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    Mutants vs. Inhumans

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Comics

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    I can’t say that I started reading comics about the time Marvel started publishing the Fantastic Four, Spider Man, Ironman and the X-Men, but I guess I was about 10, so that puts it in 1964, so pretty close. In fact, the Fantastic Four is probably the first superhero genre comic I read. Over on the DC side, well, I really only read some Batman and the Legion of Superheroes but DC never had much impact on me. Let’s jump ahead a few years, say 1970 or so. That’s about the time I really started buying comics on a regular basis, usually Spider Man, the FF and the Avengers. By the time I joined the Navy, I had a nice little stack … that ended up in the basement … a leaky basement. All gone, bye bye. A traditional story of lost comics and ‘if Id’ only known’. But … while in the Navy there was all this income I’d never had as a kid. I spread out, adding the X-Men, the Defenders, and yes, even a few Inhumans. That’s what I am talking about today.

    Unlike the mutants of the X-Men, the Inhumans never captured my attention. I never grew to know and like any of them, not one … well, maybe Lockjaw but he’s a dog and everybody loves dogs. The X-Men, however, grew to be the main focus of all my comic collecting. Then Marvel started this cross over shit and I ended up with comics I would never have purchased under normal circumstances. With the X-Men, the over riding theme of mutant persecution was the glue that held the stories together. Mutants were the focus of everything I read. I watched as the teams grew, divided, regrew, joined, multiplied … ad nausium. And through the whole thing, the overriding point of the story was that mutants were feared and envied but many, like the X-Men, rose above that fear and envy to help everyone, regardless of their genetics. To me, that was what a hero does.

    It is easy for Superman to be a hero. He’s Superman for god’s sake, nearly perfect. What does he have to worry about? Back then, everyone loved Superman, he was understood, admired, by the general public. He had a great PR team. Over in Marvel, the mutants were always on the verge of all out war with the normals, sometimes with the help of the government. For YEARS Marvel worked this story line … how are the mutants threatened this month? Who’s after them? Can they work together? Can they find a safe place just to quietly live out their lives?

    There were little enclaves here and there and what this did was to scatter the mutants all over the place, well, except Westchester NY. They sorta piled up there … and we saw what happened. How many times was Xavier’s school squashed flat? Kinda tells anybody with any tactical or strategic sense that dispersed is better. Well, Marvel got stupid and decided ‘Genosha’, an island off the cost of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Let’s put all the mutants in on place. And we see what happened there. But, not to be outdone, here comes Utopia, a nice small former asteroid just the right size to conveniently pack all the world’s mutants for easy destruction. On Genosha, Marvel killed like 16 million mutants. But that’s not good enough, move ’em all to a smaller place. Well, I guess that wasn’t the fastest way to eliminate mutants so let’s have the Scarlet Witch do ’em all at once. Poof, the mutant threat is gone, mostly.

    Wait a sec …

    For decades the mutants have fought and died just to try to fit into society and now you just wipe them out? Why? Oh, yeah, Marvel doesn’t own FILM rights to the mutants anymore. And they say that’s not the reason for killing off the mutants in the comics … and replacing them with Inhumans. Yeah, right, and Trump didn’t try to get Comey to drop this thing with Russia … Come on, if it walks like a duck … So, Marvel has pissed me off and I’ve responded, I don’t buy their comics anymore. Hell, I haven’t even updated my versions of the X-Men since like the late 90’s. I’ll never accept the Inhumans. I gave up on Agents of Shield because of the Inhumans. I’ll probably watch the pilot of the upcoming series and then never bother with the rest.

    Well, now I am all pissed off again so time to drop this.

    But one last thing. All they are doing is scratching off the ‘mutant’ label and slapping on an ‘inhuman’ one and trying to convince me its all ‘fake news’. Sorry, I don’t buy that any more from Marvel then from that spoiled brat in the White House.


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