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    Okay, I lost it …

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Gamers

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    Okay, I’m on Facebook, and I’m following a dozen or so different groups. Last night I joined the Critical Role Fan Club group. If you don’t know Critical Roll, look it up, its great. So reading the comments, I come across this:

    Context: the Party is traversing in a mountain pass in a blizzard ala Lord of the Rings scene. DM has everyone roll dice to see if they don’t fall down the cliff, and dwarf warrior in heavy plate armor fails the check.

    DM: Heavy gust of wind pushed you off the path. You slip and fall off the cliff. What do you do?

    Dwarf: I flap my arms really really hard.

    DM: Seriously?

    Dwarf: It’s not like I got better options.

    DM: ok, roll the dice.

    Dwarf rolls natural 20

    DM …

    Party …

    DM: Roll again.

    Dwarf rolls another 20.

    DM: …!

    Party: …?!

    DM: …sigh With astonished look on their faces, the party beholds a most miraculous sight. A dwarf in heavy plate armor is slowly rising up in the air above the cliff edge by flapping his arms really really fucking hard.

    I lost it. Can’t wait for Cody to get up so I can tell him … honestly? I almost went in and woke him up for this shit.

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