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    When I was younger, before I even heard of RPGs, I was interested in Astrology. Not because I believed in it or anything but just because it was interesting how many times people would actually match the characteristics of their Zodiac sign. Enter Champions and what was to become my first personally created villain group. In light of my prior interest in astrology, I decided to build myself a team based on the Zodiac. Some of my creations you can still find on my site pages for the Zodiac.

    Anyway, I built the team and put them to work terrifying my players. I didn’t build them over-powered or anything, just built them AS a team. Went along pretty well. My favorite incident involved my Sagittarius and Dan’s character Crusader. Of course, Sag was a centaur and with a name like Crusader one just might expect there to be a horse involved. Thing is, Dan’s horse? He was smarter than its rider. We had a lot of fun with that and I still like to remind him of that fact now and then.

    Well, in a battle, the two squared off. Bow against long sword, mounted archer vs. mounted knight. I’m an archer ya know and I could see it coming. I have a target, well-armored, with a huge shield, charging up and down the street trying to remove my head from my shoulders what am I gonna do? That’s right, shoot the horse. Crusader still fights on foot to this day … but he did get his revenge.

    There came into the hobby shop one day an new book, The Zodiac Conspiracy. I was pissed. I had been running MY Zodiac for about a year and here this upstart Doug Shuler publishes his damn group. I bought it. I read it. I found I liked half of it. Exactly half. So, I decided to integrate the groups, half of mine, half of Doug’s.

    So, in order in the book …:

    Doug’s Taurus was too good to not use.
    Doug’s Gemini, better then mine.
    Doug’s Cancer stayed.
    My Leo.
    My Virgo.
    My Libra.
    My Scorpio
    Doug’s Sagittarius
    Doug’s Capricorn
    My Aquarius
    My Pisces
    Doug’s Aries

    The first thing I had to do was get rid of the six of my characters I wouldn’t be using anymore. Remember that horse? Well, so did Crusader. He got his revenge and took out the original centaur Sagittarius. Seems a little non-Paladin to celebrate over the corpse of a fallen foe, there Crusader. So, my six discards … left, yeah, that’s it, they volunteered to go to like China or something … actually there was this big disaster involving cave-ins and stuff and only six made it out. I don’t know what happened to Doug’s other six … I never asked.

    Now, I got my six and Doug’s six. My six are designed by their birth sign. Seems Doug didn’t study much astrology … so I rebuilt his. Now, though, the ratio is no longer six to six but eight to four. Seems Pisces got really rather pissed off at Gemini’s murder of Cancer and attempted murder of Pisces herself. She … mmm … well, she opened a pin hole into the Abyss and pushed those two assholes back where they came from. So, Cancer became mine as did Gemini. One might ask if Doug’s remaining four are safe … well, yeah, I think so. His Taurus and Capricorn have become major players in my world and after a few upgrades to Aries, I found he’s just too much fun. The other one I kept, Sagittarius. But they’ve all had their backstories rewritten, sorry, Doug.


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