Baker's Tour

          Chief Eric Powell sat behind his desk at State police headquarters. He was a middle age man, slight overweight black man with a high and tight hair cut.

         Charles Baker walked in and waited to be asked to sit down. Baker was a massive man of color, towering over six and half feet.

         Chief Powell looked up from the papers in his hand, "Have a seat, I have a new assignment for you."

         "Thank you Chief" Baker nodded as he sat down, "OH... great."

         Chief began, “There has been an increase in mutant gang activity in the tri county area. You will be in charge of a team of newly recruited enhanced officers. Your will infiltrate and disrupt the gang activities. You will also, in another form, aid all local police with mutant and crime problems, only if you can do so without blowing your cover. We have an apartment complex set up for your team and base set up for your team’s use. You will answer only to me and the governor.”

         "Just a bunch of muties huh?" Charles commented. "Damn muties, still to me... sure.. lets get this shit done" He grinned

         Chief explained, “The top of the each group is believed to be ran by meta's. That is why we have created this task force.”

         With a toothy grin Baker said, "Good, I need to let off some steam."

          “The main gangs we are looking into are the blood letter, the krypt keepers, the low riders, the brother and the snake heads. There are also two organized crime syndicates. The two we want you to look into are the Suits, and Pro Guard. We need to find out the true names of these gangs and who leads them. Your team will meet you at the Detroit zoo tour center, ask for Layla. Any questions?

        Baker nodded approving. "Layla?... is she new to the force?"

         Chief responded, “She has been recruited for her unique office skills but is not on the force. She answers to the Governor’s office and is in charge of the base. Feel free to visit the center today if you wish. Just take your gear so she can settle you in.”

         "Anything else Sir?" asked Baker.

         “No you are free to go. You have any needs; Layla will take care of it.”

         "By your Leave, Sir" Baker exited the office, making his way to the zoo to the predetermined area to meet Ms Layla . He strolled up to the young girl behind the tour center counter and asked for "Layla".

         The young girl pressed a button labeled Layla and spoke, “She should be here in a moment.”

         A beautiful Brazilian woman with soft brown hair, standing five nine emerged from the centers door. She wore a mini skirted uniform with thigh high boots and carried a clipboard in her hand.

         Layla scanned the crowd, falling on the tall black man, who towered above the families moving around in clusters. She approached him, "Hello, and you are?”

         He eyed her summing her up as he spoke, "Your new contact, I’m Mr. Baker."

         She flipped pages on her clipboard finding what she was looking for, "I wasn't expecting you till tomorrow, please follow me.” She entered back into the building, holding the door long enough for him to catch it. She led him into a windowless office and closed the door behind him. Baker followed her closely.

         "I am Layla Valdez, please to meet you. What would you like me to refer to you as?” She hit a concealed button under the desk ledge; the floor opened revealing a staircase that disappeared into an unseen depth. “This is one of three entrances to our base.”

         "Baker is fine, so what is so special about this place?" He asked as he followed her down the stairs. The floor closed as soon as his head cleared the entrance.

         Layla informed him as they walked the long descent down “We have twenty meta cells, a garage for the cars and "  She paused as the stairs exited into a large room and she pointed to a man,. "That's Ed, he is our mechanic and handyman, he also takes care of prisoners should we get any. Over here is the forensic lab." She pointed to an open door. Making their way across the hall they stepped to the doorway. A five foot nothing Asian girl sipping a Caf pow and wearing a lab coat waved at the two, "That's Jade.”

         Baker nodded in Jades direction as Layla hurried through the base pointing out different rooms, “We have a rec room, a meeting room, a full base kitchen and the computer room.” Her pace was quick. Entering though a bay door that led into a sloping tunnel, she paused at a golf cart. “Would you like to drive? “

          "Golf cart, hey, that is kind of cool" Baker smiled a bit, "Sure." Still smiling he sat behind the wheel of the cart.

         “Not all of us can fly.” She took the seat next to him.

         "You can?" He smirked, "Lead the way, M'lady"

         Layla continued as they drove the tunnel, “This tunnel leads to an entrance to the surveillance room at the apartment complex you will be living in. The first floor is your sting apartment and the upper floor is your real living quarters. The surveillance room is located in the basement of the apartment.  Your code to the sting rooms is 7864. It will not open the doors to the upper level.”

