The Legacy

            After the destruction of the Washington Monument and deaths of 2996 Americans on July 4, 2001, the President of the United States authorized the formation of a team specifically tasked with handling any future assault on the Nation by metahumans.  The Secretary of Defense initially did a study on the feasibility of recruiting established metahumans into the Task Force but could find not a single volunteer willing to work for the government.  An alternative was put forth to begin a nation-wide search for metahumans that had not become 'established' in society.  What this meant was the recruiting of young people in their teens just coming into their powers.

            The FBI was the logical choice for this search and recruitment as it was within their purview as the nation's police force.  To this end an experienced senior agent, Reginald Miller, was assigned and given carte blanche to fill the nation's needs.  In a very short time it became clear that the world's metahuman population, to this point believed to be less than a hundred, was more prevalent and their population was growing.  This was seen as promising to some but worrisome others, including Agent Miller.

            For the FBI it took nearly two years to put the search protocols into place but only a month's work to locate ten prospects.  The initial recruiting drive proved to be very successful, garnering all ten, and a school was established in San Diego on the grounds of the old submarine base at the end of Point Loma.  To disguise the true purpose of this school, the existing high school that served the peninsula of Point Loma was condemned and closed with the student body being transferred en masse to the new facilities within the secure confines of the base.   Further, to camouflage the metahuman population that would board on school grounds, a 'cover' group of teens with parents serving around the world as diplomats were brought in under the pretense of security for the children of members of the Department of State.

            The inaugural team, codename Minuteman Red, promised success in enlisting a second team.  Agent Miller did not anticipate Nathaniel Ryan's and Wren Collins' reluctance.  His heavy-handed attempt at blackmail severely damaged any rapport he may have gained with the second team and eventually damaged his relationship with the senior team to the point he became superfluous.

            September of 2004 found the second team, code named Minutemen White, beginning their first term of school and training.  Things immediately began to turn pear shaped for Miller.
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