly formed SAAT to a standstill.  It is at this time that Rainbow Archer develops a hatred for Sarge because of his overt sexual advances toward her.  With the battle over and SAAT retreating without their targeted prize, the two Archers stand on a rooftop talking archery and begin what will become a long term, if shaky, friendship.  
1/29/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Star Knight is invited to join the Wild Hunt.  
2/20/1984 : Stronghold: The Ultimates escape from prison.  Binder stops at a 7-Eleven for a Coke only to discover the formula has been changed.  In a rage Binder leads the Ultimates to a Coca-Cola plant in the Bay Area and takes the place over, demanding the return of the original Coke formula.  The Wild Hunt responses and, after a protracted battle, recapture the Ultimates.  The Coca-Cola Company in response to this action begins manufacturing Classic Coke and Binder returns to Stronghold a happy man.  
3/17/1984 : San Francisco, CA: The Wild Hunt builds a headquarters in an old warehouse near Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf.  
4/19/1984 : Olympic Peninsula, WA: Ghost Archer track Zodiac to an island of the coast of Washington and mounts an all out assault.  Most of the island is destroyed and Taurus and the Zodiac disappear.  
5/12/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Laure Wayne takes the name Fire Witch and cons her brother into letting her join the Wild Hunt.  
6/12/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Fire Witch is kidnapped by the Crimson Claw.  This is the quiet beginnings of the Claw War.  
7/1/1984 : San Francisco, CA: The Crimson Claw forces Ghost Archer to capture Sarge, Captain Confederacy and Quasimodo for him in return for the release of his sister.  Fire Witch's left little finger is sent along with the demands.  
8/2/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer delivers the last of the three heroes to the Crimson Claw.  
8/3/1984 : Callisto, Jupiter: Sarge, Captain Confederacy and Quasimodo are each exposed to the Emerald Eye of Azog, an evil artifact that boosts their powers as it takes over their minds.  
9/13/1984 : Golden Gate Bridge, CA: Captain Confederacy, an honorable Southern gentleman, commits suicide rather than summit to the evils of the Emerald Eye and the Crimson Claw.  
10/10/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Under the control of the Crimson Claw, Sarge and Quasimodo rampage across San Francisco.  During a battle with the Wild Hunt, Quasimodo nearly kills War Eagle and in turn is killed by Ghost Archer.  It is the first time Archer has killed.  
11/4/1984 : San Francisco, CA: Chameleon joins the Wild Hunt.  
12/25/1984 : San Francisco, CA: The Wild Hunt encounters Tsarsaidor for the first time.  The great dragon is the incarnation of Neutrality and in order to balance Good and Evil once again Tsar, as he becomes known, aides Ghost Archer.  Ghost Archer travels to Callisto, Jupiter's fifth moon and banishes the Crimson Claw to another dimension.  Fire Witch is rescued and returns to Earth with her brother.  
1/1/1985 : San Francisco, CA: After recovering from the Crimson Claw's control, Sarge tries to commit suicide by detonating War Eagle's plasma gun.  The blast destroys Hunt Headquarters but fails to kill Sarge.  Sarge begins therapy and retires.  The Claw War ends.  
2/18/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Sarge and Lucifer begin sharing a house in the North Bay.  
3/1/1985 : Inverness, CA: Ghost Archer, traveling in another dimension, inherits a manor house.  With the help of an insectoid race the building is moved to a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a few miles from the quiet town of Inverness, CA.  
5/2/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Zodiac returns.  
6/3/1985 : Los Angeles, CA: Aaron Wayne graduates from UCLA, completing his Engineering degree in less than three years.  He is ranked number one in his class.  
6/6/1985 : Inverness, CA: Zodiac attacks Hunt Headquarters and takes the place over.  
6/16/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer secretly begins construction of Hunt Junior
7/18/1985 : Inverness, CA: With the help of Sarge, Lucifer and Hellcat, the Wild Hunt takes their headquarters back from the Zodiac.  Hellcat joins the Wild Hunt.  Ghost Archer and Hellcat begin an intense physical affair but neither harbors illusions of love.  
8/29/1985 : Los Angeles, CA: A dimensional rift forms above Los Angeles and begins to flood the area with demons.  The Circle, a mage coven, requests aid from the Wild Hunt to combat the demons in L.A.  Ghost Archer and Willow Witch meet and soon fall in love.  The beginning of the Demon War.  
9/30/1985 : Los Angeles, CA: War Eagle killed in a battle with the demons.  
10/3/1985 : Los Angeles, CA: Bethney, the incarnation of Good, closes the dimensional rift and restores War Eagle.  
10/14/1985 : Los Angeles, CA: Stryker joins the Wild hunt as the team hunts down the last of the demons in the Los Angeles area.  The end of the Demon War.  
10/16/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer takes a trip into the past and spends four years in ancient Greece as Theseus.  
10/20/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer returns from ancient Greece.  
11/19/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Willow Witch leaves the Circle and joins Ghost Archer in the Wild Hunt.  Hellcat leaves the Wild Hunt in disgust.  
12/7/1985 : San Francisco, CA: Tsar recruits the Wild Hunt to stop an invasion on another planet.  Sparkler joins the team but is killed in the ensuing Bug War.  Tsar and Sarge begin their feud.  
2/28/1986 : San Francisco, CA: The Wild Hunt returns to Earth after defeating the invaders.  
3/10/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Genocide begins operating in the Bay Area.  
4/3/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Zodiac takes over all the organized crime in the Bay Area.  
5/13/1986 : Inverness, CA: An alien spacecraft crashes into a lake near Hunt Headquarters, observed by War Eagle.  War Eagle salvages the ship after finding all the occupants dead.  The ship's AI falls in love with War Eagle.  
6/24/1986 : Inverness, CA: War Eagle moves the downed spaceship to Hunt Headquarters.  
7/4/1986 : Orbit, Earth: A huge spaceship arrives in orbit and demands the surrender of Earth.  Ghost Archer, Sarge and War Eagle, with the help of War Eagle's new ship, board the orbiting threat and destroy the entity controlling the ship.  Ghost Archer loots the ship's technology, including the computer, teleporter and four autodoc beds.  The ship, out of control, slams into the city of Washington DC destroying large sections of the city and killing tens of thousands.  Very few politicians are killed due to a summer recess.  Voltage and Daimon, with help from Crusader, rescue the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence from Zodiac.  
7/5/1986 : Washington DC: Crusader joins the Wild Hunt.  
7/7/1986 : Washington DC: American superheroes ban together to rebuild the Capital.  The job is finished in less than a month.  
7/22/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer travels back to 1940 Paris to investigate a temporal interference and spends three months fighting in the French Resistance.  
7/25/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer returns from World War II Paris.  
8/21/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Tsar, in a fit of evil, brings Joshua Plitt's family from 1863 to the present.  Lucifer is distraught and Tsar is delighted at Sarge's discomfort.  
10/11/1986 : San Francisco, CA: After a fight with Zodiac, Voltage blows up a helicopter with five police officers on board, killing all five.  Voltage disappears.  
11/6/1986 : San Francisco, CA: The Wild Hunt meets Demon for the first time.  The team rescues Ariel, a magician from another dimension.  Thinking Daimon a threat Ariel unleashes a magic spell that nearly kills the speedster.  Four Morbanes summon a greater demon and Daimon, in a last act of defiance, slams into the monster at trans-mach speeds, killing him and the demon.  
11/17/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Blackout joins the Wild Hunt.  
12/7/1986 : San Francisco, CA: Tsar informs the Wild Hunt that Daimon was not killed but teleported to Hell with the demon.  The team travels to Hell to save Daimon.  During the battle with the demons of Hell Blackout is killed and Sarge is crippled but the team finds an infant Daimon and escapes back to Earth.  Sarge retires again and devotes himself to raising the baby Daimon.  Sarge moves into a house in the City and breaks off contact with Lucifer and his wife and kids.  
1/6/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Tsar makes Lucifer human but she begs him to give her control over her form and he grants her wish.  
2/27/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Lucifer moves in with Sarge and the baby Daimon.  
3/14/1987 : San Francisco, CA: War Eagle meets Bora; the two fall in love, marry and are divorced in less than a month.
4/14/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Lucifer is captured by Zodiac and over the next month Sarge is sent pieces of her body.  This drives Sarge into a rage that allows him, through sheer will power, to regain the use of his legs.
5/19/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Sarge, with the help of the Wild Hunt, rescues Lucifer and finds her unharmed.  Libra begins to torment Sarge then seduces him much to Lucifer's dismay.  
6/12/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Sue Freschi graduates from San Francisco State 
6/30/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Sagittarius kills Crusader's horse in a battle.  The paladin vows vengeance.  
7/16/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Hunt Headquarter Junior is completed.  
8/14/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Zodiac disappears after Libra is killed by a new hero called Quasar and Sagittarius is killed by Crusader.  A split second later Leo kills Quasar.  Taurus removes to Zodiakos Kyklos to rebuild the group.
9/28/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Bad publicity catches up with Sarge.  Branded a villain, Sarge leaves the Wild Hunt for the last time.  Daimon is dropped off at Civil Services and Lucifer is deserted.  Sarge's family is taken back in time by Tsar.  
10/2/1987 : Oakland, CA: Sarge decides if he is to be called a villain then he may as well act the part and takes over the East Bay drug trade in a fit of brutality.  Several drug lords or members of their family are killed by the ex-hero.  Ace of Swords is hired by Sarge as an assassin.  That evening Stryker is captured by the Ace and is nearly killed as the assassin toys with the hapless hero.  
10/17/1987 : San Francisco, CA: Sue Freschi becomes a licensed Private Investigator. 
