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    One of the problems I have writing is getting caught up in a character … which leads to more characters … which leads to … well, interaction. After a couple of dozen characer ideas hit the fan, say Legacy and the Minuteman teams, interactions can get confusing. Did Kena like Slater? Who does what with which? Solution? A Character Interaction sheet. This thing came about originally when I was gamemastering which necessitated numerous villains and non-player characters. A good GM tries to keep a character ‘in character’ by remembering past interactions with the player characters (PCs).

    Most of the time that’s not too big of a problem a villain have as tendency to pretty much react the same way each and every time a superhero shows up … and a battle begins. Sometimes though, there’s some kind of back story involved. Of instance, War Eagle and Bora. Who’s War Eagle and who is Bora. War Eagle, PC, good guy. Bora, villain, and so controlled by me, very bad, very badass. Thing is, at one time, for about a week, War Eagle and Bora were married. Okay, granted she still tries to kill him regularly, like every time she sees him, but how does she see that week of wedded bliss. Gotta keep notes every time War Eagle talks her out of killing him and into the bedroom …

    That’s just two people. For Legacy I have over twenty and that is just the metahumans. Then there is family, government people, the news media, the president (NO, not THAT president, one that is entirely made up … come to think of it, am I even capable of coming up with one as insane as our current … nevermind). Anyway, lots of people. What I do is make a list … I’ll show you what I mean below:

    • Ranger:
    • Glory:
    • Eagle:
    • Spirit:
    • Bell:
    • Nemesis:
    • Bolt:
    • Mercury:
    • Patriot:
    • Blur:
    • Ember:
    • Giselle:
    • Goliath:
    • Huntress:
    • Laze:
    • Midnight:
    • Mountain Wind:
    • Psiblade:
    • Tempest:

    That’s everybody in the Red and White teams. Then I add a name, of course, and a brief personality synopsis: I’ll Rachel Moore, aka Venomancer:

    Rachel Moore (Venomancer): aka Ra’ch’el Mo’ar: Rachel is a born follower that requires regular approval of her contemporaries. Though powerful in her own right, the addition of her ‘pets’ puts her in par with many of her new world’s ‘metas’. The main problem, as Nat see it, is her insecurity in combat situations. She will follow his directions and plans flawlessly but if she finds herself in a situation not covered in previously made plans, she tends to become lost for what to do next. Out of combat she is fun and breezy and very easy to like.

    See, not hard and not long. Then I list all the people I want keep track of. Sometimes I speak with the character’s voice, sometimes not. Here’s how Rachel sees the Minutemen teams.

    • Blur: She is so much fun to be with and once I got used to her appearing and disappearing at random we became great friends. Also, all the rest of the team seems to be comfortable and highly competent in what they do, Brit is the only one I can share my doubts with. However, as much as she tries, I am NOT going to wear bicycle shorts or any other tight fitting clothes!

    • Ember: Meatball hisses every time Kena enters the room and I can’t blame her. Everything about this girl screams ‘wraith’ no matter what Papa Nat says. I’d rather not find myself in a room alone with her ‘cuz I am afraid she’d turn on me.

    • Giselle: Wren is like no one I’ve ever met. She can be scary and cold but she can also be so kind and gentle. Meatball loves her and that says a lot. It is not unusual to find my kitten curled up on Wren when she’s reading. I don’t understand her powers but from what I’ve gleaned from the others, she can control something called ‘gravity’.

    • Goliath: Nat is so nice, I can’t believe it. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Unca Tad or Papa Dash only without the fur. He’s bigger than either which takes some getting used to but I’ve never seen any evidence of a temper so typical of my own kind. The thing that truly astonishes me is his strength! If I could get him to Archosaur, he could wipe out the wraith single-handed and if I could get all of my new friends there, our world would be safe forever.

    • Huntress: I have never before met a human more dedicated to improving her combat skills. Watching her ‘work out’ is scary but Rocky seems to enjoy duels with her, I just have to remember not to use my own magic on her.

