Vigilantes  of the World

    Science says there has always been a few Metahumans in the world.  Some use their powers for good, other for evil.  Some use those powers outside the law.  These are the vigilantes.  Here are a few.

United States
Black Leopard: former vigilante from Cleveland.
The Bronx Bomber: battling the New York City Mobs.
Giza Chui: defending the underprivilaged of Cleveland.
Hot Shot: champion of Detroit.
Northstar: hunting small time criminals in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Reaper: avenger. His target?  The Chicago underworld.

Pokholodaniye: anti-Chinese Russian

Blood Witch: avenger of Croatia.
The Demon Bear: denizen of the Pyrenees

Eviter: Kinshasa street kid grown up

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