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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Campaign Stuff, Characters, Fiction

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    I’ve been doing RPGs for a few years now … 39 years … and I have been married just a touch longer, almost 41. In all those years, there has been no interest whatsoever in my gaming, be it wargames, RPGs, or computer games. And in that 39 years of gaming, I have never considered designing a character that was inspired by Archerette … until recently.

    Legacy has from the beginning needed a mentalist that wasn’t able to make a person’s brain boil and so I came up with the Seer. How is this Seer representative of Archerette? Pretty much in every way. When I create a new character I am writing a story, literally and figuratively. These characters, ALL of them, are totally unexpected to me. They are born, they grow and they evolve, usually without my input.

    How did Fuji become an MMORPG demon? I dunno, she just is. Why does Josh bake tuna and chocolate pies? I dunno, he just does. This is the way I write and the way characters come to me. Seer … I gave her Archerette’s first name … probably stupid to do, but … she’s Debra and prefers to be called Deb. That’s when shit hit the fan. I had no idea where she was going!

    It started off easy enough. She is introduced to Nat and Wren, naturally. Deb, the telepath, wants to know more about this two people she’s never met. *shrug* Nat’s easy, she gets in there and roots about for a while, finding out a lot about him, like he is dying to bang Wren but he’s afraid he’d kill her, or that he’d love to rip Slugger’s head off for trying to rape Wren, personal feelings, right?

    So, Wren … blank wall … Wren has Mental Defense. Wren also knows Deb was trying to dig around in her head. Wren does NOT like this. Would you like someone you just met to open up your head and read all your secrets? Let’s see what Deb thinks of Wren’s power … like smashing her down with … five or six times gravity. Hey, at least she was nice enough to do it when Deb as on the couch and not the floor.

    I tell Archerette this little story … she takes it personally. Yeah. ‘Why is this Wren more powerful then me?’ Okay, first, it is a STORY and imaginary people! It is not you, you were the seed, the spark of inspiration that led to this character. Second, no I am not going to change a damn thing. This is how Wren would react, these are Wren’s established powers. These are two people that Deb is going to have to rely on to save her sweet ass some time in the next couple of years.

    Many years ago I had this same problem. With Nat and Wren. How did they get together? That’s just how it worked out. There was Jessie, who desperately wanted Nat. It wasn’t going to happen because that is the way it turned out. I didn’t change that and my group exploded. This time, it’s all MY story and it’ll be told that way it unfolds to me. No changing anything.

    Now I’ve got this new girl, Deb, trying to join up with a group that has been together at least a few months. The group dynamics are already working and growing. Everyone is getting comfortable with one another and there’s almost no drama. I do hate drama. How to fit her it. Right off the bat, Wren has scared the piss out of her by promising to turn her into floor paint is she ever tries to read her or Nat again. Wren has also warned her that others of the group also might be resistant to Deb’s powers, particularly Slater and Chris. Slater’s pretty easy going and would likely be interested in ‘training’ with Deb just to exchange thought on mental powers. Chris? Well, see, vampires and demons try to possess, or dominate people. Trying telepathy on Chris without telling her about it just might get you a foot long stake through the heart. Actually, the odds are REALLY good it would at least get you stabbed, but probably not fatally.

    The rest of the team met her, and Nat immediately announces that she is a telepathy … which she absolutely hated.

    Understandable, I mean the power is mostly undetectable and the main thing she does to feel … secure. This was not a faux pa on Nat’s part. He knew exactly what he was doing. So, as expected Slater loved the idea and wanted to explore her powers. Chris was not particularly concerned. The general consensus with the rest was ‘as long as you not try to read me’ we are cool.

    Okay, at that point it was, to Deb, a case of them against me. She didn’t trust anyone … because they HAD to be holding back their true feelings about her … the girl that have never seen before in their lives. Even though she promised NOT to try to read anyone in the team … she had to try Josh, because he was so hard to read otherwise. While she read him, it was noted and even though Wren did not make her floor paint, Nat told her she had to tell Josh. Oh, this was not what she wanted at all. But, she had to gain their trust and much as she felt they had to gain hers … so, she told Josh, who laughed about it. It didn’t bother him in any way.

    When the time came to ‘show and tell’ Nat informed her that she would be going first. I am sure she was thinking ‘why me first’ and would have loved to back out but … Nat’s pretty commanding when he wants to be. Anyway she ended up showing and telling using Josh, who loved it. They discovered that yes, Chris, Slater and Wren were pretty much immune to her powers.

    Then she got to meet the Red Team … but I haven’t gotten that far. Jump ahead in the story … Deb is probably the weakest, physically, of the whole Minuteman Program. She’s a freakin’ mentalist, they don’t have to have all those physical abilities. But, she figures a little martial arts training would not hurt … at least she didn’t expect it to hurt as much as it did. After Chris slammed her a couple hundred times she got a little hard truth from the Warrior of God … she needed a more gentle fighting style … like savate.

    Wren’s savate.

    One-sided argument proceeded. One-sided because Wren was perfectly willing to teach Deb. Thing is, Wren can be a bit snarky, okay, she’s a shitload snarky. She is also a bit condescending, and her normal speech pattern is very different from what those raised the the South are expecting to hear. Honestly, Wren can sound like a grammar Nazi and it comes off as arrogant as hell which did not sit well with Deb. Their argument style could not have been further apart. Deb was all emotion and cussing, Wren was all logic and calm consideration of her words.

    So, Deb left, even though Wren was willing to teach her. Chris pretty much heard the whole thing and decided to show what Wren was really like … besides filthy rich. Deb found out Wren, together with Nat, funded a number of charities, like the house for the eight ex-cattle of a vampire Chris and the team had destroyed. Wren bought the house, stopped ICE from deporting the three young women of the group, helps those three adopt the five youngest, all less than five, then rebuild the house and let’s them stay there for free. Then there’s the runaway shelter the two set up in their own neighborhood. And the Community to help homeless vets that was under construction … all paid for with Wren’s money. She didn’t even get recognition for any of it. She spent every dime her portfolio earned on charity and lived in a beach cottage with the man she loved, living off the government stipend she received as part of the Minuteman.


    Deb stepped into the school’s studio the next afternoon and found Wren waiting for her.

    “Are you ready to begin?” The other girl said.

    Where Wren was dressed in leotards and slippers, all Deb had available was sweat pants and a sports bra with sneakers.
    “If you are willing to teach me,” she replied.

    “Then I suggest you get rid of the sneakers. They have too much traction and I do so hate the squeaking sounds they make. Barefoot will be better but we shall go shopping for more appropriate footwear this weekend. Also, I think leotards, and of course a cane.”

    At the last she picked up a stick from the floor.

    “For now, I shall be the sole controller of this cane and should you fail to accomplish a particular move, I shall use it liberally on some tender portion of your body.”

    Deb’s eyes went wide.


    Wren half smiled and tossed the cane on top of her bag. Damn, the girl did know how to joke, even if it was scary as shit.

    “Let us begin with the basics …”

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