    • Laze: Zach reminds me a great deal of Mody, always flirting and just like Mody, it makes me uncomfortable. I try to make sure someone else is around if Zach is nearby. Maybe he isn’t Mody, but from what others say, he is the same.

    • Midnight: I don’t know how to take Alicia. She seems quiet, almost withdrawn, unless Slater is with her. Unlike Wren, when Alicia is in one of her ‘studies’ I prefer not to interrupt her. She is very . . . I don’t know

    • Mountain Wind: Fuji is unobtrusive, almost invisible when she wants to be and so polite. Guessing by what she likes to do in her free time, some visual game, I doubt we will ever have much in common and very little to talk about though she likes Vanilla very much.

    • Psiblade: Slater is something of an enigma as I have had very little experience with his ‘type’. In some ways he reminds, me of Blademasters I have fought beside. Perhaps it is just his humanness but I see his feelings for Alicia emblazoned on his escutcheon. I have met many an odd pair, Tad and Boby being one, but these two seem even more different.

    • Tempest: Josh is like a wizard that has thrown one too many Pyrograms. At times he seems very normal then as quickly as ever an Untamed did rage, he is off in his own bizarre world. While I do not think him a threat, I am uncomfortable during these times.

    In general: These new companions I find myself allied with are so diverse from the familiar that it is difficult to grasp many of their personalities. Coupled with the strangeness of this new world I find myself adrift and very scared. This place under the ground seems safe but I cannot sleep soundly fearing a sudden wraith attack as they break through a cave wall from below. I miss Thistle very much, she was always calm and confident in any situation we found ourselves in. Now all I can do is imagine what she would do and try to do that.

    At last I have met the other ‘team’. They are called the Minutemen but I do not understand the reference. I have been asked by Papa Nat not to let them know of his Legacy and have taken some pains, literally to my poor ears, to hide my true nature. Luckily my fox form does not illicit comment when I come thus to observe their training. Papa Nat has asked me to ‘keep an eye on’ this group while he and his friends are in their school. I think I have been made a spy and it is very fun to sneak around and keep from being seen. Vanilla, Wren explained, being a white bunny and somewhat larger then native rabbits, would make a poor scout in this case but Meatball is prefect, much to Vanilla’s annoyance. So far, these are conclusions drawn only through observations and while I believe that are fairly accurate, it is possible I may be wrong.

    • Ranger: The one called Mark is so blademaster-like it is hard to credit. Always snapping orders and demanding things be done ‘his’ way. He is quick to criticize and miserly on praise. Should I find myself in a squad with him I would leave in hopes of finding a better man. Papa Nat tells me this one is supposed to lead and that he is a ‘tank’ but I find this hard to believe . . .not that I mistrust Papa Nat but on my world, the tank must be steady and strong, ready to take the damage that others may strike. I do not see this in the one called Mark. I do not like him, nope, nope, nope.

    • Glory: She is very like me, intimidated by the situation in which she finds herself and I feel a great empathy toward her. I believe I could easily be friends with her as we are more alike than I am with any other of my new friends. Like Wren, Meatball finds her hard to resist and many times I have been forced to recall her as she seems content to remain with Shannon. Meatball tells me she must protect Shannon though I do not know from what.

    • Eagle: At first glance, Ern made me and Vanilla VERY nervous, he does, after all, have the seeming of a great bird of prey and what can be more feared by a rabbit than death on silent wing? But then I followed him one early morning to the green sward they call Balboa Park and watched him with the small creatures there. They have no fear of him whatsoever and this heartened me. I have also noted he is very protective of Shannon and she is very comfortable in his presence. For these reasons I have deemed him to be a very fine male with a good heart and love for all things natural. I hope sometime soon, to make my presence known to him and that, together with Shannon, we three might become the best of friends.

    • Spirit: Mal, as she is called, is very hard for me to read. Initially I compared her to Wren in that both are somewhat aloof but truly the similarities end there. Mal is very much comfortable in the roll she has taken, that of mother to her team. She is patient, kind and understanding to all, including the more difficult members. I have never seen in her any display of ire or disappointment, no hint of condescension or sarcasm and best of all, she treats all fairly even during times I would find my temper, a little as it is, tested to the limit.

