Clone's Tour

            A family of four Asians walked up to the tour guide center at the zoo and asked for Layla to be their tour guide. The father explained to the counter girl, he had heard she came highly recommended. The daughter was busy arguing with the mother over whether they brought enough food while the boy was busy on his phone.

      Layla came out of the tour office, "Hello, and you are?”

       “My name is John and this is my other half Jane and my son Jonathan and my daughter Jennifer.” John turned to the boy, “Jonathan stopped typing on your phone for five minutes and greet the lady.”

      Jonathan grunted as he complied. “Hi” his eyes never leaving his phone.

       Layla looked at her clip board, looking slightly confused.

       Jane greeted her, giving Layla a hug, “In the end we're all the same you and I.”

      “Please follow me.” Layla requested as she entered the building she emerged from.

       The family followed after the tour guide, while the Mother and daughter chatted about finally having air conditioning. John, the father, retorted, “If you didn’t keep it on during the whole trip, it wouldn’t have broken.” The son unabashedly stared at Layla's figure as he nodded in agreement with his father. The father smacked the son's head.

       After the four enter the office and the door was closed, Layla spoke."My list said I was to expect just one.”

      The father addressed Layla, “I'm so sorry I didn’t know that they told you to expect one, as you can see we are shape shifting clones.” The family merged together, reforming into Layla’s form.

        “That is very handy to know,” as she laughed at her newly acquired twin, "I guess I gained a few pounds.”

       The Layla copy shrugged as she bounced her over sized breast and replied, “I don’t know? I thought all men liked it bigger.” The Layla copy than shifted again into a masculine form.

       She chuckled at the shape shifter, "I am not a man but you already tested that for yourself.”

       “I could.”  His grinned playfully, “but not right now.”

       "You are the most interesting of the team so far, shall we start?" Layla asked.

       “Yes, Lead on please.” His voice became more monotone.

        Though he was very handsome the blank emotionless expression on his face gave Layla a chill down her spine. She hit a button, the floor slide open to a staircase, “This is one of three entrances to our base.”

       “The others are located where?” his eyes searched for other possible entries.

      "I'll get to that, patience.” She smiled.

       Clone nodded and waited for her to explain, following her down the stairs. As he cleared the floor, the floor door closed. The stairs exited into a large room, where a man walked from a bay door towards the stair case. His overalls was spotted in oil.

       "We have twenty meta cells, a garage for the cars and "she pointed to the man, "That's Ed, he is our mechanic and handyman, he also takes care of prisoners Should we get any.”

      Clone gave a wave at the man as Ed approached them. "Hi,” Ed extended his hand to clone as he address Layla, “Thought we were done with the tours.”

       She looked to her clip board double checking the additions she had just received, “Nope two more to go.”

       “Well I am a new recruit.” Clone said as he shook Ed’s hand.

.      "You need anything fixed or a wing man, just let me know.” Ed offered.

       “Ah thanks,” releasing Ed’s hand, his form separated into two. The second clone stepped out from behind the first appearing as Layla Two.

            Layla clone asked, “Really? What types do you have?”

       Ed asked as he watched the one become two, “Do you have a car yet? I have a few to pass out for different uses.” Ed laughed, "This will get confusing."

       Layla clone changed her hair color to a darker brunette.

       The real Layla shook her head, “Please do not use my form. Shall we continue?”

       In the same flat tone, the male clone said, “It is convenient and easily recognizable, but yes. Let us continue.”  The Layla clone shifted to Jane and continued to speak with Ed about the cars as Layla continued the tour.

       “Thank you," Layla moved to the next tour stop, "Over here is the forensic lab." She pointed to an open door. A five foot oriental female in a lab coat stood behind a table and waved. "That's Jade.”

       “Greetings Jade,” he held his emotionless tone, “How are you today?”

       Jade slightly bowed her head, never taking her eyes off him as she asked, "and you are?"

       “A new recruit.” He answered.

       “So I should call you newbie?” she asked as she picked up a cup with a straw and sipped.

       “If you require so, my Id states my title is All for One.”

       Jade nodded, not believing him, “Okay One, please to meet you.”

       Clone added, “Yes, when you see Two, remember to ask for Three in order to gain Four.

       “I would prefer just one at a time.” Jade replied, she wasn’t sure what he meant.

       “Why thank you.” he said, without expression.

       She giggled covering her mouth.

       Layla interrupted, “There is more to see, you can come back and chat.”

       Clone nodded, his eyes still on Jade, “Thank you for the conversation.” He turned to follow Layla.

      “We have a rec room, a meeting room, a full kitchen in the base and the computer room. She continued to a golf cart sitting at the top of a wide, downward sloping tunnel. “Would you like to drive?”

