Jessy Fireoak
Character Name: Jessy Fireoak
Alternate Identities:
Player Name: Domma
Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes
10 STR 10 0 10 11- HTH Damage 2d6 END [2]
20 DEX 10 30 20 13- OCV 7 DCV 7
28 CON 10 36 28 15-
10 BODY 10 0 10 11-
29 INT 10 19 29 15- PER Roll 15-
23 EGO 10 26 23 14- ECV: 8
20 PRE 10 10 20 13- PRE Attack: 4d6
20 COM 10 5 20 13-
2 PD 2 0 2/12 2/12 PD (0/10 rPD)
6 ED 6 0 6/16 6/16 ED (0/10 rED)
4 SPD 3.0 10 4 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
8 REC 8 0 8
56 END 56 0 56
29 STUN 29 0 29
6" Running 6 0 6"/26"
2" Swimming 2 0 2"
2" Leaping 2 0 2" 136 Total Characteristics Points
Total earned: 121
Spent: 121
Unspent: 0
Base Points: 200
Disad Points: 150
Total Points: 471
Type Total
Run (6) 6"/26"
Swim (2) 2"
H. Leap (2") 2"
V. Leap (1") 1"
Type Amount
Physical Defense 2/12
Res. Phys. Defense 0/10
Energy Defense 6/16
Res. Energy Defense 0/10
Mental Defense 0
Power Defense 0
OCV: 7 DCV: 7
Combat Skill Levels:
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Effect
Range 0-4 5-8 9-16 17-32 33-64 65-128
RMOD 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10
Cost  Disadvantage
10 Distinctive Features: Elf (Easily Concealed; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
10 Distinctive Features: Mutant (Not Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Technology Or Major Effort)
15 Hunted: Genocide 8- (Mo Pow, Harshly Punish)
20 Psychological Limitation: Cionflicted about her powers (Very Common, Strong)
15 Psychological Limitation: Low Self-esteem (Very Common, Moderate)
10 Psychological Limitation: Hopelessly in love with Nat Ryan (Uncommon, Strong)
5 Rivalry: Professional (Siblings; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)
5 Rivalry: Romantic (Wren Collins; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)
15 Social Limitation: Subject to parental/guardian orders (17 or less only) (Frequently, Major)
5 Social Limitation: Minor (16 or 17) (Occasionally, Minor: Cannot vote, buy alcohol, see a doctor without a parent's knowledge, etc.)
15 Social Limitation: Secret ID (Frequently, Major)
25 Watched: Spock 14- (Mo Pow, NCI, Very easy to find)
150 Total Disadvantages Cost

Character Name: Jessy Fireoak
Alternate Identities:
Player Name: Domma
Cost  Name
0 AK: The Valley of the Wild Hunt 11-
0 Acting 8-
0 Climbing 8-
1 Combat Driving 8-
0 Computer Programming 8-
0 Concealment 8-
3 Conversation 13-
0 Deduction 8-
0 Language: English (idiomatic)
0 Language: Sindarin (idiomatic)
0 Language: Quenya (idiomatic)
0 Paramedics 8-
0 Persuasion 8-
0 PS: Sculptress 11-
1 Riding 8-
0 Shadowing 8-
0 Stealth 8-
1 Survival (Temperate/Subtropical Forests) 8-
0 TF: Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles
3 Weapon Familiarity: Common Melee Weapons, Bows
9 Total Skills Cost
Cost  Name
17 Contact: Ghost Archer: Father (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has extremely useful Skills or resources, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact is slavishly loyal to character) 18-
17 Total Perks Cost
Cost  Name
3 Lightsleep
3 Total Talents Cost
Cost  Power END
56 Multipower: Multipower, 70-point reserve, all slots Extra Time: Delayed Phase (-1/4)
1) Rock Blast: Energy Blast 14d6
2) Earth Lance: Energy Blast 8d6, Indirect: Any Location & Aimed/Fired In Any Direction (+3/4)
3) Earthquake: Energy Blast 8d6, Explosion (+3/4); No Range (-1/2), Along The Ground Only (-1/2)
4) Shape Earth/Stone: Cosmetic Transform 7d6 (Transform the shape of anything made of rock or earth), Improved Target Group (+1)
5) Stoney Prison: Entangle 6d6, 6 DEF; Only Affects Targets on the Ground (-1/2)
6) Earth Wall: Force Wall (14 PD/14 ED)
7) Earthmoving: Telekinesis (46 STR); Only vs. Earth/Rock (-1/2)
20 Earth Control: Elemental Control, 40-point powers
1) Quicksand: Entangle 5d6, 5 DEF, Entangle Only Takes Damage from STR-based Attacks (+1/4)
2) Smother In Rock: Killing Attack (RKA) 1d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense (Does not breath/Desolidification; +1), Does BODY (+1)
