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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters

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    One of the things one might notice when wandering through my various character pages is one in particular on the Wild Hunt page itself, a 5479 point character called Tsarsaidor.   Okay, when I wrote him up I took the time to put a 400 point cosmic power pool into perspective.  What I discovered was that, with the use of Mega-scale, this character can do a 1d6 RKA on the known universe.  Doesn’t seem like much, I know, not 1d6 . . . but it would kill every micro-organism on every planet orbiting around every star everywhere.  It would kill plants, animals, damage every square meter of everything.  It might not destroy the universe out of hand, but with microorganisms everywhere dead, it would kill all life within a short time.

    You might ask “What the HELL were you thinking?”

    It’s all that damn AD&D’s fault!

    I was reading a Best of the Dragon magazine and found the crystal dragons, including the Ruby Dragon, Tsarsaidor.  In AD&D the crystal dragons are the Neutral between the Good metal and Evil chromatic dragons.  It appealed to me for some reason.  Tsar, as he became known, was designed as an all-powerful deus ex machina for me as GM.  He was never intended as a combat character but I just had to define him as a character.  I never expected him to become such a major part of my campaign nor that he would become Ghost Archer’s bête noire.

    For the first few years, Tsar’s primary play toy was Sarge and that had a great deal to do with the path Mark took his character down as well as what I’ve done with him since Mark’s departure.  For some reason Sarge came to the conclusion Tsar existed solely to challenge his masculinity and picked up on a perceived threat only take it to the extremes.  At first he began a regimen of exorcises design with only one purpose, to be stronger physically than the dragon.  When that proved useless, Sarge began a quest for a Dragon Lance, a mythical weapon design for killing dragons.  It was an amusing hunt, at least Tsar thought so.

    With Mark’s departure I was left with this mega-powerful NPC having no target for his amusement . . . thoughts turned to Archer.  Initially Tsar was used to bounce Archer around from Place to Place and Time to Time, serving as exactly what he is, a deus ex machina, but gradually he began to grow in me.  The personality was fairly simple, arrogant ass, but the interpersonal relations with not only my own characters but that of others became complex.   Then is dawned on me Tsar was no longer an NPC.

    I guess every GM has those moments when an NPC evolves into a PC and Tsar was by no means the last time it happened for me.  Because he IS so powerful though, I had to be very careful and early on determined never to use him in something like combat.  Well, there was this time on a beach with Sarge, but he asked for it!  Instead I used him as the grand manipulator only to have it come back and bite him on the butt with Rogue.

    Rogue was one of the first people I met online and she and Archer flirted around quite a bit until Thistle Grey entered his life.  Tsar, being the bastard he was, used Rogue to try to drive a wedge between Thistle and Archer just for the sake of doing it.  He discovered even the Master of Balance wasn’t immune to ‘human’ feelings.   When Archer lost Thistle to her goddess and had recovered somewhat from her lost by spending a few years time traveling, Tsar realized  Rogue, for whom only a few weeks had passed, would most likely be the Archer’s next romantic interest.

    Wow, angst for a god-like being but he got the girl.

    I wonder how often paradigm shifts in the way a GM sees a character happen like that?


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