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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters

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    My last post spoke of how one thing lead to another and Everith came into my cross hairs. I’ve been working on her over in HERO Designer, re-reading her background according to Lauren, then the story Lauren wrote about her, and finally a little research on angels via Wikipedia.

    I realized I saw three Everiths. Everith the Angel, Everith as Lauren presents her, and Everith the Fallen. Since I am the *G.O.D. for this site, I am going to post all three. Everith the Angel will be Eve in her full glory as an angel, with a massive power upgrade. Everith Angeles will be Lauren’s version and only slightly modified. Everith the Fallen will be Eve as her lowest, mortal form. The way I see it Everith Angeles is an interim form, before God has decided her Fate. Or is it Fate deciding her Fate? Everith the Fallen will be Eve after Uriel comes. He is the signal that she is to be stripped of her angelic powers. God’s Will, or Fate’s?

    All this has given me story ideas so I’ll have to write them up. There will be the Eve the Angel story … AND, Lauren, if you happen to read this, I will determine the reason for her Fall since you’ve never told me. The second part will be Eve coming to the Wild Hunt, meeting Kyle. The third part, losing all her powers, at least the one’s granted by God, including immortality. He is not so vengeful as to take from her that which will help keep her alive.

    That would bring Fate into things. Fate promised bad things for an immortal Eve’s love life. Now, being mortal, will Eve see things differently when it comes to Kyle? We’ll see.

    *G.O.D.: Game Organizational Director i.e. author.



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