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Now in our twentieth year!

In 1982 I discovered a new game called Champions . Published then by Hero Games , it proved to be an excellent game that has endured. My first character, Ghost Archer, has provided 36 years of enjoyable gaming. Since the advent of the 'Net I have watched faithfully for sights concerning Champions.  I have been disappointed in some and truly appreciative of others. I have decided to add my two cents. The Wild Hunt began with a few players at a hobby shop called the White Heron in Norfolk, Virginia.  During the years we played there, many characters came and went. Some were just 'walk-ons', others endured.  This will be an on-going project and suggestions will be appreciated. If, by chance, any of my former players happen upon this site, please contact me and let me know how you are doing. This page is dedicated to all past, present and future members of the Wild Hunt.

Looking around the internet I see I am one of the last sites dedicated to Champions.  Sad, but inevitable I suppose but this site will remain possibly even after I die since no one but me knows how to turn it off.

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