3) Earthmelding: Desolidification ; Only thru Stone and Earth (-1/2)
4) Earth Running: Running +20" (6"/26" total); Only When Earthmelding (-1/2)
22 The Joining: Mind Link , Any Member Of His Family, Any Dimension/Any Distance, Number of Minds (x16), Psychic Bond; Only With Others Who Have Mind Link (-1)0
20 Stone Skin: Armor (10 PD/10 ED); Not while Earthmelding (-1/2)0
10 Elvish Immunity: Life Support (Immunity All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents)0
10 Elvish Eyes: Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group), Discriminatory0
10 Elvish Eyes: Sight Group Flash Defense (10 points)0
7 Oxygen Absorbtion: Life Support (Self-Contained Breathing); Linked (Earthmelding; -1/2)0
5 Elvish Lifespan: Life Support (Longevity Immortal)0
306 Total Powers Cost

Character Name: Jessy Fireoak
Alternate Identities:
Player Name: Domma
Hair Color: Black, dyed blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Like all of her siblings save one, Jessy takes after her 'parents', with black hair and green eyes. She shares all the best of female attributes of her mother, the beautiful elven features, the grace, the innocent sexiness ... all the things that the majority of women would kill for, or die for. Why the hair dye then? Currently it is blonde, she says so as to stand out amongst her siblings. Truth is, she is trying to attract a certain surfer. While that effort may have been doomed, she has definately caught the eye of every other male classmate ... and when out of the Valley, any hetero male age 8 to 80 on the planet. No matter what she believes about her looks, she would easily make FHM's Top 100 if she'd been discovered by the press. It is only a matter of time.
Jessy stood in the door to her new room late the next afternoon and looked at the wall to wall boxes.
“Man this will take forever to unpack!” she said to herself. “Hey, Spock can you make my room a little bigger, like another 10 feet?”
“I am sorry, Miss Jessy,” the computer said. “The school is NOT adaptable.”
“Want me you knock out a wall?”
Jessy managed not to start. Nat Ryan stood a few feet behind her.
“Yeah,” she said.
“So, how come you got so much stuff?” Nat looked over her shoulder into the room.
“It's not a whole lot of stuff,” she said, sounding a little petulant. “I have a warehouse for my China dolls.”
She frowned.
“You ain't seen my room,” Nat said. “Four posters, two boards and a dresser full of a pair of cutoffs.”
“I have to glue some of them back together later,” Jessy said sadly.
“ Why don’t cha get Brit to help?”
“I watched her put a 1000 piece puzzle together in like 10 seconds,” Nat said.
“Got anything to need carried back to the Manor for storage?” Nat offered. “Like everything in the hall ...?”
“I will get it all in,” she said confidently. “Just need to stack stuff.”
She peered around the room, obviously looking for something.
“Want to see what my other daddy looked like,” she spotted a gun case and wove her way to it through the chaos. Unsnapping the lock she lifted the lid and pulled back a hidden panel. “This was his.”
She came away with a handful of blue books, each embossed with a gold eagle, passports. Opening one she offered it to Nat.
“Wasn’t he handsome?” She said.
“Umm . . .” Nat noted the name on the passport. ‘Stephen J. Connor.’ “I’m no judge of guys . . .”
“well I think he was,” she said. “But I look like my new folks now,” she added with a smile.
She put the passports back in the case and snapped the locks shut.
“Do your parents love you?” she asked, lifting a box to the top of a stack. She nearly dropped it and Nat blocked it with one hand over her head and pushed it into place.
“My parents?” Nat said.
Jessy found the closet and pulled the door open to peer inside.
“They call this a closet,” she scowled. “I MIGHT get my shoes in it. There has to be another one around here ...“
She turned and looked back at Nat, leaning against the closet door.
