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    The Legacy Updates

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Campaign Stuff, Characters

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    Well, a number of things have been on my agenda the last couple of weeks related to the site. Upon closer inspection I discovered a few errors in the Legacy team that started out pretty small and just grew. It was mostly minor things, like inconsistencies in Disadvantages but as I worked my way through them other things and ideas began to form.

    Naturally I began with Nat and Wren as they are the Main Characters of my overall story. To help me suss out differences I started actually printing the pages, First Year and Fourth Year to compare them. Yeah, I know, computer age, computer geek, I should be able to see it without any trouble, especially as I have dual screens. I am a Luddite. I like paper. I like using a blue pencil to mark errors and make changes.

    I started with Nat and instantly found something I needed to change. I really didn’t like the idea of Growth on a guy even if he is 7’3”. It was just too much, so I dropped it. Easy enough. A couple of other idea hit me. First, I decided Metahumans, on top of all the wonderful powers they are blessed with, are also longer lived than normals. Add LS: Longevity. (Note to self: you better check because I think I forgot to do that across the board with Legacy.)

    The second notion came while playing around with Fujiko. Since I have already established Wren speaks some Japanese, I decided, okay, Nat decided, the Team would use Japanese as their in-combat language. Most of the team, it wasn’t a problem and Fuji was all too glad to teach everyone, well, except Josh. She tells me it is like teach a whale to fly, but she is making progress.
    I finished melding the commonalities between Nat and Goliath and dropping the growth then went on to Goliath. So, Goliath is Nat’s code name, for those of you that don’t know, and he represents Nat in about four years. His last two years in high school, then two or so years of college.

    Nat’s a clever guy, and comes up with a few new ideas every time one of his teammates shows him some power or other. Looking HIM over, I realized I didn’t really see why I gave him the ability to squeeze a lump of coal into a diamond and dropped it. I altered his Ain’t Afraid of Nothin’ skill from just usable against fear to usable against anything for the Mental Defense. He would be training hard with his newest teammate, Deb, to thwart her telepathy but more on Deb later. I finally got to the point I was satisfied with Nat and moved on to Wren.

    Wren is probably one of my favorite characters of all time and over the years I have come to understanding her more every time I look her over. In this go-around I did the normal coordination of Disads between Wren and her alter ego Giselle, then looked over her powers. One of the things I have always had Wren and Nat say was that Wren could make someone weightless and Nat could throw them into orbit. But really? Where was the power write-up? So I wrote it up. She gained a new power, the power to literally make a body weightless.

    In game terms the first thing that popped into my head was a transformation weighted to weightless. This had to be a Major Transformation. With Transformations, they are permanent and must have a way to ‘heal’. Usually this is actually healing back the BODY through normal recovery. I didn’t want that. Wren’s power makes someone weightless until she turns it off … which under normal circumstances would be within a few minutes. However, there is a possibility she might not want to … and that the body in question may actually pass out of her range of vision. I built it as a ‘Line of Sight’ power.

    Let’s say Slug comes along and tries again to rape Wren. She makes him weightless and therefore helpless. Nat takes him up and throws him … into space, which is now possible and since gravity has no effect on Slug, he will just leave the planet. Well, if Slug passes out of Wren LOS, he’s SOL. So far, Wren hasn’t seen a reason to do something like this.

    I added Everything Floats, originally a Side Effect of another power, which everything not tied down does when she is upset. I wanted to actually pay for this rather than ‘cheating’ and using a Disadvantage to another power. It’s not a dangerous power but I think of it adds ‘color’.

    With her control of gravity, I also wanted some way that she could save people that are falling from say, a building. This one took a while to come up with. I finally decided Floating Like a Feather. Gliding, only 3” used as an attack on others. What happens is once Wren hits a falling body with this, it will gradually slow the fall to a maximum of 3” per segment, a nice safe speed to hit the ground. As it is Zero END, Uncontrolled, and Persistent, even if the target is unconscious, it will still work. Being Uncontrolled means she can hit more than one target with it and expect them all to land safely. Clever, I thought … And I was done with Nat and Wren.

    Next I took a look at Alicia/Midnight. The usual, reconciling disad and skills, brought about some more information on her merging with her grandmother. Some of Laura Cross’, a.k.a. Madam Midnight, skills and actual ‘likes’ began to bleed over into Alicia. Like her love of flying (Combat Piloting), fast cars (Combat Driving), horseback riding (Riding) and the ability to drive a tank or a deuce-and-a-half all came from her grandmother’s memories. In Alicia, these were all at a familiarity level but in Midnight four years later, they’ve turned into full blown talents. Watching the ‘goth bag lady’ climb into the cockpit of a Pitt Special Aerobatic airplane and seeing her perform some pretty death-defying stunts shows how much of her grandmother is in her.

    On to Chris/Venatrix … With her, little changed, after all she IS a normal human, not a meta … Until the Pope got involved. The biggest change came on her 18th birthday, a Benediction of God, capital B and capital G. Effectively Chris became a Paladin. Now she can really fight the vampires and demons with every expectation of winning. She can also heal people just by Laying on of Hands. A miracle. Bet she ends up Canonized at some point in the future. Other than that, not much of a change.

    Fuji/Mountain Wind was easy, reconciliation of disads and skills mostly. I don’t think I did much to her power other than bump them up 15 points. She also took up combat training with Chris and the boob fairy hit, spoiling her Loli Goth look.

    Josh decided he didn’t like the code name Tempest and opted for Ohm’s Law … he wanted to be able to say ‘I AM the LAW’. I gave him a power increase and upgraded his skills. For some reason, he decided to train in hand to hand with Mark Law instead of Chris. I guess he likes Mark’s Style … or it is hard to concentrate with Chris in shorts and a tight tee …

    Now Kena/Hellcat was the usual, disads, skills a little bump in power … but she also told me she loves working on cars. So, she’s now the resident ‘gearhead’. She’s not so much interested in driving them as taking them apart and finding what’s wrong. Unlike the rest of her team, she opted for a mechanical trade school over college. She is working on opening her own auto repair shop.

    Slater/Psiblade is like Kena/Hellcat, minor disad, skill and power changes … but he is also a married man now and family has come under consideration. He really wants to be a father but is willing to wait as long as Alicia needs. Until then, politics. He will be in the Senate one day and perhaps, in the future, the White House.

    Zach/Laze ended up being the usual but with an addition to his background, or should I say rewrite. He is still determined to return to his own dimension and doing something about his Genocide loving father, but for now, as long as his mother and little sister are safe … one thing he doesn’t know yet is that his little sister, Paige? She’s a mutant/meta like her big brother.

    Venomancer aka alien bunny girl from another world got the most, okay, second most, work. A little with her pets, no biggie, but I did add her cat, Meatball, still no biggie. Biggie was giving her her Fox Form. All new write-up with a bunch of new powers. First I had to reconcile her Summoning powers, then come up with her Fox form based magic, then figure out how to handle her Wheel. A Wheel is a magical weapon that aids her magic but if she shifts to fox form, where does it go? After some talk with the gang over on the Hero System Fan Group I figured something out and I’m satisfied with it. I think she’s a lot better character now.

    That’s it for now … next time, Seer.


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