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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters

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    Okay, still working on Pisces and I just said ‘fuck it’ to the points. I want to put so much into her it is just getting insane. So, I’m not going to worry about the points, let her be 1200, Ghost Archer is, and she’s a lot older then he is. Decided to stick many of her Nereid type powers into an Elemental Control which makes a lot more sense to my mind. I’ll leave her magic in the Multipower … but other then that, added a Summons for sea creatures and a really good Active Sonar. So, she’s up to 1176 now. Maybe I’ll quit, guess I gotta do it sometime.

    While I was on Zodiac I rebuilt Cancer I and added it to the Contents frame. Probably going to do it to Gemini I as well but I think I’ll need to do a total re-write to make him as threatening as he was supposed to be … let’s face it, he’s/they’re a wimp. Never really liked them in the first place and I’m surprised I didn’t kill him off sooner … okay, send them back to the Abyss.

    I really need to get to work on Pisces‘ background … like how and when she met Capricorn and Taurus. That should prove interesting. I wonder if I can find a disaster in the Aegean sometime around 500 BCE …


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