“Yeah,” she said. “I barely remember my first mom and dad and really don’t remember much of her at all.
Nat shrugged. “My mom does but I guess my dad don't. He's been gone since before I was born so I don’t know nothin’ about him."
“My other father died when I was six and Raven and Archer became my parents and I became elf,” she said. “I know they love me. Raven really loves us kids, Dad is a little more distant. So you only got a tiny bit of stuff cause you only had your mom?”
“Never needed much except the board ...“ he said.
Jessy hung up a dress that might fit a six year old, but not her.
“I guess I was lucky than,” she said, lining up a row of tiny kids shoes in the closet.
“How come you have all that stuff that's too small for you?” Nat asked.
“Because it's mine,” she said simply. “And I took really good care of it too.” She sighed. “I guess some of the stuffed animals can go into the warehouse but not Pinky.”
She pushed the huge pink panther to the head of the bed.
A four hundred pound mountain gorilla shouldered his way through the door, neither of the two reacted.
“Hey, Matt, come to help Jessy unpack?” Nat said, ignoring the baleful glare of the primate.
“If you broke one thing I will kill you, you big ape.” Jessy threatened.
The gorilla shrank down until it was about a quarter of its original size. Matt Doppler bushed back unruly brown hair with a hand.
“Now I know I can smash you as badly as you did my boxes,” Jessy said, starting at him.
Matt put up his hands to ward her off.
“WHAT?!” he cried. “I would have to go a long way to do the damage you've done.” Then he muttered. “I still don't understand why you did that.”
Jessy glared at him.
Matt back pedaled. “I guess I'll just start to put your things away.” He said with a leer.
“Hello, Wren,” Nat said, the first to notice her approach.
Wren tucked a lock of black hair behind her ear and said almost shyly. "Hullo."
“Nat!” Jessy called from behind a pile of stuffed animals she was sorting. “Can you carry this load?” She popped up to look at him and saw Wren in the doorway. “Hi, Wren, we are about to take a load of my stuff to my warehouse.”
Matt perked up, “Hi Wren!”
Wren nodded to each in response to their greetings. “May I help,” she asked.
“Where does all of this go?” Matt spun in a circle, indicating the mass of boxes. “I’ve never been in a girl’s room before!”
“Sure,” said Jessy to Wren. “You can hang pictures and the shelves in box 18. And all the makeup and bath stuff in the bathroom, Matt and no playing with my perfume! Box 32, Matt.”
“Yes, mistress,” Matt said humbly.
“Nat will you grab 33 through 38?” Jessy said. “I’ll take 41 and I’ll show you the way to the warehouse.
“Five at once?” Nat said. “Anything breakable?”
“They are just my stuffed animals and dolls,” Jessy said,
“Six, Nat,” Matt said.
“And no one touch Pinky!”
“Pinky?” Matt glanced around. Jessy pointed at the huge pink panther on the bed.
Nat eyed the boxes. “I am tall but I don’t have goon arms!”
Wren struggled to hold back a smile and turn to the task hanging things on the wall.
“Wait,” Nat said. “Got some duck tape?”
“Yeah,” Jessy opened a box and tossed it to Nat who proceeded to tape three boxes together with a tape handle at the top. She dragged two boxes over to Wren and three over to Matt by the bathroom.
“Thank you,” said Wren.
“No, thank you,” Jessy said to Wren with a smile. “This would have taken me years to do. We should be back before you get those unloaded.”
She hefted a box.
“Okay, Nat, follow me,” she said. “Maybe I should take my Sponge Bob stuff to the warehouse too.”
“Sponge Bob!” Nat choked, lifting the two stacks of boxes.
Wren smirked.
Jessy crossed the lawn heading eastward to the stand of forest a hundred feet from the Manor. They passed through a screen of bushes, like a thicket, and found a neat little building constructed to appear like a dollhouse. Jessy moved ahead and pulled the doors open. A light came on automatically.
“Good grief,” Nat said, looking over the devastation in one of the many aisles. Other than the one scene of mayhem, the small building’s interior was filled with spotless shelves of meticulously arranged dolls.
“What?” Jessy looked at Nat.
She shrugged.
“More like a landslide,” she offered. “Me being upset.”
She started down a clear aisle.
“My first dad made them for me,” she indicated the dolls. “I think we can hide this here.”
