Devon's Tour


       Layla had just finished the tour with Daniel and Shade when her phone rang, "Yes, I will be right there. Guess she got that tow.” She headed to the tour center.

      Devon parked a beat-up blue convertible Mustang in the lot, and walked up to the tour center. She entered distracted by the turtle display.

      The girl at the counter asked, “Is there something I can help you with?”

      “Oh sorry! I was looking at the sea turtle display.” Devon mentions, “I'm supposed to ask to see Layla, please.”

       "One moment, she is on her way." Smiling the girl returned to the paper she was reading.

       “Far out, thanks!”She turned back to watching the turtle in the display.

       Layla came out of the tour office, walking up to Devon, "Hello, and you are?”

       Devon turned to the voice, “Oh, hey! I'm Devon, from California. Sorry I'm late, but my poor 'stang had a rough drop.”

       A tall black man loomed over the shoulder of the woman that spoke. There was an aura round him that made her feel uneasy.

       “I am Layla Valdez, please to meet you.” She extended her hand, “This is Baker.”

       “Nice to meet you too!. This sure looks like a rad zoo.” Devon took the hand, shaking it firmly.

       “If you will follow us.” Layla opened the door of the tour center.

       Devon followed speaking as she entered, “Hi ya Baker - how's it hangin'? Sure Layla, you're the boss.”

       Baker said nothing as he appraised this rookie, bringing up the rear and securing doors.

       Layla led them into an office and Baker shut the office door before Layla spoke again. “Actually, he is the team leader. I am base operation manager.” She hit a button, the floor slid open to a staircase. “This is one of three entrances to our base.”

       Devon looked at Baker, “Oh, my bad.” She followed down the stairs, Baker bringing up the rear.

       The floor closed as Baker’s head cleared the entrance. The stairs exited into a large room. "We have twenty meta cells and a garage for the cars." She pointed to a man, " That's Ed, he is our mechanic and handyman, he also takes care of prisoners should we get any.”

       Devon beamed, “Sweet! A mechanic? Maybe he can help my baby?”

       Ed went over to them, leaving his assigned tour spot, "How many tours are we getting today? I am Ed." He offered a hand with a smile, “I’d be happy to take a look at her, what make and model.”

       Devon took his hand and shook firmly, “66 Stang”

       Ed grinned, "Where is she? I can bring her down and take a look.”

       Devon corrected, “Had him for almost five years now. He's started coughing and gave out coming over that last roll, I mean hill.”

       "Give me the keys and I will bring him down with the rest of the cars. I'll take a look and tell you the damage.”  

       “Wow, this is so rad, thanks!” She grinned widely and handed him the keys, “He's parked just a few spaces past the wheelie spaces. Blue, white interior, convertible, tye-dye surfboard in the back. I'm sure you can't miss it. Talk nice to Chuck, he's and old guy, but hasn't lost his gusto quite yet!”

       "I’ll treat him like a baby. You want me to bring your gear up to your room?" Ed offered.

       Devon stated, “Only if you want to, but I'd prefer to carry my board - it's kinda special to me, brah”

       Ed smiled at her, "I'll help you unload after you pick your room. I have the perfect place to park him till you come back.”

       “Far out! Thanks, you're a real bro!”

       "Happy to help one of the team, plus if he needs work, will keep me busy.” He explained, “This place is new, nothing to fix. It gets boring.”

       “No worries, brah. I'm happy to give ya work!”

       Layla asked, "Shall we continue?"

       Devon returned her attention to Layla, “Oh, sorry, yeah. I get distracted talking cars and waves.”

       Baker stated, “I will be in my office, bring her to me after the tour.” He headed off.

       Layla nodded to him as she continued the tour, “Over here is the forensic lab." She pointed to an open door, a five foot nothing female in a lab coat stood behind a table and waves, "That's Jade.”

       Jade quietly said, "Hi."

       Devon greeted, “Hi! Forensics is really interesting! Do you do a lot of dissections?”

       Jade slightly bowed her head, "In my old lab I did. I am currently waiting for the team. I can't wait to use all my new pals.”

       “Rad! Maybe sometime you can show me how some of this stuff works?”

       Jade smiled at the thought, "That would be nice.”

       Devon rambled, “Wicked! Then we should definitely go get grub sometime too! Hey, do you dance? Like at a club? Wait - do you guys have clubs here in Michigan?”

       Jade confirmed, "That would be splendid. I know a few places but pack your taser.”

       Devon asked, “Taser? What for?”

       “We will be going into Detroit, downtown is half way safe, but you accidentally go to the wrong place you will need the taser.” Jade said, “We could go to silver lake and jet ski instead.”

       “Ah, gotcha. Well, I've learned that a taser is a nice backup, but I'm more of a fan of the well-placed knee.” She laughed making a knee kick to imaginary groin, “But ya, I'll bring it.”

       Jade chuckled, "Yes that is most efficient."

       Devon giggled.

       Layla asked, “Shall we continue. I would like to get you settled in.”

       Devon agreed, “Of course, sorry. There are some awesome cool people here, Layla! They didn't mention that in the interview.”

       Jade added, "See you later.” She picked up a caf pow and took a sip.

       Layla hurried on, “We have a rec room, a meeting room, a full kitchen in the base and the computer room. You can hang out here anytime you want.”

       Devon nodded, “Check. Totally rad.”

       “Most base personnel will be living here except me. I am temporally housed in the team apartments.”

        “You have your own little bungalow? Perks of the job, I guess.” Devon grinned and winked.

       “We aim to please, the agents get the apartments." She kept on walking to a golf cart and a wide tunnel sloping downward, “Would you like to drive?”

       “Sure, as long as you give the direction!” she laughed.

        "Straight down the tunnel." Layla sat into the passenger seat and continued on with her speech. Layla rattled off, “The surveillance room is located in the basement of the apartment. The 1st floor is your sting apartment and the upper floor is your real living quarters. Your code to the sting rooms is 7864. It will not open the doors to the upper level.”They got to the end of the tunnel with another cart parked. Exiting the cart, she pressed on a wall opening it into a room containing multiple screens viewing each of the eight sting apartments. Each screen switching from one room to the next of the apartment assigned. “Everything thing you do in the sting rooms are recorded and videoed and only base personal and team members are allowed in the living quarters. Any questions so far?”

       Devon nodded and followed.

       “When the code is punched a warning alarm will sound and someone will come to watch. If the wrong code is punched a security alarm sounds. The team will need to set up how the response will happen. Each of you will have a different code for the upper level, any other code will sound the alarm in the base. If the sting code is entered at the basement door, this area is sealed off.” She clarified details, “When going to the basement you will find a hamper to bring down and a folded one to take up, just to keep up appearances.”

        Layla made their way to the second floor showing her an apartment.

       Devon looked around and confirmed, “This one is perfect!”