Mission Beach
Booker 'Bingo' Samuels: surf shop owner, friend of Nat's.
Cass Parker: Nat and Wren's adopted grandmother.
Sammy Parker: Nat and Wren's adopted grandfather.

Point Loma School
Geneviève 'Gwen' Rousseau: head cheerleader, school queen, bully.
Fred Harding: respected teacher.

The Neighborhood
Shirley 'Gran' Campbell: Belle's and the neighborhood's grandmother
Frank Acosta: Becca's father.
Sabina LeFey: Morgana's mother.

Jeremy Rodgers: Snowy's adopted brother and bodyguard.
Lt. General George M. Law: Mark's father.

The Fashion World
Desideria: Snowy's fashion photographer.
Kiaren Wesley: Snowy's agent.

Law Enforcement
Rylan Thomas, DEA: Rachel's father.

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