11/22/1987 : Oakland, CA: Ghost Archer hunts Sarge down and gives him the option of dying or retiring.  Sarge opts for retirement in Rio and buys a bar.  Gynx the cat, an alien with one hell of a cosmic power pool, volunteers to guard the ex-hero and follows Sarge into exile.  Lucifer changes into her human form and goes to Rio but Sarge rejects her.  Heart broken she returns to her home world with War Eagle's help.  
12/2/1987 : San Francisco, CA: To aid their public image the Wild Hunt sponsors a rock concert but the event is attacked by SAAT.  The mental powers of the Witches turn the day against the Wild Hunt and a mind controlled War Eagle began firing plasma blasts into the crowd.  
1/17/1988 : Inverness, CA: Willow Witch disappears.  
1/18/1988 : Inverness, CA: Ghost Archer disbands the Wild Hunt.  Archer moves to New York City in search of the Circle.  For the next eighteen months the baying of the hounds goes unanswered as the bowman dedicates his every waking hour to finding the Circle and through it, Willow Witch.  
3/7/1988 : Zodiakos Kyklos: Taurus replaces Sagittarius and Libra to reform the Zodiac.  
4/20/1988 : Inverness, CA: War Eagle, his repairs on the alien ship completed, leaves Earth on a return voyage to Romulus, his home world.  
6/14/1988 : San Diego, CA: Marilyn Chak graduates from the Scripps Institute and for the first time, Aaron Wayne is not present at an important point in her life.  
6/30/1988 : San Francisco, CA: Daimon's growth is suddenly accelerated and within days he has reached manhood.  Finding the Wild Hunt gone he retires from active service.  
7/1/1988 : Alameda, CA: The Protectors move into the Alameda Marina with their seagoing base to replace the defunct Wild Hunt.  
7/11/1988 : San Francisco, CA: Daimon meets Sarah Brittany Harrison.  
8/29/1988 : Tacoma, WA: Mark Fireoak born: Leo
9/3/1988 : Warren MI: Matt Doppler born: Leo (age 15 in 09/2004)
9/22/1988 : San Francisco, CA: William Stanton and Sarah Harrison are married.  
8/4/1989 : New York City, NY: Ghost Archer surfaces after nearly eighteen months of fruitless searching for the Circle and Willow Witch.  
8/6/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer returns to the City only to encounter Mechassassin trying to kill a young woman. After defeating Mechassassin, Archer chases down the woman.  Her name turns out to be Mentella and she claims to be on the run from Dr. Destroyer.  Ghost Archer reactivates Hunt Junior and gives her refuge.  
8/7/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer, at her request, takes Mentella to Paris where she has 'friends'.  Unbeknownst to Archer, those friends are Eurostar.  
8/7/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer returns to his duties as the Master of the Wild Hunt.  The hunt for War Eagle begins.  
8/8/1989 : Inverness, CA: Ghost Archer recruits Daimon, Medicine Man, Blade, Magnum and Shadow, forming a new Wild Hunt. 
8/9/1989 : Berkeley, CA: During a routine call to the UCB campus, Ghost Archer encounters Crusader and a gadgeteer named Rescue.  Both join the Wild Hunt.  
9/1/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Responding to a sighting of Crypt, the Native American hero, Medicine Man is investigating the alley where the sighting occurred when he is attacked by a Crypt Demon.  After blasting the demon into a dumpster, Medicine Man loses sight if it.  During this time the demon becomes invisible and gets around behind Medicine Man.  Shadow, on patrol, is drawn to the sound of battle and arrives as Medicine Man is struck down from behind.  Unable to see the attacker, Shadow grabs Medicine Man, hoping to teleport clear but is unable to concentrate long enough before he, too, is struck down by the invisible demon.  Before the demon can finish off the fallen duo, a black fletched arrow sprouts between its eyes, killing it instantly.  Ghost Archer was not hampered by the demon's invisibility and set and braced, giving him a perfect head shot.  
9/2/1989 : Palo Alto, CA: Biotech giant, Genecon, is destroyed when a lab accident creates a monster.  Blinded by the pain, the creature rampages through the building, killing and destroying at random.  Fourteen scientists are killed before Ghost Archer, Daimon and Medicine Man arrive.  Within seconds, Daimon and Ghost Archer are able to knock the creature out and confine it.  Genecon denies knowledge of the creature's origin but offers to take it for study and promises to report their finding to the Hunt within a week.  
9/3/1989 : Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA: War Eagle lands his ship in Golden Gate Park in the middle of the night.  Unknown to him, Mechanon tracks the ships descent and quickly strikes a deal with the carbon-based life units known as Deathstroke.  Deathstroke, sensing an opportunity to extract a little revenge on the Wild Hunt, jumps at the chance.  Before War Eagle even has the landing gear down, Deathstroke is in position, waiting.  Mean while, Mechanon, enroute to supervise the carbon units, comes across Magnum who is in the process of tracking Grond, making sure nothing upsets the hulking giant.  Mechanon entices Grond into attacking Magnum.  Tired of Magnum's constant trailing him, Grond rips up most of a block and hurls it at Magnum who is unable to avoid it.  With Magnum out of the picture, Mechanon proceeds to the park, arriving as War Eagle emerges from the ship.  Deathstroke, knowing War Eagle's weakness for cold, stations Frost near the entrance.  Frost blasts the unwary Romulan, knocking him out.  Answering War Eagle's call from orbit, Blade, Medicine Man and Shadow arrive to find the ship sealed and War Eagle stretched out on the grass.  Waking War Eagle, the team uses a maintenance access to get into the ship.  In the confines of the ship the four are no match for both Mechanon and Deathstroke but when Mechanon siphons the strength of Grond into himself, it is all over.  Though Blade severely wounded Stinger, he is the last man standing when the strength enhanced Mechanon clobbers him.  The four are tossed out like the days garbage and Mechanon escapes with Deathstroke in the ship.  Grond is abandoned and soon wanders off in search of ice cream.  
9/4/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Still hot on the trail of Crypt, Medicine Man descends into the sewers.  There he encounters a zombie but does nothing but follow him for hours.  At last his patience wins out and the zombie leads him to the lair of Crypt.  Knowing he is outgunned, Medicine Man surfaces and calls for help.  Magnum and Shadow respond and the three return to Crypt's lair.  As they approach they witness the murder of a young woman and Shadow is so enraged, he attacks without support.  The next few moments are ones of stark terror as several crypt demons join in and though two are killed by Shadow and Magnum, it is a losing effort.  To Magnum's horror, both Blade and Medicine Man are taken by Crypt and turned into crypt demons.  Believing them lost, Magnum flees, returning to the Hunt Manor for help.  
9/4/1989 : Crusader is given a two tailed coin by a woman and told to flip it.  Doing so, he finds himself teleported to Hell where he is quickly beaten by the demon Gourmand.  Before Gourmand can kill the paladin he is ordered by the Glutton to leave Crusader to him. Glutton unwittingly gives Crusader enough time to recover and finds himself hard pressed by the paladin.  Knowing the loss of prestige he is going to have to face, Glutton calls in Devourer and Dissolution only to have the energized Crusader defeat all three of them.  As he is preparing for his departure from Hell, Crusader comes across a girl being tortured by lesser demons and rescues her.  Together they return to the upper world.  
9/5/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Bringing home a demon girl proved to be a bad idea as Crusader awoke the next morning to discover his armor, sword and shield, all irreplaceable magic items, gone along with the girl from Hell.  
9/5/1989 : Inverness, CA: Crusader comes to Ghost Archer and tells him of the loss of his armor and weapons and of his decision to retire now that he was a normal human again.  Ghost Archer, in an uncharacteristic rage, chews Crusader out for being a quitter.  For nearly an hour the bowman yells at the paladin, demanding to know where his spine was and whether his 'faith' was in the tin of armor or in his heart.  Crusader sat and took it; at last looking up to the scowling bowman and explaining, “I have no powers."  "Then by God you'll LEARN some!" bellowed Archer.  Thus began the retraining of Crusader.  
9/10/1989 : Berkeley, CA: William Stanton begins classes at UC Berkeley, majoring in Law.  
11/30/1989 : San Francisco, CA: Sarah Stanton tells her husband, William she is pregnant.  
12/7/1989 : Inverness, CA: Ghost Archer negotiates with a race of robots from another plane to have the Hunt Manor moved from its current location.  The cost, ten pounds of platinum.  
12/8/1989 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Robots move the Hunt Manor in just three and a half hours.  
2/10/1990 : Alameda, CA: Ghost Archer visits the Protectors and discovers Light Rune too is searching for Willow Witch, his wife.  The bowman is stunned and confused and soon realizes that Willow Witch had spent a year with Light Rune in another dimension.  Though he does not like it, Archer offers to help the distraught Light Rune locate his missing wife.  The two set out on a quest that lasts most of three years.  During this time neither shows any desire to improve relations with the other.  
7/22/1990 : Paris, France: James Grayson dies, after fifty-five years of marriage, Marie Renault Grayson is devastated.  Ghost Archer, hearing of the death, arrives to comfort his old friend and takes her into his confidence.  She accepts an offer to live at the Manor and within months has taken over the household.  Though she misses James, she becomes a vital part of Ghost Archer's home life.  
7/26/1990 San Francisco, CA: Sarah Stanton is killed by a car accident.  Though she is pregnant at the time, the doctors are able to save the baby, Brittany Lee Stanton.  
