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    Share This: Amazing how I can get sidetracked. I started with Cody’s D&D to Fantasy Hero conversion. Made up a web page for it, got it added into my index, the next thing I know I’m off on Scorpio. See, Scorpio doesn’t have a background yet and I wanted to give her one. That starts […]

    Share This: When I was younger, before I even heard of RPGs, I was interested in Astrology. Not because I believed in it or anything but just because it was interesting how many times people would actually match the characteristics of their Zodiac sign. Enter Champions and what was to become my first personally created […]


    The Very Reason

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Campaign Stuff, Gamers, Philosophy

    Share This: I was talking about AD&D in my last post and tonight Cody came to me with a question … concerning a D&D 5 character of his. He wanted to know what kind of defense using a person’s body as a meat shield would afford him. Its D&D, son, how the hell do I […]


    Share This: If you think about it, they are pretty much the same thing.  What you write can be used in gaming and vise versa.   This, then, is going to be a character post.  What goes into making a character for me.  In fact, I think I’ll actually build one while I am writing this.  […]

    Share This: One of the problems I have writing is getting caught up in a character … which leads to more characters … which leads to … well, interaction. After a couple of dozen characer ideas hit the fan, say Legacy and the Minuteman teams, interactions can get confusing. Did Kena like Slater? Who does […]