         They reached the end of the tunnel where another cart was parked.  She moved quickly to a wall, pressing on it. The wall opened to her touch revealing a room containing multiple screens. Each screen flashed the view of the eight sting apartments, each switching from one room to the next.

         She smiled at him. “Anything you do in the sting rooms is recorded and videotaped. Big Brother is watching.”

         "Nice" Baker said approvingly, “I'm glad that this place is set up, it makes my work with the muties, alot easier."

         She continued, “When the code is punched, a warning alarm will sound and someone will come to watch. If the wrong code is punched a security alarm sounds. You will need to set up how the response will happen. Each of you will have a different code for the upper level, any other code will sound the alarm in the base. If the sting code is entered at the basement door, this area is sealed off.”

         "Gotcha, what else can this place do?" He smiled  "You have room service? "

         "Depending on what kind of room service you are asking for."

         Baker raised his eyebrows, "Only the best is for me" He grinned. "This is your ...special... room service?"

         She opened a wall into a laundry room, with a set of stairs leading up.

         Layla  smiled, “I will be the one making sure the sting room has the fresh garbage, a laundry basket full of clothes and a stocked fridge of beer and liquor.” She added, “for now.”

         "NICE! Now that is room service minus the -- “Baker caught himself as his eyes watched her move, "Yeah.. nice."

          She chuckled.

         "Please forgive my... -- yeah"

         She smiled, "No worries, rather have you be yourself, we will be working close for a long time. I am to aid you in all things. The other entrance to the base is for the cars. I figured you would like to pick out your room for a prime position.”

         "Well... yes I would like the prime spot, as all things will fall to me, both good and bad.. lead the way, please" Baker motioned.

         She took him up the stairs and asked " Left or right side?”

         “You pick...."

         She led him to the right side of the second floor and paused at the first door on the right, opening it. She held the door open for him, “Welcome home. You can change the code, right now they are all 0000. The security door we used to get up here is 6333.”

         "Then, yes... that room would be fine then" Baker smile as he changed the pin code for himself and set it.

         “Need me to write it down for you?”

         "Please." He smiled, still watching her form move.

         She opened a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out paper and a pen and started to write, "If you need anything not furnished let me know and your shopping list.”

         "Oh.. I thought that you were going to give me your phone number.. just in case I would need to call you." He leered at her, "All in the call of duty... of course."

         “We will have earwig for communications when you are not under cover and sure why not.” She added her phone number.

         “How about we sit down for a bit?”  Baker asked her standing in the kitchen entrance, ”I would like to get to know you.”

         “Would love to," she squeezed pass him.

         Baker sat on the couch, patting the seat beside him. "So... tell me more about yourself, please. Was it hard for you to get this position?"

         She took a seat on the couch and replied, "I am on loan from the governor’s office, and they said you would need my skills.”

         "The governor's office, Wow... you must be one heck of a woman or guy, if you were a guy. You know what I mean.” He stammered, "So.. You don't mind working with us then? I mean, things might get weird from time to time.

         She giggled, "I am use to weird and until our surveillance expert arrives I will be the one monitoring the rooms, when I am available.. Talk about weird.”

         “OH.. you have several super types that you deal with at the office, huh?"

        “Not my first rodeo. I have been on loan before. So Baker, how did you get stuck on this, piss someone off?”

         Baker smile went away, "So...ahem, “ he cleared his throat, “The garage is this way?"

         “The garage is back at the base, I will get you a car for undercover work tomorrow, just kidding about pissing someone off. I had a jealous wife that got me here.” Layla spoke a half truth.

         "OH?" Baker commented.

         “Yes, the governors wife felt he was becoming too dependent on me.”

         "Well, you seem alright in my book." Baker smiled back at her, "Well I will welcome all the help."

         "You’re the boss man.” Layla jested, “I am just your personal assistant," she tilted her head slightly smiling back, "You just only need to ask.”

         "And that is a wonderful to know... that I can count on you, Thank you for that." Baker smiled as he reached over and patted her hand.

         She covered his hand with her other hand, "Hopefully you will find me of use.”

