Hogan & Shade's Tour

       Daniel Hogan stepped out of the police station a semi free man. He reveled in the sunlight and the feeling of freedom. "hmmm, I'm out." As instructed he headed to the zoo, requesting the counter girl to call Layla for him.

        A Brazilian bomb shell came out of the building. ""Hello and you are?”

        "Hellooooo.” His eyes traveled up and down her form, “I'm looking for Layla! Have you seen her around?"

        "I am Layla and you are?"

        Daniel ogled her, "Your sugar daddy."

        "Sorry this is a private tour. I need your name to check my list.”

        “Okay, okay, fine, It's Daniel."

        She looked at her clipboard and smiled at him, "I see you are on the list. The others have not arrived yet, would you mind following me?" She turned heading into the building.

        "Sure" Daniel followed her, watching her ass.

        Layla took him into a windowless office and shut the door behind them, "So you want a private tour or want to wait for the others?”

        Daniel whispered under his breath "If it means staying with you, sure."

        Layla asked, “Sure to which?”

        "Uh, options?"

        “Come now, you want to be stuck in this room with me or I start the base tour?” She asked impatiently, “The others should be arriving soon. Baker arrived yesterday.”

        Daniel repeated as he stared at her form, "Options....options.."

        "I am Layla Valdez, please to meet you, what would you like me to refer to you as?”

        Daniel seemed lost in thought as he stared at her "hm.."

        Layla offered him her hand.

        The movement seemed to wake him from his thoughts as he took her hand. "Daniel would be fine."

        “Please to meet you, we will be working closely together till the assignment is over.” She motioned to a chair in front of the desk. “We can sit and talk while we wait. I doubt I could cover everything before the rest arrive.” Layla leaned on the desk, facing him.

        Daniel smiled, "Sure, what would you like to speak about?"

        She watched Daniel take a seat on the chair in front of her, crossing her long legs as she leaned on the desk, "So how did you end up here?”

        "What do you really want to say to me Layla. Does that really matter? What really matters is now."

        Layla smiled, "We have to break the ice, somehow."

        "How about I break it like this." Daniel stood up putting his hand on her face, "I come from a place from bad, bad people. I'm a very good person but I'll show you things you don't want to see."

        She bit her lower lip, ”Just how much of a boy scout are you? Or are you the devil in a woman's nightmare or somewhere in between?”

        "Boy scout is an exaggeration," Daniel slid his hand under her chin as he lifted it, to make eye contact, "I'm that guy you crave when you sleep"

        She gave him a broad smile, "Sure you could live up to that?"

         "Is that doubt I hear?" he smirked, "Aren't you cute."

        Layla taunted, "So many make promises they just can't keep.”

        "What do you mean?"

        She questioned, "The one I crave in my dream that is a high expectation, sure you could deliver?"

        "Have you been in a relationship?" Daniel removed his hand, "Just asking."

        “A while back, work keeps me too busy to meet anyone new.” She sat on the desk to give more space between them.

        Daniel queried, "I understand. But have you ever, you know.."

        Layla replied, "Of course I have, do I look that sweet and innocent?"

        "You look like you could pick up anything, with that body." His eyes traveled her form, "But I cost more than those other men."

        "Unfortunately that is what the governor’s wife thought. It’s how I ended up here. She thought I was trying to steal the old fart." She chuckled.

        "And... you ended up here. This is stupid.." he asked, "Wanna get out."

        “I do have to make a living you know.”

        "Fine..." he sat back down, "So tell me some important things. Fill me in.."

        Layla pointed out, “That’s what the tour is for and you will meet Jade and Ed. They take care of the base while you work. We are still staffing the place. You will be living across Woodward in the apartment complex, high security with two codes.”

        Daniel blurted, "Why are you playing so hard to get? Come on...answer the question..."

        “No one but staff and team members are allowed to your real apartment. There is a double of it, set up as a sting room on the first floor. For your undercover work.” She continued avoiding his question, “After the tour you can pick out your apartment and can change the code to it.”

        Daniel insisted, "Just tell me the mission Layla"

        “I haven't even told Baker,” she slid off the desk leaning on it again, "You sure you want me to spoil the big reveal?"

