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    I am amused

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Gamers, General Thoughts

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    I picked up the boy at school this morning, his third semester of colleges, go Cody. He’s all excited about this ‘new’ game his friends in the Anime club are talking about, Starfinder aka Pathfinder with lasers. That’s cool. It was fun listening to him talking about all the great stuff in the game, the classes, the races, even, gasp, starships! I listen for a few minutes with a little smile then patted him on the leg.

    “You’re gonna tell me it’s not HERO,” he says.

    “No,” I said, “I’m gonna tell you HERO has been doing that since 1982.”

    He talks about how he can be this class, with this specialty, and this race, any that whatever. He still doesn’t quite get HERO does all that already. I may have to tie him down and force him to build a character just to see what HERO can do. He wouldn’t sit still for it, I know but one could hope.

    I looked the this up on Paizo and found it with no problem, $59.99 for the hardback, $9.99 for the PDF. And that’s just the first book … the rest are Coming Soon TM. Kiddo, I already have a game with all that stuff. ALL of that stuff and more then you can imagine. It’s cute that he thinks his generation has invented a whole new concept, D&D in Space. Wasn’t that like Star Frontier or something? I told him I have not only Star Hero but Spacemaster, Space Opera and Star Wars. Kids …

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