1/19/1991 : Santa Cruz, CA: Flashpoint's girl-friend, Sharon Harris, heading home to Santa Cruz, called him on the car phone.  She had a bad feeling and needed Flashpoint to meet her at home.  Shortly after he arrived, two FBI agents showed up, looking for Sharon.  Flashpoint told them she was at work still and they pulled off just as Sharon arrived.  Before she could explain her 'feeling' she rushed to the back door and down the stairs out onto the beach.  A little girl of about 5 was headed toward her holding an injured puppy.  From the back porch, Flashpoint spotted a fiery trail in the sky and suddenly also felt Sharon's bad feeling.  Vaulting the railing, he dropped into the sand and raced toward the two figures coming up the beach at Sharon and the girl, both were costumed.  As he got closer, he began to describe them to Spock over the radio.  The computer identified them as Omega and Revelation of PSI.  Flashpoint called in aid and set about keeping the intruders busy.  Flame and Frost, Urth and War Eagle responded.  With only one 'flyer' and the teleportation point so far away in the City, the team commandeered a helicopter and with War Eagle at the stick, headed south for the Monterey Bay.  As they approached the scene, Fire and Frost, in a hurry to get into the thick of things, activated his flame powers while still inside the helo.  The resultant explosion rained flaming wreckage over several acres of expensive houses and nearly killed War Eagle.  Urth was terribly upset about having to drop in from such a height but did reach the scene only to be mentally attack by Revelation until he dropped.  A few moments later Fire and Frost suffer the same fate at the 'hands' of Revelation.  Flashpoint concentrated on Omega and Soulfire, taking both out before escaping with Sharon and the little girl.  War Eagle arrived a few minutes after PSI's departure and helped Flame and Frost, and Urth recover.  
6/19/1992 : Moscow, Russia: Peacekeeper, on vacation in Moscow, witnesses the arrival of a European group called the Extremists.  Unfamiliar with procedure in Russia, Peacekeeper calls on the Wild Hunt.  Ghost Archer and War Eagle arrive in short order and Red Square is the scene of a battle royal.  In the end the score is Ghost Archer, the Huntsman of the Black Forest and his pack of hounds, Peacekeeper, Midnight Sun and Despoiler, War Eagle, Banshee and the Black Druid.  The Russians presents the three with the Order of Lenin.  
6/23/1992 : Berkeley, CA: William Stanton graduates from UC Berkeley Law School, cum laude  
8/9/1992 : Cambridge, MA: Quavadis Denton born.
7/11/1992 : San Francisco, CA: William Stanton passes the California Bar on his first try.  William takes a job with the San Francisco Public Defenders Office.  
9/16/1992 : San Francisco, CA and Tibet, Asia:  Daimon and Crusader are sent to an occult book store to investigate a rumor that it is being used as a front for a Demon Lair.  As Crusader attempted to distract a nosy 'flatfoot' Daimon witnessed a Demon Morbane arriving in the alley behind the shop.  Crusader's altercation with the police caused an accident on the street and while Crusader stayed to straighten things out, Daimon infiltrated the building.  The police officer arrested the woman that caused the accident and while she was in custody, Crusader struck her.  At a radio call from Daimon that he had discovered a pentagram inlaid in the floor of the shop, Crusader blew off the cop and entered just as Daimon stepped into the pentagram and vanished.  Afraid of missing out on a fight, Crusader followed.  What the pentagram had done was teleport the two half way around the globe to a Demon Lair in the mountains of Tibet.  Worried about possible Demon reinforcements, Crusader cut the pentagram and rendered it powerless.  Warned by their magical security system, the agents at the lair use their first line of defense and blasted the cave between the pentagram room and the rest of the base, bringing down tons of rock to seal the cavern.  After several hours of eye blasts, Daimon finally opened the path and the two heroes began their assault on the lair in earnest.  It proved far easier then either expected.  Even though Crusader was without taken out in the opening moments of the battle, Daimon swept through the base like a tornado, taking out fifteen Demon Mech agents and two dozen other agents.  If was here, in this remote base, that Crusader reclaimed the magical armor and weapons taken from him over two years before.  When it was all over, the base was destroyed by some sort of self-destruct system with the two heroes barely escaping with their lives.  Standing on the narrow rocky shelf Crusader donned his armor and took up his sword and shield, once again ready to fight evil.  "Are you comfortable having your armor back?" Daimon asked.  "I feel whole again," Crusader replied.  "And this stuff will protect you from just about anything?" Daimon asked.  Crusader nodded and said "Just about anything."  Daimon stepped over and gazed down the precipitous drop to the valley floor so many thousand feet below.  "How about a fall?" "Daimon said, spinning as only he could and landing a swift kick on the set of Crusader's armor.  The blow lifted the paladin from his feet and hurled him over the cliff.  Daimon stepped over to the edge and yelled down “We could have gone HOME if you hadn't broken the damned pentagram, NOW we have to walk!"  
9/20/1992 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer, joined by Swiftsure, assaults a Viper base.  Archer takes out eight agents, while Swiftsure accounts for ten.  Twelve hostages from a bank robbery are rescued and Ghost Archer strips the base's computers, removing all the hard drives.  Hacking into the drives provided the Hunt with a schedule of Viper events for the next month.  
11/29/1992 : Rhine Valley, Germany: Ghost Archer and Light Rune find Willow Witch only to discover she has been seduced by a powerful mage and willingly lives as his concubine.  Both men are heartbroken.  
11/30/1992 : Oakland CA: The cat Gynx is found dying, by Ghost Archer.  The tiny alien reports Sarge as escaped and may have joined in the mutant hating group, Genocide.  Ghost Archer takes Gynx's body back to the Manor and places it in stasis, hoping to revive the cat at some future date.  
12/1/1992 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer steps onto the Road on a walkabout and ends up in a city called Carse.  
12/2/1992 : Carse: Ghost Archer, his memory lost, takes the name Fletch Walker and rescues a 12 year old girl named Kristen Joral from the Mocker's Guild (Thief's Guild).  Archer takes the girl in and over the next few years, tries to change the little thief's lifestyle but in vain.  
12/29/1992 : Carse: Ghost Archer encounters an odd pair, the dwarf Krago Ironfist and the Halfling Afton Barr.  The three become life long friends.  
1/17/1993 :  San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer uses his ability to travel in time to return to San Francisco after spending five years in the world of Carse.  
5/15/1994 : Waterfront, Oakland, CA:  War Eagle and Darkwing are called to Oakland by the Oakland police when three men and a woman clad in black attack a man and a young girl.  Three police cars are destroyed before the police call in Hunt.  War Eagle and Darkwing arrive to find Gambit and Jubilee of the X-Men under attack by four members of the Genocide elite, the Black King, his Bishop and the Black Queen and her Bishop.  With the help of Gambit and Jubilee, War Eagle and Darkwing capture all four and turn them over to an SRU.  Gambit and Jubilee are badly injured and taken to the Manor for some auto-doc time.  
5/16/1994 : Camp Verde, AZ: Acting on information extracted from the captured Genocide team, Daimon, War Eagle and Ghost Archer race south to Camp Verde in a vain attempt to intercept a Genocide assault group bent on killing off X-Force.  In the ensuing battle, Boomer and Sunspot are severely injured, while Siryn, Feral and Domino are badly wounded.  On the Genocide side, the new Black King escapes with the White King while the White King's Bishop and one Black Knight are killed.  Two Knights, one Rook and all sixteen Pawns are captured and turned over to Stronghold.  Ghost Archer invites the team to the Manor for recovery and they accept.  
5/16/1994 : Westchester County, Long Island, NY: Four hours after rescuing X-Force the Hunt received a call fro help from the X-Men.  A sizable force of Genocide units, including the two escaped Kings, nine Knights, fifteen Rooks and thirty Pawns, assaulted the X-Men Mansion.  Ghost Archer, Daimon and War Eagle arrived in the midst of chaos and quickly gather the fragmented X-Men and beat off the attack.  Bishop, Dazzler and Professor Xavier were badly wounded and the mansion was one again leveled.  During this battle the Black King revealed that he was Joshua Plitt, aka Sarge.  Ghost Archer insisted on the X-team moving into the Manor until their home could be restored.  
6/11/1994 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer, as Aaron Wayne, is out with Sue Freschi when they witness a dog being released from a black van and immediately attacking a man.  Before Aaron can react, the victim's throat is ripped out.  Aaron manages to kill the dog without resorting to Ghost Archer but not before the man bleeds to death despite Sue's best efforts. A few moments after disposing of the canine corpse in a dumpster, it explodes. During the ensuing investigation for further casualties, the body of the man disappears.  
6/16/1994 : Silicone Valley, San Francisco Bay, CA: For some reason Durak decided to work with Viper.  Ghost Archer, War Eagle and Darkwing are called in by the San Mateo police and capture not only Durak but thirty-four Viper agents.  Five agents were killed.  The local IBM Headquarters building was destroyed by explosives after a virus was set in the company computers.  IBM estimates the virus set back company research by two years. 
6/25/1994 : San Diego, CA: Marilyn Chak marries Rich Lithin.  The pairing is a disaster and lasts only six months. 
7/17/1994 : Top of the Mark, San Francisco, CA: While on a date with Elizabeth Braddock, aka Psylocke, William Stanton, aka Daimon, is caught up in a labor dispute.  Mark Currin, former US Army demolitions expert, unhappy with this firing from the Top of the Mark, creates a bomb loaded with the drug Pixie.  It is only through Daimon’s quick thinking when the booby trapped briefcase is delivered to his table, that no one was killed.  Taking the bomb to the roof, Daimon opened in and waited until the last second to hurl it high into the air where it exploded without damage to the building or innocent bystanders.  Pixie, an inhaled drug, was scattered across the city and did infiltrate the restaurant’s ventilation system.  Several hundred people, including Psylocke, were caught in the cloud and affected by the drug.  
8/19/1994 : City Hall, San Francisco, CA: District Attorney Stuart Masterson was gunned down by a passing vehicle on the steps of the District Court building.  Several bystanders were also killed.  Masterson had just successfully prosecuted Anastasio Rocco on three counts of murder in the 1989 slaying of the Petrov family.  Assistant District Attorney Thomas Marks will be acting DA until a special election can be held.  Top candidates are Marks, ADA Janine Saunders and the brilliant Defense Attorney William Stanton, aka Daimon. 
