Character Name: Hellcat
Alternate Identities: Kena Ember
Player Name: NPC
Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes
10 STR 10 0 10 11- HTH Damage 2d6 END [1]
28 DEX 10 54 28 15- OCV 9 DCV 9
22 CON 10 24 22 13-
10 BODY 10 0 10 11-
15 INT 10 5 15 12- PER Roll 12-
13 EGO 10 6 13 12- ECV: 4
15 PRE 10 5 15 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
16 COM 10 3 16 12-
5 PD 2 3 5/25 5/25 PD (0/20 rPD)
10 ED 4 6 10/35 10/35 ED (0/25 rED)
6 SPD 3.8 22 6 Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
10 REC 6 8 10
54 END 44 5 54
26 STUN 26 0 26
7" Running 6 2 7"
0" Swimming 2 -2 0"
3" Leaping 2 1 3" 142 Total Characteristics Points
"Remind me again why I gotta learn this shit?"
Off Rating: Def Rating: Move Rating:
Total earned: 175
Spent: 175
Unspent: 0
Base Points: 250
Disad Points: 100
Total Points: 525
Type Total
Run 7"
Swim 0"
H. Leap 3"
V. Leap 1 1/2"
Type Amount
Physical Defense 5/25
Res. Phys. Defense 0/20
Energy Defense 10/35
Res. Energy Defense 0/25
Mental Defense 0
Res. Mental Defense  
Power Defense 0
Flash Defense
OCV: 9 DCV: 9
Combat Skill Levels: +2 with Fire Powers Multipower
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Effect
Range 0-4 5-8 9-16 17-32 33-64 65-128
RMOD 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10
Cost  Disadvantage
5 Accidental Change: If startled she may burst into flame. (Fiery Form) 8- (Uncommon)
10 Distinctive Features: Meta-human (Not Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Technology Or Major Effort)
15 Hunted: HARP 8- (Mo Pow; Harshly Punish)
Notes: HARP may be unaware of a particular meta-human but they are constantly searching for them none the less
10 Physical Limitation: Sinks like a stone in water, can't swim or float (Infrequently; Greatly Impairing)
0 Psychological Limitation: Can Be Short tempered (Common; Moderate)
15 Psychological Limitation: Dislikes water/being wet/rain (Very Common; Moderate)
Notes: This manifests as extreme grumpiness and will pop up just about everytime she takes a shower or bath. She usually just burns the dirty off which makes her smell something like a campfire.
25 Psychological Limitation: Protective Of Innocents (Very Common; Total)
0 Social Limitation: Clothes Are Burned Up by Her Powers (Frequently; Minor)
Notes: This disadvantage is offset by a costume designed specifically to avoid this.
15 Social Limitation: Secret ID (Frequently; Major)
0 Social Limitation: Subject to orders/missions (18 or older only) (Frequently; Major)
5 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x STUN Water-based Attacks (Uncommon)
Notes: This vulnerablity would include the use of a water cannon.
0 Watched: U.S. Government 11- (Mo Pow; NCI; PC is very easy to find; Watching)
100 Total Disadvantages Cost

Character Name: Hellcat
Alternate Identities: Kena Ember
Player Name: NPC
Cost  Name
1 Acrobatics 8-
3 Acting 12-
0 AK: Orange County 11-
3 Breakfall 15-
3 Combat Driving 15-
1 KS: San Diego 8-
3 Climbing 15-
7 Concealment 14-
3 Conversation 12-
0 Deduction 8-
3 KS: Automobile Repair 12-
1 KS: Convience Store Security 8-
3 KS: Internal Combustion Engines 12-
0 Language: English (idiomatic)
2 Language: Japanese (basic conversation)
3 Mechanics 12-
3 Paramedics 12-
3 Persuasion 12-
3 PS: Auto Mechanic 12-
1 Seduction 8-
3 Shadowing 12-
3 Sleight Of Hand 15-
3 Stealth 15-
7 Streetwise 14-
6 Survival (Urban) 14-
3 Teamwork 15-
4 TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Skateboarding, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles, Two-Wheeled Muscle-Powered Ground Vehicles
6 +2 with Fire Powers Multipower
81 Total Skills Cost
Cost  Name
0 Contact: U.S. Minuteman Project (access to major institutions, has significant individual Contacts, Very Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) 14-
0 Law Enforcement Rank: U.S Marshall
0 Police Powers: Federal
0 Weapon Permit: Licensed Superpowers
0 Total Perks Cost
Cost  Power END
31 Fire Powers: Elemental Control, 62-point powers
1) Fiery Form: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6+1, Costs END Only To Activate (+1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Damage Shield (Offensive; +3/4), Continuous (+1); Power does not if extinguished like any other fire (-1 1/2), Side Effects, (Will incinerate anything she is wearing that is not fireproof; -0)
2) Fire Invulnerability: Desolidification , Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Invisible Power Effects (Fully Invisible; +1); Only To Protect Against Fire And Heat (-1), Always On (-1/2), Takes Normal Knockback (-1/2), Cannot Pass Through Solid Objects (-1/2)
3) Fire Shield: Force Field (19 PD/23 ED), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2); Power Does Not Work In Water (-1/4)
75 Fire Powers: Multipower, 75-point reserve, all slots Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4); all slots Does Not Work In Heavy Rain Or In Water (-1/4)
1) Fire Ball: Energy Blast 10d6, Area Of Effect (One Hex; +1/2)
Notes: This attack creates a small, 2 meter, diameter ball of fire.
