The Legacy
          Five years has passed, the Legacy team has graduated from high school each in their time, selected their field of study for college and found the appropriate school.  During those years, the team has grown with the addition of three members, Blur, Ember and Venomancer, who, though 'unofficial' are none the less full members.  They have been active on the street garnering good will and a reputation for caring about the everyday people, those seemingly beneath the notice of the police or the Minuteman Red team in far off Washington.
          Though they have donned costumes and taken 'code names' their 'anonymity' has been readily surmised by a number of Nat Ryan's long time friends and though he is fully aware of it, considers the truth to be in safe hands.  The team is cognizant of Miller's, efforts ferret out their secret and take over control, but so far they have been successful in keeping things hidden.
          Relationships with the Minutemen have ebbed and flowed, more than a few close friendships have developed and animosity between between Ranger and Goliath hasn't erupted in violence mostly due to Liberty's efforts.
          Internal relationships have followed their courses, Goliath and Giselle engaged, Psiblade and Midnight married and still Laze pursues Mountain Wind.  Ember provides tension, Blur provides the upbeat and Ohm's Law tries to kill everyone with his cooking.
          They've grown up and stand ready to take their place on the larger stage but will it be as government pawns or will they follow the Legacy that has been given them?
          Recently Blur, originally from the alternate universe of the Wild Hunt, was called back by her father, Daimon, that has left a hole not only in the hearts of the team but in their roster.  Daimon suggested a young meta by the name of Amelia Fox aka Kitsune, also a speedster, might be a fit for the team.  She is not Blur, but she has been accepted and is currently getting to know her new team and where she fits in.

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