9/12/1994 : San Francisco, CA:  During a press conference in which he announced his candidacy for the office of District Attorney, William Stanton, aka Daimon, escapes assassination only by the heroic efforts of Officer Tricia Garrett.  Pushing the candidate from the line of fire, Garrett was stuck in the upper thigh and severely wounded.  She is on medical leave for over six months.  At the scene of the sniper’s vantage point a King of Spades card is found with a bullet hole in the head of both kings. 
10/1/1994 : San Francisco, CA: Unknown to William Stanton, aka Daimon, one of Card Sharks King of Clubs burgles his home and plants a series of bug.  At his office a video component is added to the bugging.  Stanton is kept away from home during this time by a Queen of Clubs acting the helpless female with a flat tire. 
10/10/1994 : San Francisco, CA:  Card Shark sends a car load of Face Cards to deal with Stanton once and for all.  Three 40mm grenades are fired into the house from a M203 grenade launchers and followed by a spray of lead from M16A1s.  Elizabeth Braddock, aka Psylocke, is severely injured and taken to the Manor to be placed in the Auto-doc.  Stanton too is injured but it is nothing but a minor wound.  It does leave behind traces of his very unusual blood and a police pathologist on Card Shark’s payroll informs Card Shark of this fact. 
12/16/1994 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer disbands the Wild Hunt.  
12/21/1994 : Location Unknown: Jessy Fireoak born
1/6/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Darkwing and Night Blade battle Dragon Master to a stand still.  All three end the battle unconscious but Dragon Master recovers first and escapes.  
4/7/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Monica Marlowe receives two dozen roses and a small box with a ring inside.  Taking it to be from George Lee, aka Zen the Mystic Seeker, she innocently slips it on and falls under a spell.  As she is departing the office, George arrives and senses something is wrong.  Casting a Detect Magic spell, he discerns the ring is cursed and tries to dispel the magic.  Unable to do so, he calls in Daimon and War Eagle.  While he is contacting the Wild Hunt, Monica disappears.  War Eagle heads for the flower shop where the roses originated while Zen and Daimon search the building.  
4/7/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Hoping she might have gone home, Zen and Daimon arrive at Monica Marlowe's apartment to find a spirit form hovering over the bed.  As if it had been waiting for them, the spirit left the apartment via the door and leads them on a long chase south to Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard.  
4/8/1995 : Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA: Just after midnight Daimon called in War Eagle and with Zen the three entered an old warehouse only to have it sealed magically.  Inside the discovered a charnel house as it appeared every missing person in the Bay Area had be taken there and killed, to be used as food.  The team found and destroyed several dozen ghouls before finding the lair of the instigators of the horrors, Lamplighter and Crypt.  Though poisoned by a ghoul, Daimon leads the trio against the undead duo and while they subdued Crypt, War Eagle, once more, was mind controlled by Lamplighter, insuring that evil spirit's escape. They did find Monica however, her body was alive but her soul was no longer in her body.  
4/14/1995 : Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA: In an effort to reunite Monica Marlowe's body with her spirit, Zen, Daimon and War Eagle are joined by Crusader in the building the team had earlier found the girl's body.  Finding it once more occupied by Lamplighter and his ghoulish companions, they also found Crypt had returned and this time was protected by three innocent women.  Crusader endowed War Eagle with a spell of mental protection that lasted only slightly longer then the Romulan's own willpower.  Unleashed on Zen, War Eagle took a shot at the Mystic only to hit Monica's body, severely wounding her.  Crusader, not to be out done, slammed one of the women, Tricia Garrett, and nearly killed her.  Daimon, again, proved to be the true hero, taking out both Lamplighter and Crypt in a dazzling display of speed and skill.  Crypt once again escaped into his natural desolid form but Lamplighter was forced to flee his body to escape.  With Lamplighter's defeat, the spirits of the three innocent women returned, along with Monica's.  One small problem.  Only Tricia Garrett's spirit returned to her own body.  Monica Marlowe, ex-carnie, ex-con woman and Zen's lover, now inhabits the body of Sister Winifred, a Catholic nun.  Winifred finds herself in the body of Sarah Farrell and Sarah now inhabited Monica's body.  
4/21/1995 : St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA: San Francisco District Attorney William Stanton, aka Daimon, and his date, Elizabeth Braddock, aka Psylocke, were attacked during a political fund raiser.  Both Stanton and Braddock were injured in the ensuing battle with Black Jack, Suicide King and Deadman's Hand but managed to beat them off, with the help of the SF police chief, without revealing them true identities.  Reporter 'Chase' Roberts witnessed and reported the entire incident.  
4/22/1995 : Chinatown, San Francisco, CA: While patrolling the end of the Asia district, Crusader picks up a call of Disorderly Conduct and investigates.  He finds five Black Fang Viper agents shaking down local businesses.  In a short, vicious battle, Crusader is able to take three down but the remaining pair escapes.  
4/28/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Daimon, Crusader, Zen and Lodestone, encounter the Destruction Company for the first time.  Without to much trouble the team stops the Company's robbery of a Wells Fargo bank.  All of the Destruction Company escape but Power Tool swears revenge.  
6/17/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Crusader, War Eagle and Daimon battle the Destruction Company.  Crusader kills Jackhammer.  Power Tool vows vengeance.  A new hero, Zen the Mystic Seeker aids in the defeat of the Destruction Company. 
6/29/1995 : San Diego, CA: Marilyn Chak Lithin gives birth to Harriet.  Aaron Wayne is asked to be godfather to the baby, a task he happily accepts. 
12/20/1995 : San Francisco, CA: Zen, Darkwing and Magnetron form Stormwatch.  Daimon declines to join.  
7/19/1996 : Romulus II, Romulus Star System:  The Imperial council authorized a bounty on the head of War Eagle. 
7/20/1996 : Romulus II, Romulus Star System: Firehawk departs his home world in search of War Eagle. His information, correctly, identifies the third planet of an insignificant star some three hundred light years distant. 
7/25/1996 : Romulus III, Romulus Star System: Mioshi, a young alien girl of unknown origin, picks up the trail of Firehawk and races after him. 
1/8/1997 : Near the orbit of Mars, Sol Star System:  Two small starships warp into the Sol system within a few moments of each other.  The second, attacks the first and in the ensuing battle both ships are damaged beyond repair.  In order to survive the two pilots eject in tiny life pods and target the third planet from the sun.  Both pods drift toward their goal a scant ten meters apart, offering each pilot occasional glimpses of the other. 
1/19/1997 : Near Edwards Air Force Base, Boron, CA: Two tiny alien life pods crash land within a mile of each other, both occupants survive the landing and quickly extract themselves from the pod.  Firehawk, provided with the best equipment in the Romulan intelligence service, tracks down the second pod and captures his pursuer, Mioshi.  After satisfying himself by raping the hapless girl, Firehawk is prevented from killing her by the timely arrival of Daimon.  Though Daimon is over-matched, he does rescue the girl and escape with her back to the City. 
1/20/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Mioshi warns Storm Watch of Firehawk’s mission then accepts the teams offer to join the group. 
2/23/1997 : Alameda, CA:  Magnetron, following a lead provided by a druggie, stakes out the piers near the Alameda yacht basin.  When he witnesses the deal going down he attacks without back up only to find four members of Deathstroke are involved.  Caught in an illusion provided by Scatterbrain, he finds himself in his worst nightmare, water over his head.  His frantic calls for help on the team’s radio, draws Zen and Crusader to his aide.  Death Commando, providing covering fire for the deal, pops both heroes on their way in, slowing them enough for his group to hijack a city bus.  Magnetron, through a supreme effort of will, breaks free of the illusion in time to join the chase after the bus.  Death Commando carjacks a car and takes off after the bus as the three heroes follow the fleeing vehicle into the Alameda tube.  Allowing the car driven by Death Commando to pass, the bus is turned in the center of the tube to block both lanes of traffic and abandon.  Deathstroke radios the police that they have planted a bomb aboard the crowded bus and informs authorities that if they are not allowed to escape, the bus will be detonated.  Storm Watch seals the tube and begins evacuation of the cars inside as well as the bus.  Before the people are all safe, Crusader decides to attempt to disarm the bomb and fails in a spectacular manner.  Though no one is killed, the Alameda tube is flooded and Crusader is roasted in the press.  It is during this encounter that Scatterbrain learns of Zen’s love for Monica Marlowe. 
3/31/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Brittany Stanton, daughter of District Attorney William Stanton, aka Daimon, is kidnapped at nearly the same moment as Monica Marlowe, secretary and lover of George Lee, aka Zen the Mystic Seeker, is taken from their apartment.  Storm Watch assembles and quickly learns the two were not the only victims.  President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea is also missing causing a national uproar. 
3/31/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Self-styled seer and suspected loon, “Crystal” Claire Vosser, contacts Storm Watch and warns of dire consequences if the kidnapped girls are not found.  She ‘sees’ the stars, a new moon and blood on stone. Within moments of receiving Vosser’s chilling call, Linda Crighton, partner of Arthur Blackwood aka Crusader, in his book store, called telling of ‘seeing’ a great circle of stones and blood on the heather.  Zen rightly concludes Stonehenge and Storm Watch members Daimon, Magnetron, Crusader and Zen head for England. 