       “I’m afraid not.” He said, “It would end causing harm.”

       “As you wish," she sat in the driver seat, she continued, “This tunnel leads to an entrance to the surveillance room at the apartment complex you will be living in.” she drove down the tunnel. “The surveillance room is located in the basement of the apartments. The 1st floor is your sting apartment for bring your contacts to the gangs and the upper floor is your real living quarters.  Your code to the sting rooms is 7864, it will not open the doors to the upper level.”

       They reached the end of the tunnel, where another golf cart sat parked. “Anything you do in the sting room is recorded and videotaped, Big Brother is watching.” She smiled opening the door to the surveillance area as she continued to explain, “When the code is punched, a warning alarm will sound and someone will come to watch. If the wrong code is punched a security alarm sounds. The team needs to set up how the response will happen. Each of you will have a different code for the upper level; any other code will sound the alarm in the base. If the sting code is entered at the basement door, this area is sealed off.”

       She opened a wall into a laundry room, with a set of stairs leading up. “I will be the one making sure the sting room has the fresh garbage, a laundry basket full of clothes and a stocked fridge of beer and liquor, till we get a housekeeper and cook.”

       “Do you manually supply the work?” he asked.

       “Yes I do the work myself.”

       “It won’t be necessary for you to resupply. I'll add stuff and organize it myself. Leave the other room untouched I suppose.” Pausing for a moment he asked, “And why fresh garbage?”

       “I can't do that, your sting room must be identical to your real room, so you are familiar with where everything is. The fresh garbage is to keep the sting room looking lived in, in case you take someone there. It would give you away if the sting room didn’t look lived in or you fumbled around to find something in a place you are suppose to live in.” she tilted her head to the staircase to the second floor, “Lets pick your room.”

      “If my second floor is bare then it doesn’t matter.”

       She headed up the stairs and punched a code to open it, “Security door we used to get up here is 6333. It does matter. The gang member would become suspicious and that could lead to an attempt on your life.” She showed him the rooms available.

      He picked the apartment facing Woodward, with a view of the Zoo. Clone shifted into his naked form and proceeded to wash himself not seeming to be phase that Layla was still there.

      She ignored to his nudity though it made her uncomfortable, Layla added, “If you need anything just ask.” She debated on leaving him but she still needed to finish giving him needed information and gathering information on him. The transfer papers were incomplete.

      After finishing he dried himself and walked around naked, He stared at Layla. “Are you hungry?” he asked poking his head into the refrigerator, “What did you stock my fridge with?”

       Layla stood in the kitchen doorway looking everywhere but at him "Sure, I could use something to eat. I hope you find everything to your liking. Need any help?”

       He replied to her, “No Thank you.” Taking out the fresh vegetables and meats, he proceeded to cook.

      “We will be getting a chef for the base at a later date.” She told him.

      “Oh we are?” he commented as lit the burner to start a pot to boil..

      “We still need to hire a few more base personnel, this is a new facility and to get clearance is not as easy as you might think.”

       Clone considered for a moment commenting, “I suppose it’ll be nice being served good food for a change.”

      “If you wish I can let you get settled.” She offered, still not comfortable with the situation. She tried to justify an early escape and not complete her job checklist.

      “Enjoy your meal first It's a shame to waste food.” Clone insisted as Clone three agreed. Clone three had emerged into the kitchen and went unnoticed by her since she was not watching the naked man till the copy spoke.

     Now having to deal with the twins, she forced a smile sitting down as he brought them each a plate. Taking up a fork she started in on the rice, than tasted the fish, trying to sort out what to do, nothing had prepared her to deal with nudists.

      Clone three shape shifted from the slender man with soft features into one that was more well built and rouged in looks. He rambled on about sports and the different players. 

      Layla was lost in the rambling knowing nothing about the subject. She smiled and nodded. “This is very good, “she said trying to change the subject.

      “When you have multiples of yourself that you have to feed,” He took a sip of water, “It might as well be good.”

        Not to be rude to Three she added, “We are very close to the stadiums and I can get you tickets for them and the concerts in the area.”

      Clone three smirked as he replied, “Yes I would like that. I also would like you too…”  Clone one kicked him sharply. Clone three shot One a look than added, “to point me out to the locations.”

       A slight flush rose to her cheeks in embarrassment as she whispered, “So you are the more friendly form.” Part of her wanted to flee but it was her job to get to know the team members to be able to supply them with what they needed.

      Turning on his charm he grinned, “Well we all can’t be emotionally dead, even if we are the secondary.”

      Bluntly One commented, “We all can’t be horny fuck boys either.”

      “Do you have to have your multiples up to bring out your personality?” She took another bite of the food, keeping her eyes to her plate. “So if you are horny he comes out? Who gets the girl?”

