The Pride

     They call themselves the Pride. as in pride of lions.  Mask's idea, since they are essentially the farm team for the more powerful Predators.  Think of Conan Doyle's Baker Street Irregulars, with super powers.  Granted, they aren't in the same league as the Predators, or any of the Minutemen teams but still, they have their niche in the scheme things.  At least around San Diego.  Mask knows he and his little group of petty criminals are nothing more than a source of income for Overdrive but he has his own plans.  Problem is Slugger already ran afoul of the newly formed Minutemen White team in the form of Nat Ryan and Wren Collins.
     For now Mask is taking a 'wait and see' attitude, even going so far as to ship Slugger back up to Compton until the thing with Filch cooled down.  Until then, he'll have Cream and Snap keep an eye on the girl.  One thing worries him, though, Mack knows about her and might decide to take her into the Predators.  That would be a hefty loss of income for him but he wasn't going to argue the point.  Last time he'd done that, Mack had broken his arm and Mask didn't care much for pain.  He was going to have to look into this surfer thing though ...

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