4/1/1997 : Stonehenge, Salisbury, England:  Gemini of Zodiac had a plan.  Gather the daughters of renowned men, virgins all, and sacrifice them during a new moon on the stones for the ancient druid stone ring, thus calling forth a great demon.  To aide him, he gather the free demons of the world, Chernobog, Phobos, Deimos and Demoness.  Each kidnapped their target and carried them to England, gathering in the night and preparing for the sacrifice.  One minor problem, Storm Watch arrived before things could happen.  In his finest hour, the paladin Crusader vanquished three of the demons, Phobos, Deimos and Chernobog while Daimon, enraged at his daughter’s danger, destroyed Gemini.  All five girls were rescued; however, Monica Marlowe was not to be found.  For their rescue of his daughter, the French president gave the team the French Legion of Merit.  One of the other girls turned out to be the daughter of a powerful Yakuzi boss in Japan, he vowed he would help Storm Watch in any way he could. 
4/17/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Sandra Winters, daughter of Whirlwind, born 
6/13/1997 : Cliff House, San Francisco, CA: While at a fund raiser for a children's hospital, William Stanton, aka Daimon, and Elizabeth Braddock, aka Psylocke, are once again involved in a public attack, this time by members of VOICE.  Somehow the pair again preserves their identities but manage to defeat Szybko, La Maistre and Dr. Photon, only La Pulga escapes.  
6/21/1997 : Concord, CA:  Storm Watch's Zen and Magnetron are joined by Daimon in a pursuit of three Genocide Minutemen.  Racing after the giant robots the team arrives at a baseball field where the three robots are intent on capturing the members of one girl's softball team.  Daimon rescues Laurie Machado from a Minuteman with shear speed, while Magnetron rescues Christy Parker with his telekinesis only to vanish with the girl.  Shay Severn is taken and place in the leg holding cell of a robot.  Zen is sent out sent out to scout for a suitable combat area while Daimon dodged, dived and irritated the robots into following him to Zen's chosen site.  Once in a clear area, Daimon and Zen proceeded to disassemble the three Minutemen.  Daimon recovered a mass of components and had them removed for later study.  
6/21/1997 : Concord, CA: Three Concord families are brutally slain leaving three orphan girls, Laurie Machado, Shay Severn and the missing Christy Parker.  
6/22/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Stormwatch is officially given custody of the three orphaned girls and ordered to train them in the use of their powers.  War Eagle and Christy Parker are still missing. 
7/4/1997 : Mare Island, Vallejo, CA:  In an odd twist of Fate, Shamrock, Thunderbolt and Dragonmaster call on the Storm Watch for help when the remaining members of SAAT are captured by Genocide.  SAAT and Storm Watch, (including Daimon, Crusader, Zen, Magnetron and Dark Justice) assault what turns out to be a Minute Man assembly plant in the old Mare Island Naval Shipyard.  During the battle the Black King, aka Sarge, hurls a Minute Man at Crusader and slams him into a storage building, rupturing the containment vessel of a nuclear core.  Seeing his plans falling apart, the Black King goes berserk and destroys eight incomplete Minute Men before fleeing with his underlings and sixteen completed robots.  SAAT retrieves there missing members and departs, leaving Storm Watch to clean up the radioactive mess. 
8/17/1997 : San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA: The arrival of the Israeli trade minister is interrupted by two stolen US Army Blackhawk helicopters.  The choppers disgorge ten fearsome armored bears that promptly attack the crowd.  Magnetron, in his secret identity of Officer James Drew, is on hand to provide escort for the minister’s limo and immediately goes into action.  Calling for help from Storm Watch, Magnetron attacks an enraged bear killing it, but not before it mortally wounds the Israeli dignitary.  Aided by Sarah Goldberg of the Mossad, Magnetron holds off the ferocious animals until help in the form of Daimon, Zen and Mioshi.   Nine of the bears are killed while the tenth is captured.  Later it is discovered the creatures can, after a fashion, talk.  Investigation of the armor worn and interrogation of the tenth bear indicate the attack came from somewhere in northeastern Russia.  The bear calls himself ‘Panzerbjorn’.  
9/13/1997 : San Francisco, CA: At last Zen receives word about Monica Marlowe.  Through newspaper personals and over the telephone, Zen is told the price for Monica’s return will be $10 million.  To raise the money, George Lee sells his lucrative Psychic Hotline.  Computer analysis of the voice on the phone indicates the kidnapper is Death Commando of Deathstroke. 
9/16/1997 : San Francisco, CA: Following telephoned instructions, Zen travels by car to Mesa, Arizona and checks into the Breeze-by Motel.  When he receives the call there he elects not to follow instruction and when the time limit expires he receives another call.  Over the line all he hears is a single shot. 
10/8/1997 : San Francisco, CA: For some reason, the Crusher Gang, Power Crusher, Oculon, Lazer and Lightning, decide to take out a Viper base.  Within moments, Oculon and Lightning are killed and the remaining pair is hard pressed just to escape.  The battle draws the attention of Ghost Archer who calls on Magnetron and Mioshi of Storm Watch.  Power Crusher ends up in Stronghold while Lazer escapes to form the Lazer Gang.  Viper learns once more that no snake is faster then an Archer.  Over thirty agents are captured and the base is destroyed.  
12/13/1997 : San Francisco, CA:  Highway Patrol Officer James Drew, aka Magnetron, stops Daphne Vincennes, aka Virgo, for speeding.  After writing her the ticket, he accepts her invitation to accompany her to the San Francisco opening of ‘Cats”, after which the two head for the nightclub “Rage”.  PSI, tracking Daphne, attack in an effort to capture her.  Aries, of Zodiac, lurking in the background, leaps into the fray and with the help of Daphne and Officer Drew, chase the attackers off.  Aries departs with an unconscious Daphne. 
7/5/1998 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer steps onto the Road, drawn by a need to travel and ends up in the city of Arindel on the Western Shores.  
7/9/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Ghost Archer meets Cheeto, Fire Warrior Cat (Cheeto).  The two become fast friends with Archer bringing Cheeto to the Valley of the Wild Hunt regularly.  
7/14/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Ghost Archer meets Lady Rogue of the Ocean (Rogue) in a tavern.  There is an instant attraction between the two.  
7/20/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Lady Rogue of the Ocean disappears.  
8/17/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Ghost Archer meets Galileo, Oldest of Dragons (Galileo).  
8/20/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Ghost Archer meets Nekoru, Fairy Princess of Cats (Neko).  
9/9/1998 : Arindel, Western Shores: Ghost Archer meets Thistle Grey.  Her search for her missing father activates his detective sense and he offer to help her.  He is drawn to her immediately.  When Thistle informs Archer she must commune with Ishtar, her Goddess, the bowman offers the Valley of the Wild Hunt as a safe haven for the acolyte cleric.  
9/10/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Thistle Grey passes into a coma-like trance that lasts for a week.  During this time Ghost Archer and Marie Renault Grayson tend the sleeping girl.  
10/3/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: War Eagle's Tower is the scene of an important meeting.  
10/13/1998 : Forenost Erain, Arda: Ghost Archer recruits Narel into the Wild Hunt and beings him to the Valley of the Wild Hunt.  
10/19/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Thistle Grey is attacked by an unknown alien force that leaves her near death; she is a very long time recovering.  
11/5/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Thistle Grey departs on a sojourn to rededicate herself to Ishtar.  Her journey takes her to the Northwest.  
11/9/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Thistle Grey returns to the Valley from her trip into the Northwest.  
11/24/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey depart for Carse on a quest to have Thistle ordained Cleric of Ishtar.  Archer rides the mare Buttercup and Thistle the Stallion River Arch.  Daisy the pony goes along to carry everything.  
11/24/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey arrive at the Bazaar of Carse and rescue Cheeto Fire Warrior Cat from Mama Grock's whore house.  Taking the injured Cheeto south from the city the trio is ambushed.  Archer, Thistle and River Arch are wounded slightly.  
11/24/1998 : South of Carse: Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey encounter the feline version of Galileo, Oldest of Dragons and agree to help him win Cheeto's hand.  Archer and Thistle spend the night with Cheeto's people as guests.  
11/25/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer, Thistle Grey and Galileo return to Carse, only to be attacked by six thugs.  The trio killed or ran off their assailants but learn of the Iron Fist, an organization of military men.  They take up residence at the Jason's Arms.  
11/25/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer, Thistle Grey and Galileo, Oldest of Dragons are attacked in their rooms at the Jason's Arms by dozens of the dreaded plate-sized red back spiders.  
11/26/1998 : Carse: Galileo, Oldest of Dragons buys the sword 'Dragon Fang'.  The spirit of Galileo's own daughter resides in this weapon.  Thistle Grey meets with the High Priestess of Ishtar.  Ghost Archer renews acquaintances with Krysten Joral, a young girl he had taken off the streets of Carse seven years ago.  
11/26/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer stops an assault on Krysten Joral.  Thistle Grey and Archer combined their powers to heal the severe internal injuries Krysten sustained.  
11/12/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey help put out a fire in the stables near their Inn.  
11/13/1998 : Carse: Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey aid Ethan Drake and Elisabeth Stone in a battle with assassins at Drake and Stone's home.  
11/13/1998 : Carse: Galileo, Oldest of Dragons, in his feline form, fights a duel with a war troll and wins.  
11/16/1998 : Carse: Thistle Grey is apparently killed when she throws herself in front of an arrow meant for Archer.  Her body vanishes, taken before Archer can help her.  Heartbroken, he returns to the Manor.  
11/17/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Tsarsaidor casts his first spell on Ghost Archer, filling him with despair and making him vulnerable.  
12/24/1998 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Rogue comes upon Archer after he was unable to prevent the death of a young girl.  The devastated bowman falls into Rogue's arms as Tsar casts a spell of love on each.  The spell proves to be less than successful as the couple does nothing more then sleep in each other's arms through the night.  Over the next months a pattern of sleeping together develops, as each is subjected to constant spells from the dragon but though attracted to each other, both resist making love.  
