The Wild Hunt Past Members
 Now all in 5th Edition
The Wild Hunt: Founding Members
Airwolf: for Leon, gaming at work?!?
Captain New Jersey:
for Jodie, the quickest way into trouble.

Chameleon: for Randy, thanks for all the overtime at the shop.
Crusader: for Dan, the original Combat Monster.
Cujo: for Ken, the first of many.
Daimon: for Bill, if we ever fought side by side, crime would end.
Darkwing: for Troy or is it his Secret ID, Opie?
Ghost Fletcher: for AJ, the best side-kick a man never wanted.
Hellcat: for Rene, the flour-covered invisible kitty.
Sarge: for Mark, tick turd!
Selar: for Larry, owner of the very first CD in the world.
Steeler: for Jim, the comic relief of the team.
Star Knight: for Rich, the serious side of the team.
Striker: for Eric, the most fun an Ace of Swords could have.
Voltage: for Bobbie and the school of action without thought.
War Eagle: for JJ, make a decision, damnit!

The Wild Hunt: Past Members
Aydn Greyshadows: for Andy, we hardly knew thee.
Delend: for Sean, watch yourself up there.
Jaedaiya Olioan: for Tiffy, I shall miss you, daughter.
Kleven Trueheart of Heartland: for Troy, later my friend.
SWATpup9: for Andy, the morose side of the team.
Blitzkrieg: for Bill
Nightblade: for Bill (again)
for Randy
Quick Silver: for Eric
Sparkler: for Danny (now Dan)
Thicke As A Brick:: for Ken 
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