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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Campaign Stuff, Characters

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    I’m having a hard time letting this go … second time in my life I’ve found myself in this situation … the first resulted in the Legacy. Anyway, what’s going on?

    Well, I guess it started with a request. Seems Raven’s Playground had been orphaned and as I have more space than I need over in the Wild Hunt, I offered a chunk to get it back up and running. One thing led to another and at some point the Minutemen entered the picture. I already had two full teams up and running, the Red Team and the White Team, aka the Legacy. Parts of the Blue Team had been puttering around in my head for a while to the point I’d start working on characters, Ave being the first with only vague ideas for more.

    Well, along come the idea of dropping a character for Raven in and after some time, it became three. Cool. Playing off those three, more sprang into existence as the trio presented problems. Fast forward a bit and the Blue Team went from one, Ave, to four to a full ten. Lots of good character development for me, very nice. Honestly, after a while I began to flag, I mean, two of the the three were pretty high maintenance, and as my interest waned, Raven started on the idea of her own game. Works for me.

    She set up d20, advertised for players and then turned to me to help with her villains … which morphed into build her players’ characters as well. Not unexpected. I even called myself the Code Monkey because that was all I was doing. Over 70 new characters, players, npcs, and villains later I was getting burned out. I’d been doing nothing but helping and to tell the truth, I was tired of not getting anything in return except the occasional ‘thanks’. I wanted to join in and play.

    One problem, experience. I have decades, the new players, none. I knew what I wanted to play and I knew unless I was careful there’d be problems but I had to give it a go anyway. Amelia is a speedster and probably the more dangerous type of PC for a GM to handle. I knew this and so I tailored her so she wouldn’t be too much of a problem. As all the PCs had been pretty much handed a ton of XP, I asked for a bit extra to start, 52 points as I recall. That would make her 402 points. I was given this. Two other things that I asked for are two things that I am required to okay when I am the Gamemaster, DEX over 35 and SPD over 7. I was granted both, initially.

    Now, introducing her … the only way any of the PCs had been intro to this point was ‘hi, we’re from the government and we want to give you a job, go talk to this person and take the base tour’. Boring. So, I asked the GM and got permission to get her to join in an unconventional manner.

    Here’s where the players met Amelia and shit hit the fan. Instant hostility from the players. Turned out they weren’t prepared to actually role play and apparently didn’t like the idea of an entry that differed in any way to the way it always had been done. Immediately two attacked her. I would have preferred to play it out but, no, hand wave time. But I know there was no way anyone would actually hit her and she kept it light, no retaliation. Some short time after this, the 52 points, DEX over 35 and SPD over 7 were rescinded. Not sure if it was an independent GM decision or if it was player driven.

    Amelia at 350. I came to role play and again, immediately, that was criticized. I type fast, Amelia is fast, she talks fast. I was typing too fast so right off I had to slow down for the people in the back row. Role playing people, that’s what I was doing. Next, I threatened practical jokes, threatened, never carried out. It is part of her personality. Not only did the players shit a brick but the GM piled it on. I was not ALLOWED to play that part of my character. I knuckled under and still got shit about it for a couple more days.

    Next, Amelia was too young. She is actually the same age as at least one other PC … Then she asks too many questions. Amelia doesn’t have meta-knowledge and I never play meta-knowledge so how else would she find out things? She questioned everything. Next, she has a strong belief in the Law, yet first thing she is ordered to do is to enter every building on the waterfront that isn’t locked and search them. When asked about a Search Warrant she’s told she doesn’t need one because they are undercover. So, that’s THREE of parts of her personality that I am told I can’t play. Don’t talk fast, don’t do practical jokes, don’t worry about breaking the Law.

    Next problem. Here’s where experience really come in to play. I knew that if I played Amelia like I would play Amelia in a game I was running that she’d very quickly take over the game. I did NOT want that. I did not want to be telling the team what to do and how to do it. Why? Because it would ruin THEIR game. So, Amelia’s a kid that doesn’t know very much and questions everything. BUT, I am playing her too immature. Oh, and she talks back to the higher ups. The fact she does it in private didn’t seem to matter.

    Try as I might to keep her a kid just learning, next thing I know I am ‘taking over the game’. WTF? If by taking over the game you mean actually role playing my character … because that was all I was doing … I never gave orders, I made a few suggestions, I made the PCs explain things … maybe I was taking over the game by taking up too much time? Stealing the spotlight from someone? I got no idea. I toned it down.

    Then Christmas. I AM ROLE PLAYING HERE! Amelia doesn’t do Christmas, at all. Everyone is trying to force it down her throat. She doesn’t have to explain shit but she’s finally pushed into a corner and admits, ADMITS, she is Jewish. That doesn’t matter, I need to be part of the team and celebrate Christmas. Again, I am role playing my character here, but I am not supposed to. I had just decided to, again, knuckle under but that was the last straw.

    Let’s talk about power. I kept telling the PCs they had no idea what a speedster can do. And when I tried to show them, no one wanted to see it. I knew what she could do, like steal the gun out of the hands of every GTM (gun-toting maniac) within a given area. I even promised to never use that power unless a schoolyard full of 5 year-olds was in danger or the field commander told her to, period. I didn’t want her to dominate the battlefield. I wanted everybody else a chance to use there own powers, to be part of the battle.

    Then the fire, in a bar, two miles from the base. Amelia took off without permission/orders. Why? Because that was her main job in the team, saving normals. Took her 45 seconds to cover the two miles and before anyone else from the team could get there, Amelia had extracted all of the bar’s patrons, and was doing first aid. I knew there were two more people inside but Amelia didn’t plus it gave the only two PCs that showed up a chance to get in on the rescue. After those two transported the two they rescued to medical facilities, Amelia wanted to know why they’d do it themselves when she could have done it in a quarter the time. Players did not want to hear that.

    Oh, somewhere in there I had cut a number of Amelia’s powers and skills down again so I wouldn’t outshine the other PCs.

    Like I said, the last straw. I pulled Amelia and sent her to Legacy. Did I want to? Not really. I wanted a chance to actually play with a group. But, as I was told, the group likes Phil but can’t stand Amelia. My response? I am good enough to make you characters but not good enough to play with.

    Now I have this character I have grown to love, like Nat Ryan and Wren Collins, that I’ll never be able to actually play. I still want to play, honestly, but I am not going to be told how to do it.

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