        Daniel smiled, "Tell me...oh sweet Layla"

        “You have to locate , infiltrate five gangs and two organized crime syndicates. How good is your play acting or are you so bad you fit right in?”

        Daniel grinned, "I fit right in. Don't you want to know anything about me?"

        “Of course I do, so wife , kids, dog?” she asked.

        Daniel lowered his voice, "My Wife's name is Layla, two kids and I see a big house."

        She softly giggled, “Same as mine, lucky girl.”

        Daniel stood back up and placed an arm to either side of the desk, "Well she is beautiful, smart and very picky."

        “Only the best for her than?” she was trapped by the desk.

         "Only the best," Daniel pressed his lips to hers, taking an arm to pull her into him.

        She allowed the kiss for a moment than placed a hand to his chest to push him away, only far enough to break the kiss. “Are you always this forward to women you just meet.”

        "Only the ones into me!" he grinned, "Can I start the mission by myself?"

        "You should wait to meet the others,” she suggested, “Most base personnel, live in the base. I have my own apartment for now, as I take care of all your apartments till we get a housekeeper. You do have to pick an apartment today, choose wisely.”

        "Ugh, girl of my dreams is hard to get and my co-workers aren't here..." he released his hold but kept her pinned."How could this get any worse?"

        “Daniel, I have known you but for a few minutes, girl needs to know a man a little more than that.”

        Daniel grinned, "That's why you and me are doing some "hero training" at your place."

        “Hero training? Never heard it called that before.” She grinned.

        Daniel grinned back, "Is that a yes?"

        She suggested. “How about dinner and we will see.”

        "I'm going as slow as I can, baby."

        Layla commented, “Hope you like spicy.”

        “We can eat at your apartment." His eyes twinkled in his thoughts, "Sit on the couch and watch some Netflix.  Maybe get together."

        “We have full cable and international channels too.” She agreed, “Yes, I will have you over tonight but no promises on anything more than dinner and television.”


        She softly kissed his cheek, "They should be here any minute. Maybe it would best, if they didn't know about the dinner.”

        "Whatever you say," he agreed, "What else is there to talk about?"

        “The boring stuff , like where are you from, how did you get this assignment.” She suggested.

        "I know." Daniel yawned.

        Layla commented, “For all you know I might be a mass murder or a black widow. You could be the devil himself, a girl does wonder.”

        An evil grin appeared on his face, "Who knows.." He sat back down, kicking his feet to one side of her. "Can you give me a report of villains in the city?"

        She handed him a sheet of paper with a list of the local gangs and two organizations names listed. A buzzer sounded in the room, "We have another arrival. Please wait here.”

        "Alright," he watched her ass as she left the room.

        She left Daniel, opening the building door to a new gentleman. Layla went out of the tour building approaching him and asking, "Hello, and you are?”

        "My name is Enrique Gaspar, and I am absolutely charmed."

        “I am Layla Valdez, please to meet you, What would you like me to refer to you as?" she offered him her hand.

        He took it and kissed it softly. "Call me Shade."

        She slightly smile, "Pleasure to meet you . Can you please follow me.”

        Enrique gave a small "lead the way" gesture.

        She turned heading back in the building.

        Opening a door, he could see a man was seated in the windowless office, waiting . Layla introduced the two. “Daniel, this is Shade. Shade Daniel.”

        Shade nodded, "A pleasure to meet you as well."


        Layla cell phone rang with the ringtone of welcome to my nightmare, "Excuse me I have to take this." She stepped out of the office, closing the door, leaving the two alone.

         "Hello..." Shade extended a hand. "Daniel, is it?"

        "I'm Daniel" He spit on his hand, than offered it for the handshake.

        Enrique arched a brow, and withdrew the hand smoothly and sat down.

        Daniel watched him sit, "Uh..what's your real name"


        Daniel asked, "What's your power?"

        Layla came back into the room. "Seems your fearless leader is running late and the other two members are having transportation problems. So guess I have to give the grand tour. Ready boys?” she stated, "One of your members broke down and she is waiting for a tow. The other missed his flight .”

        Daniel commented, "You'd think with powers none of that would happen."

         She laughed, “Ready?”

        Daniel asked, "Can I get a drink"

         "Once we get to the apartments, yes.” She hit a button, the floor slid open to a staircase. “This is one of three entrances to our base.” She led the way down.

