The Legacy

Nat and Wren's Cottage

   The original seven that came to be known secretly as The Legacy joined together in their early and mid teens, after being 'forced' into the service of their country by a bureaucracy that feared them and their kind.  Unable to gather willing participants in a national team from the older, more established 'metahumans' the idea of 'growing' a team from 'manifestation' to adulthood, with free education in the bargain, was put forward and accepted by the current administration.  Having been designated 'covert' by the President, the task of 'recruitment' was placed in the hands of a man known to the teens as 'Mr. Miller'.
          Miller utilized every national intelligence asset to locate likely candidates and was initially successful, assembling a team of ten that became the Minutemen Red team.  Unfortunately for Miller, his second team building effort began with Nathaniel Ryan and Wren Collins.  Their outright refusal of his offer lead him to utilize more coercive methods, methods also used on Josh Temple and Fujiko Yamakaze.
          This, of course, has made the targets of his interest somewhat bitter and his attempts at blackmailing over half the team hasn't endeared him to them in the least.  If the agent's actions have done nothing else, they have welded this group of seven together far better than the earlier Minutemen group.
          There were two other things Miller didn't anticipate, Nat Ryan's and Wren Collins'  time in an alternate dimension with a group known as the Wild Hunt and the two surviving members of the '30s 'mystery man' team, Legacy.  Already experienced 'adventurers' Ryan, back by Collins, took over the team and began to forge a tight unit whose first challenge was the senior Minutemen leader, Mark Law aka Ranger.
          Secretly Miller had tasked Law with 'whipping' the junior team into shape but once more the agent underestimated Ryan.  Unwilling to knuckle under to Law's authority, Ryan lofted the other into the Pacific Ocean sealed in a garbage dumpster.  It was only in the face of Law's teammate, Carine Masterson, that Ryan decided to attempt to rectify the situation.
          The Legacy seven's rapid reaction to the situation garnered respect and admiration from more than one of the senior Minutemen and inadvertently eased relationships between the two groups.  Though Legacy hasn't reached a level of trust in the Minutemen Red team that would lead to a revelation of the gifts from the original Legacy team, friendships have begun to develop even as rivalries bloom.

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