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    Cosmetics and Thoughts

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters, Gamers, General Thoughts

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    My website will be 20 years old at the end of next year. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me. It began as a free website in the old Geocities that only included a dozen pages or so. As my gaming moved from face to face stuff at the White Heron and then my home, play online began to evolve. When all the face to face ended I was left with the online and no idea what to do with it. So … Yahoo chat gaming … which just pissed me off because it had nothing to do with any type of game system and relied only on the writing abilities of your opponents … and their typing speed. To change that I created a Yahoo Group and began to mold my guests into Champions.

    There I met … let’s see … Lauren, first and foremost, Brandie, Sean, Heather Marie, Sharifa, Jessica, Tiffy … they were my first round. Of course there was also JJ who followed me everywhere I led. As with everything, over time, life began to happen to each of us but I kept the Group open and now and then I hear from Brandie or Sharifa … but it wasn’t really a good venue for using a game system. I found WebRPG, a virtual tabletop.

    Lauren followed me, as did JJ, but the rest drifted away and I pick up new players … Raven, Wayne, Allen, Drakeon, NtvBlood with a few others in and out and it all led to the Wild Hunt website exploding. It is now something like 300 characters, Champions, Fantasy Hero, Danger International, Star Hero even Urban Fantasy. Characters all over the place.

    Now, over 18 years on I find myself reviewing a lot of what has gone before. It really started with a small makeover. I decided to get rid of the stark white of every character sheet opting for a parchment look. Take a look.   New Character sheet for Ghost Archer

    Anyway, so I am going through page after page, making the changes, I’ve gotten through the Wild Hunt, the Seattle Hunt, the Legacy, the Minutemen, the Lothlorien Academy, and part way through Storm Watch, Strike Force, the Network and the Protectors.  That’s actually a lot of character sheets, 132 so far,  and I was getting bored doing the same thing over and over.  I can grind with the best of them but … I started reading backgrounds.  Seems I missed a few I had written like Dawn, Eric, Isabeau, Marina and Matt, all from Lothlorien.   I realize also, how many character have no background and really how little I knew about them OR their players.

    Few provided me with background that are really quite good,  I’m thinking Lauren’s Lady Rogue and Everith, SA’s Trade, Alexandra’s Xiphidae, Smokie’s Avangion,  M’s Starspangled Kid, Brandi’s Psyche and Torii’s Red Eagle.  As you can see it was rare for me to get anything other then a list of powers desired with no explanation.  Originally I figured I would just write them up myself … Well, I have my own characters to worry about, damnit.  I managed for a few, Spurt was fun, Samantha Vicks is another and pretty good if I say so myself.  I did Matt Doppler for Wayne, Isabeau for M, Ian Manes for Alphascuba, Michaela Sharpe for Willow … in other words, quite a few.  It leaves so many blank though.

    Now as the Wild Hunt heads for drinking age, I find myself running out of writing steam though I still have occasional bursts like the few Pride members I written up.  I also find my backgrounds are becoming less … uplifting.  Heck, out of my eleven Legacy characters we have only ONE character with both parents living, Slater, and five with no parents at all, the remaining five come from broken families.  Life’s pretty hard on newly emerging metahumans I guess.  Some things will never change though … Archer will always be Archer and Nathaniel will always be a Boy Scout.

    Another thing I started thinking about, my past players, in particular the ones who taught me something.  Mark showed me that no matter what happened in the game, have fun and don’t take it home.  I could get him yelling at me and cursing me up one side and down the other toying with his character, Sarge but before he left he came to me and thanked me for the most fun he’d ever had.  He was also the guy I got onto his first roller coaster and had him cussing at me the whole ride … only to say ‘let’s do another one’ right after.

    Enough for now. Laters.

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