         "That I'm sure of". Welcome to the team." Baker smiled, "Care to get something to eat?"

         “If you order out you have to use a sting room. No one but team members and base personnel are allowed on this floor but sure.”  Layla asked, “So order out? or we could go to my room. I could make us a couple of omelets?”

         “Omelet, wow that would be grand, I love omelets!"

         Layla stood up, picking up her clipboard, “Sorry I didn’t have your room ready, thought I had another day. Follow me, I'm on the other side.”

         Baker followed enjoying the view.

         She took him to her room and headed straight to the kitchen, letting him enter on his own. She pulled out onions, cheese, eggs and peppers. “Want to help?

         Baker leaned against the wall watching her cook, "Awhhh... sure.. how should I help, break some eggs?"

         Layla handed him a knife, an onion and a wooden cutting board. "We have to share the board.” She started slicing the color peppers.

         Baker shared the board complying with her request as tears formed in his eyes, "Yeah, this is great." He resisted wiping the tears.

         She pulled out a frying pan and a bowl, stifling her amusement, “If you cut an onion for someone, it means you care.”

         "I.. yeah.. love cooking with ... Geezz.. I need some air, Be right back.” Baker coughed into his elbow as he headed into the bathroom to wash his hands.

         She cracked the eggs in the bowl. Layla laughed to herself and sautéed the veggies, bowling them up.

         "Okay... I'm ready-- nope, One sec again." Baker fled the kitchen once again, returning to rinse the cutting board for her.

         She started the eggs than added the veggies and cheese in the center and finishing the omelet. “We have to sit in the living room with these. Only love seats in the apartments, hope you don't mind being close.” She handed him a plate with a fork. Layla headed to the living room picking her seat.

         Baker took his plate following taking a seat next to her, before taking a bite, “So, "Mmmm."

         "I will need to know what you want in your rooms. I haven't done the shopping. They forgot to give me a list of your dietary needs.”

         "I'll figure it out with time" Baker smiled and continued to eat the meal.”

         Layla picked at her food as she spoke, “I requested a cook for the base but haven't heard a peep.”

         "Really, that is interesting... I'll add that to my want sheet as well." He smiled, "You know, mission priorities.”

         Layla changed the subject, “So married, kids, a dog? They haven't sent me the folder yet.”

         "Wait, what?.. oh.., no and no"

         Layla said, “Just checking and i am no, no, no, and an occasional yes.”

         Baker grinned, " OHH!' Yes, good to know So.. dating an-- "

         She laughed, "No rules against dating."

         "That is a very good thing to know as well.” He looked around the apartment, "So, were is your room, if I may ask."

         Layla again blew off the question, “It could hamper things if there is a need be intimate with someone for info.”

         Baker asked."So... are you seeing anyone right now?"

         “No, haven't had time to meet any one, seems I am always on the job.”

         He smiled, "Me too."

         “I am sure you will have a selection to choose from, you haven't met the rest of the team.”

         “I think that I still have seen the best."

 vLayla slightly blushed, “Trying to give me a big head?”

         "Mine is already too big so it's your turn," he laughed.

         “I might have to check that out some times," She stood up and taking her plate to the sink.

         Baker followed with his plate rubbing up against her, “"Excuse me... small kitchen."

         Layla tried to joke it off, “Some like it tight, less to clean.”

         "Then we have... some things in common" He bumped up against her again.

         She turned to face him, "Makes things interesting fast.”

         "It can..." Baker looked deeply into her eyes, "if.. you want it to..."

         “We have just met, but I could see it being a yes, once we get to know each other.”

         Baker gave her a soft smile and then backed away from her, about three inches, "I'll let it be your choice."

         “Maybe we should get some rest; we both have a big day tomorrow.”

         "My room or.. awh.. yes, I see" Baker explained, "I hope that I can relax, somehow, tonight, any suggestions in that department?"

         Layla stated, “Playboy and hustlers in your night stand, both rooms, or you could watch t.v.”

         "Awhhh.. thanks?"... "I guess"

         Layla said, “Don't worry siempre hay mañana. (there is always tomorrow)

         Baker grumbled and side stepped her. Politely he said, "Good night... I guess."

          “See you in the morning, Oh Baker,” Seeing him upset, she stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, "sweet dreams."