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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters

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    So, here I am changing the look of the Wild Hunt … and while I am at it, cleaning up a few characters … okay, kidding. I’m FIXING a few … okay, a bunch … of characters. I’ve been working on the twenty-five pages of Genocide today. Rebuilt the Index page, split it into two parts, had to punch in the Rooks, Knights, and the two Minuteman robots. Seems they had been left behind when I started using the new HTML export file on Hero Designer. Had to FIX that too. No, it wasn’t mine but I found a couple of errors in Microsoft Expression Web 4.

    I’ve been at this a couple of days now, first time I’ve done any character building work that amounted to anything in many moons. I’d forgotten how much fun it can be. For instance, I got to working on the Seven Horsemen and found I’d misplaced the Wrath of the Seven Horsemen book … boo me. SO, I had no references other than what I’d done some decade or so ago. Yeah, really the files where from 2007. Well, I got to reading them over to try and figure out what they were all about. That’s when the fun kicked in. I found more than a couple didn’t really work for me … like Famine. This guy is supposed to be the incarnation for starvation. So, out comes the evil me … How about an END Drain, 0 END, uncontrolled, Persistent, Continuous, AOE Radius, Selective, Damage Shield? Looked fun to me … everybody in ranges starts having hunger pains and starts losing END. Then there was Fear … Aura of Fear: Mind Control 1d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Continuous (+1), Cumulative (96 points; +1 1/2), Area Of Effect (32″ Radius; +2) (32 Active Points); Independent (-2), Only to Cause Fear (-1/2), OIF: Sword (-1/2). I figure fear slowly grows on the targets until it becomes overwhelming. Fun being evil … sadly, I’ll never get to use any of those on a real player.

    Like I said, the last couple of days its been Genocide. I actually had the most fun building the mobile base system. I figure after the Black King got his ass handed to him by just about every super, hero or villain, he’d be looking for a deep hole. But then he was never one to shirk form a fight … so, the mobile base was developed. Then there’s the expense of rebuilding the Minuteman robot army … which isn’t going to happen any time soon … and the fact that like the BEF in France, a lot of Genocide equipment was lost to the enemy, along with thousands of highly trained soldiers … hard to replace those too. That’s why the GCU, Genocide Combat Unit, came into being. Powerful armored suits that an idiot can pilot and there are a lot of idiots that will jump at the chance. Now Genocide isn’t as scary as it was before Death Valley but it can still be a bother to areas with a smaller or weaker superhero population than the Wild Hunt’s jurisdiction. I think Des Moines is in trouble.

    One thing I’d forgotten was how easily I can lose track of time when I am working like this. It is kinda nice to look up at the clock and see it is nearly midnight. Brings back old times. Oh, my son took my old Judge’s Guild City-State of the Invincible Overlord with him to his D&D game. They loved the map, especially. Like thirty years ago I used some kinda glue to paste it to one of those stiff white boards you can buy at Walmart for science project and shit. The paper was tan to start with but all those years in the closet, and the lastg four in the garage have left it a little worst for wear. Cracked, torn, stained, dirty, fragile … all the hallmarks of an old treasure map. And Cody’s friends were stunned by the fact that each and every building had a name and a listing of who lived there. Probably half a thousand houses and building … and Bruce the gay troll. But since they were more concerned about having leveled up, they didn’t get into the city quite yet.

    Found a couple of other things when going through a box of D&D stuff, like four of Deb’s, that’s Ghost Archerette, autographed photos of celebs she’s worked with. Phyllis Diller, Barry Bostwick, Dirk Benedict and Lee Horsley. Haven’t found the Barbara Eden or Richard Kiel (his hand was bigger then her head) yet. Haven’t found the pictures Ed Hughes took of her when they visited the Trump Princess yet (yeah, she’s been on Trump’s yacht …). Also found a cartoon with to guys rolling dice on a Napoleonic battlefield with a caption “Seven, you take your cavalry back to the hill I capture all of your artillery and advance to the edge of the moat.” Dated Feb. 12, 1972. It was given to me by my high school librarian, the woman that got me started on war games. Thanks Mrs. Menken, wherever you are!

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