Over the many years of the Wild Hunt, feeble attempts have been made by a few to chronicle the numerous characters that have populated a rather large portion of my imagination.  In this volume I have made an effort to consolidate these stories just for fun with no real expectation of publishing.  My primary deterrent as always has been a lack of cooperation from the various players who have, for however briefly a time, endeavored to give life to these creations.  At last, as I grow older, I have found a need and drive to expand upon what, in almost all cases, have been nothing but a brief outline based more on the powers desired rather than a true effort to flesh out the characters.

Here, at the beginning, I have been concentrating not on my more long term and established characters but the most recent, as for some reason I am more attuned to this group than my older friends.  In the near future, I hope to begin working back to other characters but as I write in fits and starts, I cannot be sure when that might happen.  For now   I work as the mood hits, in other words, rather slowly, so bear with me.

What follows is a compilation of thousands of hours of online gaming involving more than two dozen people so before you think I must have a memory like an elephant know that I cheated and 'recorded’ over ten thousand pages of 'chat logs’ with the intension of doing just this, rendering it all into a more or less coherent story.   Therefore it must be noted that much of what I write was a direct collaboration with my players and while some contributions were of somewhat limited value, I have made every effort to capture the essence of the original player’s character concept.  If I fail in this, the individual players have only themselves to blame for not providing a more complete picture for me. 

Thanks to: Debbie for years and years of putting up with me and though you’ve never appeared as a character in any game, you’ve always been the only one for me.

Thanks to my FTF players:  Jody aka Captain New Jersey, for first introducing me to Champions, Larry aka Selar, for help designing War Eagle, Mark aka Sarge, for perfect role playing, Jim aka Steeler, Rene aka Hellcat, Bob aka Budman, Rich aka Star Knight, Bobby aka Voltage, Bill aka Daimon, Dan aka Crusader, Eric aka Striker and especially Randy aka Chameleon, for all the times you kept the shop open until 3 am.

Thanks to my online players: Lauren aka Wren Collins, Jessica aka Neko, Heather Marie aka Thistle Grey, Sean aka Oldest of Dragons, Brandie aka Cheeto, Sharifa aka Sable, Soma aka Chameleon, Raven aka Raven Fireoak, Wayne aka Stitch, Jose aka Cid, M aka Isabeau du Champs, Kit aka Kimiata Matsu, Dennis aka Shield, Smokes aka Spiderman, Caitlyn aka Spurt, SA aka Trade, Yiyth aka Whirlwind, Alexandra aka Xiphidae, Allen aka Blue/Hawkins, Drakeon aka Lance, Kloe aka Midnight, Noelle aka Huntress, Yae aka Marina Graves, RWallace aka Dawn MacLeod, Elron aka Mountain Wind, Josh aka Tempest, Harle aka Psiblade, Willow aka Michaela Sharpe, Dan aka Uriel, Zach aka Laze and for NtvBlood aka Mystic Raven, endure, brother.

And last but not least:

In loving memory of James Joe 'JJ’ Moore, War Eagle, Magnetron, Narel Firestar.

Fair winds and following seas, old friend.

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