    • Bell: This one is like Ern in one way at first. She exhibits powers and traits that was an anathema to a bunny but where this is mitigated in Ern by short association, Belle has no such saving grace. She is loud and obnoxious and reminds me of nearly every ‘sin I have encountered. Just her approach will have Vanilla or Meatball heading for cover usually very quickly followed by a little fox. I have no desire to have even the least to do with this one and hope to never find myself up close to her when alone. I fear she might draw from me an instinctive hostile reaction, probably in the form of Rocky

    • Nemesis: I am told the word ‘nemesis’ can mean dire enemy and do not understand why such a name would be chosen but then I have seen odder names in Archosaur. In some ways she is like on to my own race with the ability to change forms but where we are limited to two forms, our ‘human’ and our ‘true’ form, she appears to be under no such limits. While she delights in taking the form of others to occasionally play tricks on her friend and teammates, I am able to detect her in an instant. I suppose having the nose of a fox helps. She is at all times very friendly and enjoys the company of others but I have seen a longing in her at times, when she thinks none can see, for the one called Mercury. This I do not understand for I wholly believe Nemesis to be female as is Mercury. I shall ask about this.

    • Bolt: This one, he IS Mody in all ways. I have seen him place his hands on many females and do not understand why they allow it . . . well, not all allow it. Mercury has on more than one occasion sent this one flying with a simple movement of her hips. He is called Charlie though he complains at the name, preferring Carlos. He says many things of a perv nature to Wren and I wonder sometimes as her patience. If he ever tried to touch me as he has others, I fear Rocky might be forced to teach him a lesson in manners. If he is around I shall never take my human form for fear of drawing his eye. While I do not care for Belle because of her noise and grating personality, this one I do not care for because of everything he is.

    • Patriot: It is inconceivable that any human should allow such a child to enter into combat under any circumstance short of an all-out wraith attack on a home city. I have not observed him display any type of power or expertise in combat that defines all of the others. Though he seems to be very knowledgeable in the technology of this world, he is nonetheless a child and so lacks true experience with life beyond the classroom. I fear that should such as the wraith appear, this child will be the very first casualty.

    Note: Rocky is like a rock golem, Meatball is a small orange tabby cat, and Vanilla is a largish white rabbit. All three are like Pokemon to a Venomancer. She can summon them as required to fight for her or beside her. Also Rachel is not human but rather a race called ‘the Untamed’. She has two forms, a red fox and her ‘human’ form which happened to have bunny ears rather than human ones. So when she speaks of ‘her poor ears’ she could either be referring to noise, she has sensative hearing, or the occasional need to ‘fold’ her ears down to hide them as a human girl.

    Note: She refers to several friends from her home world, Thistle is an elven cleric who rescued Rachel during a battle. Wraiths are about comparable to ‘demons’ and come up from underground, particularly caves. They vary in size and form and power. Papa Dash may literally be her father as he, too, is Untamed as is ‘Unca Tad’ though I think Tad is an honorary uncle. Tad, though Untamed, has married a human girl, Boby. Nathaniel has been given the honorary ‘Papa’ because he reminds Rachel of Dash’s functions in her group. The term ‘tank’ is used to denote a powerful individual who will stand in the front and absorb damage … okay, I know any reader here knows what a ‘tank’ is if you’ve ever played an MMORPG. ‘Blademaster’ is the guy who runs into a cave and draws aggro from everything bad and pulls them to an ambush point where the rest of the team would be waiting. I make a lousy ‘Blademaster’ being a sniper at heart.

    Note: Mody is an annoying blademaster that was constantly hanging around Thistle and Rachel.

    Note: A ‘pyrogram’ is a fire magic spell.

    So, that’s what I end up doing with the characters in my stories, just so I can keep things straight as to who hates who.

    Whatcha think?


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