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    Amazing how I can get sidetracked. I started with Cody’s D&D to Fantasy Hero conversion. Made up a web page for it, got it added into my index, the next thing I know I’m off on Scorpio. See, Scorpio doesn’t have a background yet and I wanted to give her one. That starts me running through a timeline. She’s Irish, okay, easy part … but I got nuthin’ much beyond that. I looked her over and noticed a LOT of changes in my copy as opposed to my website so I fixed that.

    So far my Zodiac, those I have written a history for, have all had something in their lives that brought them to a life of crime or whatever you want to call what Zodiac does. Sagittarius was a rape victim and her first lover was murdered by a politician. Leo is just a sociopath, born that way, who mostly hides it with the occasional fit of peak that results in burning things. Libra is a survivor of the Siege of Leningrad during World War II, used and abused by the Soviet government until she got tired of it. Cancer is a government research engineer whose work was co-opted by his boss with no credit to him. Taurus, well, he is THE freakin’ Minotaur, son of Zeus, treated all of his long life like a monster. Aquarius is an opportunist who happened upon a good thing and is quite willing to use his powers to enrich himself. Capricorn … he has the longest history of all, something like 14000 years. He’s a Creature of Legend stranded in a modern human world … and best of friends with that Minotaur guy. Secretly he’d like to see the human world replaced by others of his ilk.

    Then there’s Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Virgo and Gemini. Okay, so the new Gemini is pretty much in it for ‘family’ reasons as they have no memory of their own and have been adopted by Pisces. They really don’t have much of a background of Right and Wrong at this point and hanging out with all of these guys is going to color their perceptions. Effectively that leaves me four to work on. Started on Scorpio like I said but I could go with the easy route, her being Irish and all, with a hatred of the Brits and an IRA terrorist type background but I thought it was too simple. Ever read the Iron Druid series? Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyway, that series got me interested in Irish folklore which put me on the track of mythology in general.

    Sidetrack … Pisces, a water sign obviously, I had nothing on her. There’s the whole Greek mythology thing and lots of watery tarts as Monty Python might say. I decided to make her a Nereid, one of fifty. That brought about a re-evaluation of her build. Had to get rid of somethings, added somethings … suddenly she goes from like 570 points to … 868. And here’s where my philosophy of character building comes in. Make a complete character and fuck the points. There was so much that a 3000 year old Greek ‘goddess’ would have just inherent from birth. All the ‘siren’ type powers, so I built those in, some of the more obvious inherent ones naked, the attack type stuffed into a Multi-power. Originally she was a magician and I wanted to keep that. Originally she had a VPP but to do what I wanted to be able to do with that would have put her well over 1000 points. I got some limits … sorta …

    Thing is, while I am building her new powers, I come across a couple that I’d classify as inherent in the fact she’s a siren … like Seduction a.k.a. Mind Control … had to give her a Siren’s Kiss, an NND Does Body that dehydrates the target. All perfectly in keeping. Then I gave her a power that fills the lungs of a target with water, drowning them. Another NND Does Body but this one is Continuous and Uncontrolled … and at first I made it 0 END. I quickly realized that would kill someone rather quickly, which is appropriate for what she is, a siren … they live to kill sailors, right? I decided to make it half END instead plus Pisces hasn’t used it to kill someone in like 2000 years. She’s learned restraint apparently.

    The rest of her Nereid powers are what you’d expect, lots of water control type stuff but I also wanted her to be able to manipulate water in any form. Hence, Ice Shards RKA Explosion and Jet of Steam, RKA AP. She’s getting really expensive about now. Oh, forgot her Swimming, 30″, x4 NC, 0 END, Combat and Non-combat Accel/Decel = 96 points by itself with NO disads. Since I planned to require that she have water near at hand, like standing in it, I gave her Call Water, a Change Environment that ruptures the pipes in her vicinity and floods the area around her. Might be gamey but I liked the idea. Even without pipes in the area, she can still call up ground water though.

    All that is, like I said, inherent to her being a Nereid. But she is also a magician. Still working on her spells but mostly she uses ‘defensive’ magic, like Dispels, Force walls and Missile Deflection. I had to give her a way to shove the demonic Gemini back into the Abyss so she’s got a Banish Demon spell she began working on the day she met those two demon assholes. I am not sure what else I’ll give her.

    Now, you might say that 868 points is WAY overpowered. You haven’t been reading my builds have you? 220 points in SKILLS … she IS 3000 years old after all. 258 points in characteristics. Not terrible, trust me … No, I am never using that Trumpist line again. Let’s just say 258 points is not that big of a deal. Then there’s 380 points in powers. Gotta understand, everything is 77 active points or less. Some are more background fill, like Nereid Affinity which allows her to communicate with marine mammals … a real combat threat, unless she asks a whale to swallow you, 22 points. So now I am nearly finished with her build and am looking at a real background …


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