5/12/1999 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Thistle Grey returns to Ghost Archer and the Manor.  Archer's flirtations with Rogue put a strain on his relationship with Thistle.  Thistle, hurt by Archer but still loving him, assumes the form of a lioness, Ishtar's animal totem.  Over the next few weeks the couple tries to work through their problems.  
5/12/1999 : Tree of Tsar, Valley of the Wild Hunt:  Jade chides Tsarsaidor for being less than wholehearted in his attempts to break up Thistle and Archer.  In a fit of pique, Tsar banishes his handmaidens but begins to consider Jade's words.  
5/13/1999 : Tree of Tsar, Valley of the Wild Hunt:  Tsar comes to the realization that he is smitten with Lady Rogue and removes all spells from both her and Archer.  
5/14/1999 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Tsarsaidor, Master of Balance, begins his quest for the heart of Rogue.  
7/1/1999 : California Coast: Tsar destroys the Genocide submarine "Resolution", then removes the bioengineering components of the Black King (Sarge), rendering him normal.  Meanwhile, Ghost Archer and Thistle Grey are attacked by Minuteman robots launched from the "Resolution".  Archer and Thistle depart for Carse to relearn one another.  
7/18/1999 : Carse, Midkemia:  Thistle Grey vanishes from Ghost Archer's side, called away by her Goddess, Ishtar.  Archer, warned not to seek her out, returns to the home world of his parents, Joram and Rilia, Arda.  
8/12/1999 : Forenost Erain:  Archer arrives at the Elemental Inn and is greeted like family. He spends the better part of ten years traveling the realms of Arthedain and Gondor before settling in Lothlorien.  
8/21/1999 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Tsar and Lady Rogue of the Ocean depart on a journey to "V", Rogue's home world.  
8/22/1999 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer time travels back after spending fifteen years in Lothlorien, only to miss the departure of Tsar and Rogue by hours.  
8/24/1999 :  Deep Space:  Tsar's powers as Balance finally leave him.  Just before the event he casts spells on Rogue to protect her from deep space and allow her to safely continue their journey to "V".  Tsar is trapped by the loss of his powers in the form of the Red Thing.  
08./24/1999 : V: Lady rogue of the Ocean and Tsar land amid a terrible storm, Rogue is reunited with Shashta, her mentor and Marlon, her injured father.  She and Tsar set out to discover the reasons for the troubles on V.  
10/10/1999 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Tsar, fully restored as Master of Balance, returns with Rogue to take up residence once more in their tree house near the Manor.  
11/18/1999 : Carse, Midkemia: Ghost Archer melts down his wakisashi as an offering to the Goddess Ishtar.  It is at this point he finally admits to himself that Thistle Grey will not be returning to him.  He leaves the Temple of Ishtar with a hardened heart.  
6/21/2000 : Seattle, WA: Mystic Raven encounters a spider who tells him of the approach of four forces of destruction.
7/18/2000 : Moscow, Russia: Called in by the Russian government, Ghost Archer hunts down and captures the assassin Sable.  After hearing her story, Archer refuses to turn her over to Russian justice and instead, takes her to the Valley of the Wild Hunt.
8/12/2000 : Seattle, WA: The Tall Man forms the Seattle Hunt and tasks them with hunting down a summoned demon and killing it. The team succeeds that night.   Team consists of the Cat, Mystic Raven, Chameleon, Wyldkitten, Mycroft, Rakkis, Jedi and Vertigo.  The Tall Man presents the team with a mansion to establish a headquarters.
8/19/2000 : Seattle, WA: Bluefire joins the newly formed Seattle team.
8/21/2000 : Seattle, WA: Chameleon has a run in with a group of Genocide agents in a park.
8/22/2000 : Seattle, WA: Captain Victory and Rebel Yell join the Seattle team in rescuing a group of hostages held at the Microsoft corporate headquarters, including Bill Gates.  The group holding the hostages proves to be two members of SAAT.  Dragonmaster uses Captain Victory to beat the Cat to a pulp then tosses Chameleon in for good measure.  Red Eagle arrives and takes out Thunderbolt forcing the retreat of SAAT.
8/23/2000 : Seattle, WA: Red Eagle, Captain Victory and Rebel Yell are asked to join the Seattle Team.  At this point it is revealed that Captain Victory is there under government orders and has brought along his right hand man, Lt. Battle.
8/24/2000 : Seattle, WA: The Tall Man reveals himself to be Tsarsaidor and after observing the Seattle team's 'practice sessions' Nick pulls Ghost Archer in from San Francisco.
8/28/2000 : Seattle, WA: The Seattle team with Ghost Archer's help, lay a trap for Demon.  They plan to use an upcoming auction of Pre-Columbian 
8/29/2000 : Seattle, WA: Ghost Archer begins team training of the Seattle Hunt.
8/30/2000 : Seattle, WA: Chameleon 'licks' Ghost Archer.
8/30/2000 : Seattle, WA, Masters Estate: Rebel Yell and Chameleon attend the auction of a vast array of antiquities expecting DEMON to attend.  This proves to be the case.
9/1/2000 : Seattle, WA, Carne Museum of Art:  Lt. Battle interrupts a burglary at the museum.  This proves to be a team of DEMON agents.  Lt. Battle is knocked out.  The rest of the team arrives, sending Cat in to scout out the situation.  Chameleon, Rebel Yell, and Mystic Raven backup the Cat.  Captain Victory arrives in his brand new VTOL only to have it shot out from under him by a Stinger missile.  Chameleon locates Lt. Battle inside the museum and rouses him.  The burglars make good their escape and the team discovers a display of Aztec obsidian and turquoise.  A single amulet is found to be missing.
9/2/2000 : Seattle, WA: Starstrike joins the Seattle Hunt.
9/2/2000 : Seattle, WA: Acting on a tip, the Seattle team returns to the Masters mansion and ends up in a long running battle with a group of Demon agents.  In the pursuit Chameleon and Cat follow an 'escaping' agent across the Sound where the agent is killed apparently by his 'masters'.  During the return trip across the Sound aboard a ferry te ship is torpedoed and sunk with the lost of 103 lives.
9/10/2000 : Seattle, WA: The Burke Museum of History is burglarized by DEMON and a large number of precious stones on display are stolen.  The Seattle Hunt arrives in time to capture several agents and Chameleon recovers the 'loot'.
9/18/2000 : Seattle, WA: Ghost Archer is attacked by Cobra, a fledgling super villain who spent some time in the hospital as a result.  Cobra will be released from Stronghold in 7 to 10 years with good behavior.
9/20/2000 : Seattle, WA: Sable Kirov visited the Seattle Hunt.  Ghost Archer takes Sable from the midst of a Hunt meeting to a South Seas island where they spend most of a week making love on the sand.  
9/25/2000 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Sable and Archer return to the Manor where she moves into his quarters.
9/28/2000 : Seattle, WA: War Eagle arrives in Seattle to set up the new team's computer system.  Utilizing their new data gathering abilities, the Seattle team notes a pattern of disappearances.  Over the last few days a series of kidnappings have taken place, all involving a girl between the ages of fourteen and seventeen and all coming from a rich or influential family.  Oddly, no demands have been made for their release.
9/30/2000 : Seattle, WA: An over-inquisitive Lt Battle questions Ghost Archer about the death of Thistle Grey and incurs the bowman's wrath.  Archer orders Spock to return him to the Valley before he kills Battle.  After Archer left, Cat and Nick tried to explain to Battle the folly of his questioning of Archer.
10/13/2000 : Seattle, WA: The Seattle team, augmented by Sable, stops the kidnapping of yet another young girl.  The team captures four DEMON agents in a new type of powered armor.  While trying to open one armor unit the agent inside is killed by a shaped charge in the helmet.  Cat and Red Eagle work together on extracting the remaining three agents without killing them but Ghost Archer arrives and pulls the three out of the armor without killing them.  The questioning that follows leads the team to a warehouse in Bremerton.
10/13/2000 : The Fireoak Forest:  Raven, the seeker, bids farewell to her people and embarks on a mission to save her race.
10/14/2000 : Seattle, WA: Mystic Raven has a vision of a young girl being sacrificed in a forest clearing and knows it is what will be if he does not act.  Lt. Battle calls the team together to announce his reassignment then catches a helicopter out of the city.  As the team discusses following up on the information provided by the Mystic Raven takes the opportunity to explain his vision to the rest. During the meeting both Red Eagle and Mystic Raven hear the howling of the coyote.
10/14/2000 : Seattle, WA: As a violent thunderstorm with icy winds rages, Mystic Raven, using a coyote head amulet, leads the Cat and Red Eagle into the mountains on the Cascade Peninsula.
10/14/2000 : Somewhere in the Seattle area:   A dragonish creature stalks a man, following him into the woods of he Cascade Peninsula.
10/14/2000 : West of Seattle, WA: Raven of the Fireoak Forest steps off the Road and into the storm tossed forests west of Seattle.  The cold and wet and intensity of her first storm stuns her.
10/14/2000 : West of Seattle, WA: The Cat, Red Eagle and Mystic Raven scout the forest and find the clearing in Mystic Raven's vision.  A stone altar has been erected and nearly two dozen people in robes are moving toward it.  As the team moves into position a young girl is brought forward and tied to the altar.  In raven form, Mystic Raven stopped the man with the knife from killing the girl as his teammates launch their attack, Red Eagle acting as cover fire while Cat moves in for close combat.
10/14/2000 : West of Seattle, WA: Raven of the Fireoak Forest, stumbling through the storm, comes upon the sacrifice site and quickly joins the three members of the Seattle Hunt.