“Hide?” Nat was puzzled. He sat the boxes down where Jessy indicated. “How many dolls do you have?”
“A few hundred,” Jessy said as if it were a small thing.
“Wow,” Nat whistle. “No shi ...kidding!”
“I have a Swiss bank account too,” she told him. “My first dad left me a lot of money but I have never touched it.”
“Well your current dad ain’t exactly poor ...“ Nat observed.
“Nope, he gives me money when I go on my rideabouts.”
“This whole valley is his, right?” he said, knowing the answer.
“Yeah and a whole lot more,” she admitted.
“My mom's a waitress, we've never had a whole lot of money but since we own the house, we are better off than a lot of people in San Diego,” Nat said.
“I don't know what it's like to be normal,” Jessy said wistfully.
“Whatcha mean?” Nat said.
“I remember I was never to talk to anyone and keep to myself than when my family changed I was to be open,” she said. “And I don't remember anytime I didn't have money and I just played with my dolls most of the time and didn't notice other people but no one ever really wanted to be around an ugly duck like me.”
“Didn't you go to school and stuff?” Nat frowned.
“Sort of,” she said. “I had a lot of home training and off world teachings.”
“Off world?” Nat mulled that over. “You mean like that forest your brothers and sister took us to?”
“Yeah it's why I am so old now,” Jessy said. “If I was still on earth time I would only be turning 10 and not 16. And all of them were kissed well before 16. Should of known they would try and steal you from me and who couldn't resist them?”
Jessy flipped off the light just before she stepped outside.
“Umm ...haven't got the knack of seeing in the dark yet,” Nat warned trying not to bump into anything.”
“Well step out the door,” Jessy suggested.
When Nat was beside her she closed the door.
“We got to get more stuff in here for a little bit till I can get a bigger room,” Jessy said.
“Any of the rooms in the school bigger?” Nat said.
Jessy stutter-stepped and Nat bumped into her.
“Sorry,” he said.
She caught hold of his arm for balance.
“It's okay my fault,” she said. “We better save Wren from the blue cute and adorable.”
“How much more you gonna put in there?” Nat wondered.
“I have to make enough room to get the boxes out of the hall,” she said then added sadly, “I hate not having it all with me.”
The evening had deepened and the half moon had just risen from the eastern cliffs when they reached the lawn. Jessy looked up at the stars.
“It’s a pretty night,” she sighed.
“You have it with you 'off-world"?” he asked.
“Nope, just Pinky.” She said. “But it was all waiting for me when I got home. I had a real home to keep it, now it's going to be back to a suitcase. I remember that. My old Dad would buy me all new and leave all my stuff behind and I would never see any of it again but this time I left everything behind and it was waiting for me. Made me feel really good.”
She looked up at the silent Nat.
“Guess you can't understand that,” she said.
“Yeah, having a home is a lot better,” he said, not very convinced of his own words.
“But not anymore,” said Jessy brightly. “Guess I will have to get a storage unit or something.”
“Whatcha mean 'not any more'?” Nat looked down at her.
Jessy stopped and looked from the manor to the school.
“Now I am grown up and have to live on my own ...right?” She said. “No more home.”
“You are across a lawn from home,” Nat said, incredulous.
“Not the same,” she said.
“I'm ...gawd, I have no idea how far from home,” he said.
“Sometimes it sucks to remember stuff,” she said with a sigh than she perked up. “Hey! You want to go to Disney World? I still have my ears from when I was six!”
Nat hesitated and there was a sadness in his voice when he spoke. “Umm ...I can't ride the rides ...Too tall, too heavy . . .”
“Oh,” Jessy said in a small voice. “You don't look that heavy and I remember being turned away for being too short.”
Jessy’s half smile was sympathetic.
“Bet you have had a bunch of girlfriends,” she ventured.
“Too tall ...most girls just make fun of me,” he said.
“That’s dumb!” Jessy said, looking up at him. The moonlight made his hair look like silver. “You are just everything a girl would want tall and strong and handsome.”
She dropped her eyes to her feet.
“Well far, the only ones I don’t scare are you, Wren and Brit.”
Jessy didn’t see the loop of rope. There was a swooshing sound and she was jerked off her feet and hurled into the air.
“Aaaaaagggghhhhhhh!!!! NICKYIIIIII!!!!” she screamed.
