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    If you think about it, they are pretty much the same thing.  What you write can be used in gaming and vise versa.   This, then, is going to be a character post.  What goes into making a character for me.  In fact, I think I’ll actually build one while I am writing this.  Where to start?  It all begins with an inspiration, some spark of something.  In this case?  A picture.  I hit this one looking for a new Alicia …

    Pretty hot, huh?  Well, since I am doing Legacy, which is super heroes, she’ll got in there.  Now, hero or villain?  Let’s see, I have three Minuteman teams.  Red, White and Blue.  Red, the first team has ten members, White team has eight officially and eleven actually.  Don’t tell Miller, he’ll have shit fit.  Blue team is just getting started, none of which I have published but so far there are just four.  I see a small pattern and think I’ll shoot for ten members each.  That means White will need two more ‘official’ members and Blue needs six.  Next, I gotta look at the sex ratio.  Red is 6 female, 4 male.  White is 4 and 4, ‘officially’.  Blue is 2 and 2.  I will leave Red alone, they are fine.  So for hero teams, I have two choices.

    Over on the villain side I have the Predators and the Pride.  I’ve only started publishing the Pride at this point and there are to be pretty low level, not up to the Minutemen level at all.  But … I am already seeing a possibility here.  I can see Miller deciding to throw a monkey wrench into the White Team since they are too damned independent for his liking.  What if he found a meta whom he could … subvert to his side?  Then there would be the plus of jamming a wedge between the smug Wren Collins and her surfer boy … This girl looks hot enough to do that and confident enough to figure it would work.

    What kind of powers to give her?  What is the White team lacking?  A mentalist.   Makes it extra evil having a girl that can read the minds of the team and report to Miller.  Okay, got power set, mentalist.  Now, where’s she from?  Since the rest of the team is west coast, let’s go east.  Ah, while I am thinking about this … I get the impression she’s a pretty hard ass kinda girl.  So hard ass northerner or hard ass southerner.  Could be cute having this sweet southern bell with claws and a bad attitude …  Georgia?  No, Florida, I think.  Ft. Lauderdale I think.  Sixteen, going on thirty.  Got tangled up in Spring Break this year and found out she loves to party.  How did her powers manifest?  Sixteen is a little old for a manifestation. it had to happen at say … thirteen.  I need to make a thirteen year old just getting her powers then.

    She not very strong, and she’s about average when it comes to DEX, but she makes up for it in EGO.  Good CON, light on the BODY, good INT, well just a bit above average then … what would you say?  14, 16 COM?  Though to be honest, she’d never compare to Wren so I’ll have to bump it to 18 or 20.  What about PER? I did say she was ‘hard assed’ so maybe a couple points, 3 I think. I don’t see any extra PD/ED though I will give her a couple of points for SPD since I think metas should be faster than a normal. REC, END and STUN will all be as figured … 75 points in Characteristics.

    Looking at her costume … LARPer maybe?  Thinks of herself as a thief?  Maybe she discovered her powers at a RenFaire and actually stole a few things … She would not get caught.  Bringing me to money.  She must have some disposable income to be able to buy a costume like that plus is she robbing people for the thrill or money?  Thrill, I think.  She’ll have to be adventurous to be of any help to Miller.  Acting skills too.  The mental powers will help with Conversation, Persuasion and other social skills.  Sounds like she might be a bit of a daredevil.  Convinced she’s hot too, judging be the cut of her outfit.

    What type of mental powers?  Telepathy and mind control I think.  Not Telekinesis or Mental Illusions (yet on that one).  Ego attack, yeah.  She’ll need that.  Let’s keep it basic, a plain old Strong Mind Blast … let’s go with 60 points to start.  Some Deep Telepathy. These are right out of the USPD (UNTIL Super Powers Database).  Mental Domination next.  Okay, three attacks.  Throw them into a 30 point Elemental Control Telepathic Powers (120 total active points)

    Need a defense.  Since I am not going to give her TK, so Force Field seems out.  What can I use instead?  Maybe something that makes them miss a lot, some type of mind control off-shoot?  Extra DCV?  Something like Combat Luck?  I can see that.  Let me look.  Maybe Combat Luck linked to an Area Effect Telepathy.  She subconsciously reads everyone in the area and sort just isn’t quite where they think she is.  Extra DCV or some PD/ED like Combat Luck?  I think the extra DCV is more appropo.  Let’s see how this turns out.  DCV skill levels are what?  8 points?  5 points, Combat Skill Level.  Think I’ll need at least 8 since she is going to be relying on them to survive … so, Compound Power, 8 DCV, nah, that won’t work.

    +8 combat skill levels with DCV, Uncontrolled (+1/2), Triggered by Danger Sense (Activating the trigger is an action that takes no time, Trigger automatically resets, immediately after it activates, character does not control activation of personal trigger; +3/4) (90 active points)

    Wow, expensive but hey, have you seen my characters? I kinda don’t care about costs if I can get the results I am looking for. So, +8 DCV, coupled with her natural DCV, which should be about 3 will give her a 11 DCV. Pretty hard for a normal 3 OCV to hit though not so hard for a meta like say Venetrix to hit with her 10 OCV.

    Next she will need that Danger Sense which is really a substitute for an area effect lower level telepathy that picks up on a person’s intent to attack her.

    Read the Room: Danger Sense (immediate vicinity, out of combat, Character can only perceive dangers to herself, Function as a Sense) 14- NOTE: Based on a form of Area Effect Telepathy that allows her to ‘pick up’ on hostile intent. This requires active hostility and so does not detect passive attacks such as traps. (30 active points)

    Let’s see, up to 315 points so far. Incase you haven’t noticed, generally my characters are 200 base points with a 150 point disad cap. This leaves me with 35 points for skills and minor stuff. From here it is all down hill design-wise. This leavs me with the fun part, background. I’ll cover that in another post.



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