10/14/2000 : West of Seattle, WA: Red Eagle peppers the sacrificial site with gas arrows, taking out many robe figures as well as his teammate, Mystic Raven.  Raven, invisible, moves through the scene ripping robed figures.  With all the robed people down, Red Eagle gathers up the raven form of Mystic Raven while Cat throws the girl over his shoulder.  Knowing Red Eagle's gas will wear off quickly, the team hurriedly leaves the scene, closely followed by Raven.  Once the team reaches a safe distance they stop and take a moment to question the scantily dressed and very dainty woman trailing after them.
10/14/2000 : West of Seattle, WA: Red Eagle leaves Cat to tend to the wounded Mystic Raven and watch over the nearly frozen Raven of the Fireoak Forest while he returns to the clearing.  He finds the group dispersing into the surrounding woods.  Moments later the robed figures, having recovered their hidden weapons, begin hunting the team.  Red Eagle does a little hunting of his own and calls for backup from Cat.  Cat leaves Raven of the Fireoak Forest in charge of the girl and Mystic Raven.  Mystic Raven recovers and joins the hunt while Raven leads the girl away from the battle.  Mystic Raven, in wolf form, is attacked by a creature with more than a hint of dragon in it.  He nearly kills Mystic Raven thinking him to be food.  Red Eagle takes out this creature and the small version he finds laying on the unconscious Raven.  With Mystic Raven dying and Raven of the Fireoak Forest on the verge of hypothermia, Red Eagle calls the police for help only to have Ghost Archer appear.
10/15/2000 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer teleports the healthy Cat and Red Eagle, the injured Mystic Raven, the mostly frozen Raven of the Fireoak Forest and the captured demon and it's tiny minion to the Valley med center.  While the demon locked up in the active Vault, Archer places the bloody Mystic Raven into the autodoc and Cat places the nearly comatose sacrifice victim in bed in a recovery room.  Archer, checking on Raven finds she is deep into hypothermia and carries her to the autodoc.  Cat shows Archer the smaller demon who identifies it as a faerie dragon.
10/15/2000 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Raven of the Fireoak Forest awakens and announces the demon in the Vault was trying to help the injured Mystic Raven.  Red Eagle and Cat interview the demon, who calls himself Drakeon while Archer returns to Seattle to locate Raven's staff.
10/15/2000 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt:   As Ghost Archer entertains his visitors with a fantastic lunch, Raven of the Fireoak Forest encounters her first objects made of wood and is horrified at the destruction of a living tree.  This is also Raven's first taste of one of Archer's favorites, boysenberry pie and vanilla ice cream.  It instantly becomes her favorite as well.
10/16/2000 : Paris, France:  Feeling the Seattle team might need a little break, Ghost Archer transports Chameleon, Cat, Drakeon and Raven of the Fireoak Forest to Paris.  Also visiting Paris is Captain Victory and his fiancé.  During a discussion of religion and philosophy, a nearby night club is bombed setting the group into action.  With Raven's mind scan as a locator, Ghost Archer, Cat and Chameleon rescue fifteen from the rubble.
11/3/2000 : Seattle, WA: Seattle Hunt Headquarters:  Raven discusses the concept of 'love' with Tsarsaidor in his guise as the Red Thing while Cat and Chameleon go out on a date.
11/19/2000 : Valley of the Wild Hunt:  Ghost Archer and Raven first spend a night together.
: Seattle, WA: Raven Fireoak rescues a infant boy from an abandon building, the child is named Josho.  The child's junkie mother is dead in the same room.  Mystic Raven becomes the boy's surrogate father. 
11/1/2000 : Unknown: Tsar moves Raven along the Road and through time.
11/1/2000 : Unknown: the triplets that come to be know as Nicky, Aaron and Luthien Fireoak are created
12/1/2000 : Unknown: Aldarien (Gene) and Lothere (Thistle) Fireoak are born after gestation is accelerated by Tsar.
1/12/2001 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Raven tells Ghost Archer of the existance of the twins Gene and Thistle.
1/26/2001 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer and Raven exchange rings
3/15/2001 : Oakland, CA: Jessy’s (last name unknown) (age 6) birth father killed, child is adopted by Raven Fireoak and Ghost Archer
Before 6/2001 : Seattle, WA: Raven Fireoak rescues a small boy after his mother is killed, the child is named Mark
10/11/2001 : Seattle, WA: C, daughter of B is born
9/11/2001 : New York City, NY: The World Trade Center is destroyed by two hi-jack airliners
9/11/2001 :Washington DC: The Pentagon is damaged by a hi-jacked airliner
9/11/2001 : South Western Pennsylvania: Flight 93 crashes after passengers battle hi-jackers
2/27/2002 : Lake Tahoe, NV: Gabrielle La Morte, aka Death Maiden weds William 'Sean' Thornton in a private ceremony.  
4/9/2002 : Valley of the Wild Hunt: Rav and Josho reunited.
2/1/2003 : San Francisco, CA: Seeking the Demon of Mercy, Ghost Archer encounters a trio of gay bashers in the Castro district. After disarming them an off duty NYPD police officer draws his pistol, demanding an explanation.  Displaying his badge to the officer, Archer tends to two of the fallen assailants while the Officer Jones tries to cuff the third.  The resultant melee leaves the leader of the trio badly burned.  A young boy arrived and observed for a few moments, long enough for Archer to note the fact the badly scarred boy is a mutant. 
2/21/2003 : San Francisco, CA: Kimi Matsu is hired by the Steinhart Aquarium and accepts a position at Point Reyes Station working with Dr. Marilyn Chak.
2/24/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt:  Kyle 'Psion' Longstreet encounters Shamrock and returns to the Valley with a bruised cheek.  He and Everith end up in a 'my dad can beat your dad' contest.  Everith's dad trumps all fathers.
5/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Jessy Fireoak (age 9) departs on a trip to Arda that lasts nearly 6 years
6/1/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer forms the Lothlorien Academy and enrolls daughter Jessy and son Mark. Archer lets the word be known that the Academy is open to young mutants through his contacts with the Golden Avenger and the Director of the FBI. 
6/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Daimon enrolls his daughter Brittany in the Academy along with the three wards of Storm Watch, Shay Severn, Laura Machado and Christie Parker.  Nat meets Shay and Brit and doesn't like the way the older girl treats the little speedster. 
7/4/2003 : Olympic Peninsula, WA: Warned by the dragon Tsarsaidor in his normal guise of Nick, Icehawk, his wife, daughter and in-law's plus visitor Whirlwind and her daughter, barely escape a blast that leaves a huge crater in the middle of the wilderness.  This is the beginning of Genocide's all out attack on mutant kind. 
10/24/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Jessy Fireoak (physiological age 15) returns to Earth 
12/4/2003 : Nat Ryan meets Ghost Archer in San Diego.
12/4/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midday: Nat Ryan arrives in the Valley, meets Jessy Fireoak, Raven Fireoak, Shay Severn, Luthien, Nicky, Aaron, Spock
12/4/2003 : Lothlorien, Arda: Afternoon: Nat Ryan’s first trip off-world where he meets the elf maiden Elwin.
12/4/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Nat Ryan meets Josho Sr., Rav, Chrissie, Ian
12/5/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Mid-morning: Jessy ‘calls’ Nat ‘Godzilla’.  
12/5/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midday: Raven invades Nat’s mind prompting his leaving the Valley for San Diego.
12/5/2003 : San Diego, CA: Afternoon: Ghost Archer convinces Nat to return to the school.
12/5/2003 : Los Angeles, CA: Midnight: Wren Collins and her parents are attacked by a pair of Genocide Minutemen in Los Angeles after the premier of her father’s latest movie.  They are rescued by Ghost Archer who takes Wren to the Valley after explaining her ‘mutant’ status.  
12/6/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Wren Collins meets Nat Ryan
12/6/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Jessy demands Nat teach her to surf but 30 foot waves delay thing letting to a fight.
12/7/2003 : Detroit, MI: The young shape shifting mutant Matt Doppler is spirited away from his home moments before a hunter-killer team of Genocide Rooks show up.  
12/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Nat Ryan meets Brittany Stanton
12/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Noon: Nat Ryan talks with Luthien after Nicky destroys the kitchen
12/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early Afternoon: Shay tries to kill Nicky after she finds nudes of herself on the internet.  Nicky saved by Luthien, Aaron and Jessy.
12/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Wren meets Shay
12/7/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Nat meets Kimi and Matt aka Stitch
12/10/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Wren meets Matt
12/10/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Encounter with Robots: A danger room scenario
12/10/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early Evening: Nat, Wren and Matt help Jessy move into the school
12/11/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Nat offers Wren friendship
12/12/2003 : New York City, NY: Ian Manes, a young mutant, is attacked by a pair of Minutemen.  Responding to a police call, Ghost Archer and Sunny teleport to the city to rescues the boy.  Ian is added as a student to the Academy. 
12/12/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Nat, Wren and Matt help Jessy unpack
12/12/2003 : Paris, France: Late Evening: Nat, Wren, Jessy and Matt visit early morning Paris
12/13/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early morning: Nat asks Wren to teach him to dance
12/13/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midday: Nat and Shay talk, Isabeau arrives
12/13/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Nat and Jessy fight once more: Just an elf with round ears
12/13/2003 Olympic Peninsula, WA: Late evening: Gigaton destroys home of James ‘Icehawk’ Hawkins on the Olympic Peninsula.
