The Junkyard
The Junkyard is the domain of Junkyard Dog, a genius in the creation of lethal toys.  Need a gun modified?  Need an auto-cannon mounted in your car?  This is the guy to see ... if he will talk to you.  And try to get in to steal his stuff?  Forget it.  You'll never find it in the eight acres of metal covering just about everything.  In fact, no getting in in the first place.  You talk to him at the gate ... if he will talk to you.  Oh, and as for security, you know, the ubiquitous junkyard dog?  That would be Macaria, about 15, Wednesday Addams stare ... and a pair of Gloch 21 .45 ACP automatic pistols.  Yes, she can out-shoot you and if she can't, there's Cerberus, her puppy.  He's the short, thick one with the mouth full of teeth and really, really bad breath.  Ok, he breaths fire.  Why?  Ask Macaria ... but then she never talks so no one knows.
The Junkyard
The Junkyard Dog

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