       “No they come out automatically. When I don’t refrain them, they tend to run rampant.” One answered looking slightly at her, “If I don’t restrain Three, Layla Two might just find out.”

       She laughed nervously, “I really wish you would refrain from using my form, the real thing is so much more interesting.”

      “All flesh, a copy or the original, has no difference.” One patted his mouth with his napkin.

      Clone Three objected, “I beg to differ.”

      “Trust me there would be.” she smiled as she took another bite, not letting him know her secret.

       Clone resumed his meal, “Until you actually prove it Layla, it's just words.”

       Clone Three spoke up, “I would like to test it out.”

      “No, you won’t  Clone Three.” Clone stated in his mono tone way.

      Clone Three shot back, “If she's offering, who are we to refuse?”

      “I will, since it's my body.”Layla still kept her eyes on the food. “It was a question not an offer. You only be able to make the fake Layla two, perform the way you know, you have no idea what I would do. Plus I was referring more to knowing me as a person.”

      Clone spoke matter of fact, “The thing is Layla, I’ve had sex with multiples of women all deviants in their own right. While yes, you could and maybe would be different clone three would copy you and learn what you do. Then apply what he knows to other women.”

      “Guess I will have to keep my secrets for awhile.” She softly smiled.

      “Maybe forever,” Clone one muttered as Clone Three kicked him.

      “Yes I might do that,” she added in response to the kick, “Original clone just cock blocked you Three, must be hard to keep a girl friend.”

      Clone One continued, “I mean no disrespect Layla but I'm not interested in you. While my other personality is, I will be honest he goes after everyone.”

      “It’s actually refreshing not to be sought after,” Layla said, “So Three it typical and you are not.”

      “Lies,” Clone three denied, “He exaggerates me so I can't get laid. You can't believe him. He's a stick in the mud. Just look at him. Dead fish eyes, flatter than the Arizona desert.”

      Clone One replied, “But I don’t go around desperately seducing and breaking hearts for fun.”

      Clone Three gasped, “You dare besmirch my honor?! Foul Cretin with the sterile penis. Away, away with you.”

      Layla laughed .

      Clone One stared at his alter ego, “You do know I’m the one that can’t be removed right?”

      Clone Three stared at the door, “There are other ways.”

      She smiled, “So always a three some or more with you?”

      Clone Three said, “You go so I can have a wonderful dinner with the beautifully buxom lady.” He grinned at Layla, “Yes milady you can have a threesome whenever you like.”

      Clone One sighed.

      Laughing Layla corrected herself, “Not really into threesomes, but I do know someone that would enjoy the attention.”

      Clone one addressed Clone Three, “Why did you come out? Wait don’t answer that, just eat and go out.”

      "I am sure he will find something to do on Woodward. Maybe he should get a car from Ed.” Layla suggested.

      “Oh he will.” Clone one than asked, “But how is the fish soup?”

      “It's delicious; you will have to teach me how to make it.”

      Clone One agreed, “Sure if you want. Well I can give you the recipe if you like.”

      “Thank you that would be nice.”

      Clone Three commented, “I'm right here you know. Where's my love? Layla you care about me right, right?” Seeing himself being ignored Clone Three headed out the door to find someone to play with.

      Clone One watched Three leave than returned his attention to Layla, “Well if you have any questions for me, ask away. “

      “I would love to know all about you and your entourage.”

      Clone One began, “I have three clones as you well know," he temple his fingers. “I have the manipulator which is probably trying to trick Ed into giving his pass codes, she was the mother. I have the deviant that which loves to seduce be careful around that one and then I have number four. I have no set gender I was born a hermaphrodite.”

     “That should be fun since Ed has seen your base is male. Being a hermaphrodite should make life extremely interesting for you. How do you handle a relationship?”

      “I chose males because they can blend in a crowd better, pretty women are harder to ignore. For me I am a sexual, for my clones what they do is have short lived flings.”

      “So never a real connection?”

      “No never a real need but the others thrive on personal connections for all the wrong reasons, number Two is a heartbreaker.” 

     “Well if you allow me I would like to be you non needed friend.” Layla offered. 

     Clone looked at Layla curious and slowly nodded. “We will see if this will be a permanent relationship or not.”

      She smiled softly, “I am not asking for a relationship but a friendship. Clone three would be fun to flirt with but I am picky.”

      “I see. Unlike me, my other selves they are mercurial and just as easy they are to play, they can easily grow thorns. Be careful of how you pick them.”

       “Not really going to pick the clones, since you are the base, you are all of them. As a friend it won't matter.”


      “Then you're fine as you are.”

      “Thank you for the lovely meal I must now attend to my other duties.”