“What the ...?!” Nat looked up to find Jessy dangling upside down from a rope. Slowly he spun in place, peering up. “Umm ...he do this much?”
“All the time,” she said in frustration. “And getting better at it.”
Jessy folded at the waist, trying to get to her ankle.
“God, it hurts,” she moaned. “Nat, get me down ...please?”
Nat stepped over to the tree and snapped the rope like a thread, making sure to hold the bitter end. Carefully he lowered the girl onto the grass.
“Umm ...why don't you use your powers?” Nat suggested.
Jessy rolled into a sitting position and rubbed her ankle.
“I didn't think about turning on my stone,” she admitted.
“How about raising the earth up to lift you off the noose?” Nat suggested a second option.
“Didn't think of it,” Jessy said with a frown. “I always try and be normal, sometimes I even forget I have powers.”
“You know why I surf?” Nat asked.
“Cause you’re the best at it,” Jessy’s words were a statement.
“Nope,” he said offering his hand.
Jessy hesitated then took it.
“It’s cuz it’s a sport I can do without breaking things.” He said, gently pulling her to her feet. “I break bats and backboards. I crush footballs. I can kick a soccerball into the next state.”
Jessy put some weight on her ankle. Wincing, she tried to get the weight off but only succeeded in losing her balance. She fell against Nat’s chest and he caught her.
“Spock, what do I do about injuries?” he said to the always listening computer.
“You could carry me to the med lab,” Jessy suggested, helpfully. “I think it’s just out of joint.”
“Generally the injury is attended to by in the med lab,” The computer replied. “I can teleport you there.”
“Out of joint?” Nat’s voice sounded a little panicked. “I guess Jessy's messed up her ankle. Can you take her there and get her looked at?”
“Come with me,” Jessy said in a small voice.
“I shall have Archer meet her in the lab,” the computer responded.
“He's a doctor too?” Nat said in wonder. He shook his head then the sensation of ants crawling all over his body heralded Jessy’s dematerialization and he was alone.
He headed for the school.
“I can’t believe this place,” he muttered. “What else do you do Spock?”
He reached Jessy’s room and looked in. Wren was adjusting a shelf. Matt was standing behind her, ostensively watching her level it. Nat noted his eyes more on her than her work.
"I only have four shelves that size," Matt pointed at a group of smaller shelves, "and my room is half the size of this one. I guess it good to be in good with one of the deans."
“Jessy just got snared,” Nat announced.
Wren placed another picture on the shelf, looking over her shoulder. "How did she manage that? And be nice, Matt. My room is a little large than this. Then again, I have a roomy.”
“Nicky’s booby trap,” Nat replied to Wren, “My rooms the same size as this one and I have a roommate too.
“For some reason Mike and I ended up with a rather large window that seems to need a balcony. Not sure how that happened,” said Wren.
“Well I think I miss spoke,” Matt said hastily. “I meant I get half of this room because of my roomy. I wish he would bath once in a while. I can smell him throughout the school.”
“Who's your room mate, Matt?” Nat asked.
Matt shrugged. “Maybe we can suggest that you get that balcony.” Then he added to Nat. “Ian.”
“Lucky you!” Nat said with a grin. “Mark's gone all the time, only seen him once since I got here.”
Wren nodded absently, not really tuned into the conversation. She set a picture up and turned it slightly. It caught Nat’s eye. As Wren set a second picture in place, Nat picked up the first. He turned it so Matt and Wren could see it.
“I been here,” he said. “It’s got huge trees with houses in them and all these tall elf people. They’re beautiful, every one of them.
Wren took in the picture for a moment, obviously curious.
“Yes,” she said slowly. “Lovely.”
Nat carefully returned the photo to the shelf.
“Luthien said the school is named for that forest, Lothlorien,” Nat said.
Matt stood back and inspected Wren’s work. "It looks real nice do you think she'll leave them like that?" he said.
“Oh, she has a right to order them how she pleases,” Wren said. “But I'm sure she'll like it.”
“I think she will too,” Matt agreed. “Is there anything else?”
Nat looked around the room.
“Like 20 more boxes?" he said with a grin.
Wren seemed to sag a little and Nat caught it. He smiled a little. Matt, however, grumbled quite openly as he pulled open the next box.
Matt pause, the horns almost growing out of his head.