        Daniel looked wide eyed, "You have to tell me these things!"

        “I am now.” she responded.

        Daniel questioned, "Any more secrets?"

         "Lots more," she teased. As the last man's head cleared the floor, the floor close above their heads. The stairs exited into a large room. "We have twenty meta cells, a garage for the cars and "she pointed to a man, "That's Ed, he is our mechanic and handyman, he also takes care of prisoners Should we get any.”

        Daniel nodded, “Okay.”

        Ed headed over and offered his hand.

        Shade stepped forward taking Ed’s hand first, before Daniel got a chance.“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ed." Enrique shook his hand.

        Daniel eyed Shade.

        Ed returned the handshake, “Please to meet you, we have regular cars, pimped out cars and a hummer with a little extra, come by some time and pick out your rides. We keep them down here, so it looks like you are just visiting the zoo. I'll show you the way in and out later. You get to keep one at the sting house for your undercover work.” Ed offered Daniel his hand.

        Daniel looked at his hand and grabbed it with his spit covered hand, in a hearty shake. "Pleasure is mine."

        Ed shook it, not fazed by the wet spittle."You need anything fixed come to me. Remind Layla to give the com links, you won't want to use them undercover, to easy to spot but the rest of the time you can communicate with us.”

        Daniel agreed, "Alright."

        Layla asked, "Ready to move on?"

        Daniel piped up, "Yep."

        Ed chuckled, "Got to get back to work, she's in charge of base staff. Later dudes.” He headed back into the garage.

        “This way please.” She crossed the open area to an open door. “Over here is the forensic lab." She pointed in the open door, a five foot nothing female in a lab coat stood behind a table. Jade waved, "That's Jade, she is the best in her field.”

        Daniel did a little wave to the Asian beauty.  Enrique flashed a smile waving, catching a smile from Jade.

        Layla continued, “We have a rec room, a meeting room, a full kitchen, a medical facility and the computer room in the base.”  She kept on walking, to a golf cart and a wide tunnel sloping downward . “Either of you care to drive? This is the tunnel that links the base with the surveillance room of the sting house. She climbed in the driver seat and waited for them to get in.

        Enrique slid into the passenger seat. Daniel took the rear facing seating behind her twisting in the seat to face forward.

        Layla rattled off, “ The surveillance room is located in the basement of the apartment. The 1st floor is your sting apartment and the upper floor is your real living quarters. Your code to the sting rooms is 7864. It will not open the doors to the upper level.”They got to the end of the tunnel with another cart parked. Exiting the cart, she pressed on a wall opening it into a room containing multiple screens viewing each of the eight sting apartments. Each screen switching from one room to the next of the apartment assigned. “Everything thing you do in the sting rooms are recorded and videoed and only base personal and team members are allowed in the living quarters. Any questions so far?”

        Enrique shook his head.

        “When the code is punched a warning alarm will sound and someone will come to watch. If the wrong code is punched a security alarm sounds. The team will need to set up how the response will happen. Each of you will have a different code for the upper level, any other code will sound the alarm in the base. If the sting code is entered at the basement door, this area is sealed off.” She clarified details, “When going to the basement you will find a hamper to bring down and a folded one to take up, just to keep up appearances.”

        She opened a wall into a laundry room, with a set of stairs leading up. "Follow me." She headed up the stairs. “I will be the one making sure the sting room has the fresh garbage, a laundry basket full of clothes and a stocked fridge of beer and liquor till we get a housekeeper. Each sting room looks just like the room you will pick, shall we pick your rooms? There are three apartments opened on this side and three on the other.”

        Shade asked, “What are the differences between the rooms?”

        “Furniture,” she opened one door, “This room has a table mine does not. They all are basically the same and you have a balcony in each apartment, patio in the sting rooms.” She slid the door open showing the balcony.

        “I'll take this one.” Shade looked at the room, “This one works.”

        “Just enter the code you want at the door , Only I have the master code, as I will be taking care of the apartments for now. Well that is the tour.”

        Shade entered a new code.

        Layla phone rings, "Yes, I will be right there. Another member has arrived; I hope you find everything you need.” She headed out and back to the tour center.