12/14/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Overnight: Tsar transports the entire Seattle Hunt to the Valley
12/14/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Wren and Nat visit the White Tree and learn of the ‘family tree’ aspect, meet Nick
12/14/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Late Morning: Wren gives Nat his first dance lesson
12/14/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early Afternoon:  Nat and Wren tell Jessy about the ‘family tree’
12/17/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midday: Frozen pool, Wren and Nat visit the atrium, Nat considers Wren’s powers
12/17/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Afternoon: Nat, Wren, Jessy and Matt teleported off-world by the Triplets
12/17/2003 : Arthedain, Arda: Early evening: Nat, Wren, Jessy, Matt battle bandits. Aaron and Luthien wounded
12/17/2003 : Arthedain, Arda: Evening: After Jessy builds a rock tent she opens a vent to a hot springs scalding Nat
12/17/2003 : Arthedain, Arda: Night: Ghost Archer finds the lost seven and returns them to Hunt
12/17/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midnight: Nat, Wren and Jessy installed in Autodocs
12/18/2003 : Paris, France: Isabeau Yves du Champs, daughter of French Interior Minister Pierre du Champs, is rescued from a Genocide team by the French hero, Autour.  Minister du Champs requests the Sixteenth Bureau find a safe haven for his daughter and Bastille contacts the Wild Hunt.  Isabeau arrives at the Valley with in an hour. 
12/18/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning:  Nat and Wren ride the Olympus Mons rollercoaster.
12/18/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Midday: Nat and Wren visit Disneyland
12/18/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Evening: Nat and Wren begin all-nighter with bad movies and bad for you food
12/19/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: First day of classes
12/19/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt:  Raven at last explains to Archer the meaning of the Mark placed on his hand by Coz the Guardian Dragon of the world of the Fireoak Forest.  Discovering his heritage has been taken and his very genetic structure altered to a pure elven state does not endear dragons in Archer's eyes.  He decides to reconstitute the thirteen tribes of the elves through a method other then use of his own blood. 
12/19/2003 : The Road: Ghost Archer and Raven travel to the world of Gaia, a close kin dimension to Archer's native world of Arda and spend some time surveying the planet for reasons known only to the bowman. 
12/20/2003 : Seattle, WA:  Ghost Archer and Raven travel to the Bridge, a homeless settlement.  After feeding the people there and speaking to them of Raven's quest as Seeker, Archer alters six elderly people to elves.  Archer 'rescues' a group of young homeless girls from jail through legal channels but has to battle Shockwave of Deathstroke to rescue the last.  Shockwave's injuries are more to his ego then physical.  All homeless people in the area are taken to the Valley and put up in the Warehouse. 
12/20/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: The thirteen tribes of the Fireoak Forest are reconstituted after Raven presents thirteen of the homeless with acorns from the Fireoak forest and all are converted into one of the original tribes.  Raven explains about plans to reestablish the thirteen tribes on another world discovered by she and Archer on their trip down the Road.
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Jessy Fireoak’s 16th birthday party
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Nat receives nude pictures of Wren via Nicky
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: Nat tells Wren of the pictures then has them destroyed along with an internet S&D by Spock
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Noon: Wren ‘drives’ with Nat for a picnic
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Morning: First mention of field trip to Ea
12/21/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Late evening: Ghost Archer and Raven discuss ‘group dynamics’
12/22/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early Morning: Zach Toran saved from Genocide robot by War Eagle and Rebel Yell
12/22/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Early Morning: Zach arrives at the Valley and meets Nat Ryan
12/22/2003 : Gaia: The first of many 'elves' arrive in the new settlement along with Jessy Fireoak, Matt Doppler, Zach Toron, Marina Graves, Nat Ryan and Wren Collins.  The student group sets about helping to build tree houses for the elves.
12/23/2003 : Gaia: Janine enlists Nat's aide to rescue a group of trapped elves in a tunnel.
12/23/2003 : Gaia: Jessy calls on Nat to join her, Marina and Zach in a search for a group of missing elves.  After crossing a rift spanned by as fallen tree, the teens find the body of the first elf.  Tracking the flight of the remainder the team splits to follow two trails.  Zach, on his own, finds an elf alive in a tree, meanwhile Marina, Jessy and Nat enter a cave and follow it to a cavern.  Zach arrives in time to join in the rescue of the wood elf melder Liz and a male elf.  Nat takes command and tasks Jessy with rescuing the two while he acts a distraction.  Zach hovers high in the top of the cavern, acting as fire support while Marina tended to the freed elves and stood by as back up.  Nat killed three of the 'uglies ' and collapsed the cave.  Jessy pulled Nat into the earth to ' save ' him and held him there for a while to talk to him. 
12/24/2003 : Gaia: The first ‘melded’ tree is completed after Nat and Wren spend several days building tree houses the old fashion way.  The pair feel inferior to the amazing things done by the melder elf and try to leave but Jessy's 'stuck up' comment makes Nat blows up at Jessy but is calmed by Wren. 
12/24/2003 : Gaia: Tensions between Nat and Jessy lead to a rift forming in the rest of the group.  Matt, Zach and Marina move out of the ' human ' camp and into Jessy's tree house leaving Wren and Nat alone.
12/25/2003 : Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer, while patroling the park, stops an assault of a homeless young girl.  Though the girl disappears into the park, the archer is able to track her into the Japanese Tea Gardens where he discovers she possesses several abilities not unlike his own.  After repairing the damage to her arm from the assault, Archer takes her to the Valley.  The girl's physical similarity to Thistle Grey combined with her ability to desolidify leads Raven to suspect the girl is Archer's daughter from Thistle.  DNA tests prove oddly inconclusive.
12/25/2003 : Gaia: Dawn comes to Gaia and takes up residence with Jessy, Zach, Marina and Matt in the ever-expanding tree mansion produced through the melding of the elves.
12/25/2003 : San Diego, CA, Earth Beta: Mary Ryan killed, cottage destroyed
12/25/2003 : Los Angeles, CA, Earth Beta: The Collins’ are killed after a Hollywood Christmas party. 
12/26/2003 : Gaia: With the rift between Nat and Jessy growing the students become more and more polarized.  Wren and Nat, alone in the 'human' camp, draw closer together as they work unceasingly in an effort to finish the project as quickly as possible.
12/27/2003 : San Francisco, CA: Ghost Archer 'recruits' nearly a hundred hookers and takes them to Ea.  Their pimp, Marcus, is rather upset.
12/27/2003 : Gaia: Archer discovers Wren and Nat have been poisoned
12/28/2003 : Gaia: Nat goes on a rant after Janine the elf is nearly killed in a tunnel collapse.
12/31/2003 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Ghost Archer gathers the mutants of his teams together and they agree it is time to stop Genocide permanently.  Calling on Xavier's teams, currently residing in the Valley, Ghost Archer and the expanded Wild Hunt travel to Death Valley hoping to draw out Genocide.
1/2/2004 : Death Valley, CA: Ghost Archer and the expanded Wild Hunt act as bait for Genocide and succeed beyond their wildest expectations.  The Black King, filled with hatred for the bowman, sends out every Minuteman Robot he has, over four hundred.  Near the center of the valley, the core of the Wild Hunt begins to battle the attacking Minutemen and is reinforced by the group's teleporter from the Valley of the Wild Hunt.  First to arrive are the X-Teams, augmented by Daimon and the Storm Watch.  Seconds later the true trap is sprung when Taurus and the Zodiac arrive from Zodiakos Kyklos and join the Hunt and X-Teams.  Time Master, given at last the information he needed to once again travel through time by Ghost Archer, brings in SAAT on the side of the mutants and the battle of Death Valley truly begins.  Archer, Taurus, Xavier and Thunderbolt co-ordinate attacks so deftly that Minutemen robots are soon dropping from the skies.  The Black King at last realizes the depth of his folly and attempts to recall the robots but discovers a ring of other mutants had been set up to prevent this.  The Canadian Sentinels teams joined with the British Knights of the Round Table to block escape to the north.  Magneto, alone, guarded the Eastern escape route while the Russian team, New Guardians, protected the Western route.  To the South, an assembled group of Latin American heroes and villains battled side by side, destroying twenty-eight of the robots.  The battle lasted for nearly two hours and in the end every robot was destroyed but the losses on the mutant side was stunning.  Timemaster of SAAT fell as did Cancer and Gemini of Zodiac.  From the hero side, London Watch lost Partisan, the New Knights of the Round Table lost The Gurkha while the Canadian Sentinels lost A-Man.  
1/3/2004 : Gaia: Nat uses himself as bait for the Stone Man and succeeds in drawing it out.  Jessy at last surrenders the group pressure and calls for her mother, Raven, and father, Ghost Archer.  Archer allows Jessy to sleep and descend into the earth but follows her closely.  Jessy locates Nat and, under the control of a Great Evil, attacks him, at last sending him on a earth wave over the escarpment and into the sea.  Ghost Archer, meanwhile, locates the source of the Evil and at the last second must race Jessy for it.  He is forced to solidify deep in the earth and, body laced with stone, grabs the Stone Heart of Evil and steps onto the Road.
1/3/2004 : Gaia: Nat Ryan's body is recovered from the sea by Jessy Fireoak.  Fearing his death is eminent, Jessy does something very stupid. A group of elves arrive and help Jessy transport Nat back to the camp.
1/6/2004 : Gaia: All students evacuated from Ea except Nat who is in a coma and Wren who refuses to leave him
1/12/2004 : Gaia: Nat awakens from the coma to find Wren Collins at his bedside.
1/13/2004 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Wren and Nat return to the Valley
5/10/2004 : Pyrenees Mountains on the border between Spain and France:  Jessy Fireoak spends an idyllic day and night with a shepherd.
5/13/2004 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Wren Collins helps Nat Ryan select his first 'superhero' costume and he takes the name Goliath.
5/28/2004 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Wren and Nat ‘officially’ complete their sophomore year of high school
5/29/2004 : The Valley of the Wild Hunt: Wren and Nat leave the Valley
7/23/2004 : San Francisco, CA: Jessy Fireoak opens 'Life and Liberty Arts', her sculpture studio.  Outside she places a life-sized statue of Nat Ryan on the crest of a wave.  
10/9/2004 : Gaia: Jasmine Fireoak Ramirez born
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