“We COULD just stack the boxes like this,” he offered, putting the one he held in the middle of Jessy’s bed. Thirty seconds every box had been piled on the bed and the three looked at it in satisfaction.
Jessy came into the room, face flushed and breathing hard.
“We found a place for EVERYTHING,” Matt said with a grinning gesture to the bed.
“You guys did great!” she began, then her face went white. “WHERE IS PINKY!!!!!”
Frantically she ran to the far side of the bed.”
“Who do I kill!” she screamed.
Wren remained cool and said “I’m sure ...Pinky in here, somewhere.”
“I left him on the bed!” Jessy tossed a box off the top of the pile covering her bed. “And he’s GONE!”
“Please don't make a bloody mess right after we've cleaned up,” Wren said with a hint of exasperation.
“Nat took him,” Matt grinned behind Jessy’s back. “...her”
Nat eyed Matt like he was a bug.
“Hey, Nat,” the shape shifter said. “Where did you hide Pinky?”
“Can you become a pink panther, Matt?,” Nat said calmly. “Then maybe you could get a date, if Pinky's female ...“
To keep Jessy from tossing boxes in random directions, Nat joined her in her efforts to uncover the missing cat.
“If Pinky is hurt I am going to ...“ she sniffled, her eyes tearing up. “ ...cry."
Matt sidled toward the door.
“Have you tried weasel, Matt?” Nat said, seeing him trying to sneak out.
Nat uncovered the pink body and Jessy yanked it out from under the remaining boxes. She clutched the thing to her chest and cuddled it.
“I am sorry guys,” she sniffed, wiping her eyes on the cat’s head. “Just pinky is something I have had for a forever and I can't get to sleep without him.
Matt peeked around the door. “Is it safe yet?"”
Jessy glared at him over the stuffed animal.
“Yeah you’re lucky Pink is in one piece,” she growled.
Nat shrugged.
“Sorry, Matt, Pinky’s a guy ...“ he said, sadly.
“Yuckkkk that is a gross idea Nat,” Jessy made a sour face. “Sleeping with a girl! Yucko!”
Matt tried to recover. “I know you're sorry Nat but what does Pinky being a guy have anything to do with it?”
“Man who missed the point . . .” Nat sighed with a shake of the head. He began to restack the boxes, this time out in the hall.
“Ok, if you say so,” Matt said nonchalantly.
“Hey,” Jessy interrupted. “How about getting Spock to take us to Paris for a bite to eat? My treat.”
“Paris?” Nat’s ears perked up.
“Yeah,” said Jessy. “I think it’s like daytime there.”
“It’s like ...“ Nat thought a second. “2 a.m. there . . .”
“Me and Wren are going to BKs do you two want to come?” Matt asked.
Jessy said “Okay, we could do that instead.”
Nat looked thoughtful.
“I don’t know,” he said. “2 a.m. in Paris could be fun . . .”
Wren tried to hide a smile behind her hand.
“If we can stay until three or so, I know a bakery that will be open.
“Really,” Nat grinned at Wren. “Cool!”
“Fine if Jessy’s going to pay. Ok,” said Matt.
“Spock four to Paris please,” said Jessy.

NOTE: Jessy's background has never been written up so I am using a piece of actual role play done by four of us. It is a good illustration of Jessy's personality with a little information on her background.
Jessy can control the very earth itself. From a blast of rock that erupts from the ground, to a wall of stone, to a sculpture of amazing detail, just about anything Jessy can imagine, she can do with stone. She can even alter her molecular structure to protect herself with a layer of stone, or meld into the earth itself. She has also inherited some of the elvish traits of her parents, including Immortality and immunity to diseases.
Jessy is a complex panorama of emotions. One minute hiding beneath baggy sweats, the next traipsing around in not enough cloth to make a respectable handkerchief. She can go from bubbly and fun to morose and gloomy in an amazingly short span of time. She is a well of strong,and sometimes conflicting, emotions. Granted her life before Raven and Archer would be classified by the courts as abusive, but for more than half of her life now she has been in a stable, loving home with parents that love her very much.
One supposition put forth by Spock is that she feels lost in such a large family, having spent her earliy years as an only child. True, she did have a sister, but after the death of that sister and their mother, she was for the most part the center of her father’s attention. It is not really understood if she looks back on her life before the Valley as a good life. Like everything else, even she is probably conflicted about it.

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