2) Fire Blast: Energy Blast 15d6
Notes: This is a standard fiery blast.
3) Fire Bolt: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6, Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense (ED Force Field or Fire Powers; +1), Does BODY (+1)
Notes: This power creates a continuous stream of fire that will melt through just about anything, given time.
4) Fire Bolt: Killing Attack - Ranged 5d6
Notes: A powerful, concentrated bolt of fire.
5) Fire Bomb: Energy Blast 10d6, Explosion (+1/2)
Notes: The attack creates a ball of fire that explodes when it reaches its target.
6) Fire Broil: Energy Blast 7d6+1, No Normal Defense (LS: Safe Enviroment: Intense Heat; +1)
Notes: This power effectively boils the blood of the target.
7) Fire Call: Energy Blast 10d6, Uses Existing Fire (+0), Indirect (Any origin, always fired away from attacker; +1/2)
Notes: This power will call existing fire from any point to attack the target.
8) Fire Extinguisher: Dispel Fire Powers 20d6, One At A Time (+1/4)
Notes: This power allows her to put out an existing fire, such as a house fire.
9) Fire Hand: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 3d6+1 (4d6 w/STR), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2)
Notes: The attack causes the user's hand to burst into flame increasing hand to hand damage .
10) Fire Spear: Energy Blast 10d6, Armor Piercing x1 (+1/2)
Notes: This attack creates a bolt of fire so hot it will pierce armor.
11) Fire Spray: Energy Blast 10d6, Autofire (5 shots; +1/2)
Notes: This attack creates sequential bolts of fire.
12) Smoke Cloud: Darkness to Sight Group 4" radius; Does Not Work In High Winds Or Rain (-1/4) plus Energy Blast 2d6, No Normal Defense (LS: Self-Contained Breathing; +1), Area Of Effect (4" Radius; +1 1/4); Does Not Work In High Winds Or Rain (-1/4)
38 Fire Control: Telekinesis (43 STR), Fine Manipulation; Only Works On Fire (-1)
Notes: This power gives the user the abilty to shape fire into any imaginable form.
8 Fire Starter: Killing Attack - Ranged 1 point, Sticky (Only Affects Flammables; +1/4), Costs END Only To Activate (+1/4), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Indirect (Any origin, any direction; +3/4), Continuous as long as there is fuel (+1); OAF (Focus: Random Flamable Items of Opportunity; -1), Limited Range (20") (-1/4)
Notes: This power starts a small fire that will burn and spread until all fuel is exhausted, just like a real fire.
6 Campfire: Life Support (Safe in Intense Cold), Usable By Other (+1/4), Persistent (+1/2), Area Of Effect (2" Radius; +1 1/4)
Notes: Kena has created bonfires at the beach party and while not always useful in San Diego, perhaps in a colder climate ... it does not require fuel.
5 Fire Sight: Infrared Perception (Sight Group)0
2 Self-Warming: Life Support (Safe in Intense Cold)0
2 Meta-Human Lifespan: Life Support (Longevity: 400 Years)0
302 Total Powers Cost
Equipment END
Minuteman Earwig Radio: Encrypted: Radio Perception/Transmission (Radio Group), Concealed (-10 with Radio Perception/Transmission PER Rolls); IIF (-1/4)0
Government Computer Network: Computer Link; OAF Fragile (Focus: Monocle Heatset; -1 1/4)
Q Body Armor Mk.3.0: Armor (1 PD/2 ED); OIF (-1/2) plus Life Support (Safe in Intense Heat); Only to prevent costume from burning (-1)
Notes: This is a simple 'cat suit' designed to safeguard Hellcat's modesty. It provides minimum protection from energy attacks in and of itself but will not turn to ash when Hellcat actives her powers.

Character Name: Hellcat
Alternate Identities: Kena Ember
Player Name: NPC
Hair Color: Soot Black
Eye Color: Reddish-orange
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 106 lbs
Kena has reddish orange eyes and short, soot black hair that shifts to red usually just before bursting into flames. Normally she wears a black jacket, over a white tube top, with black jeans. Her uniform is a all black skin tight suit with orange flames on the legs and is flame resistant.
Kena is 18. She and Thomas 'Techno' Nguyen have become a bit more than close friends.
Kena's powers have increased in power with practice as has her ability to call upon them without a fear of failure. She has also become quite used to their use and as with most things, with pracitce they hace beome less of a strain on her endurance. To start her array of power was formitable and as she has this vast array, she has not made an effort to increase her existing options very much. The one power she has added is a choaking smoke cloud.
Kena has discovered the joy of auto mechanics and so has become the first member of any Minuteman Team that has opted from something other then college. She has been through all of the most interesting technical schools Miller could find for her and is now awaiting the proper governemnt backing for a workshop. She is currently working with Q on the mechanical side of his research.
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