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    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Campaign Stuff, Characters

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    My writing is scattered a lot like my thoughts.  A little here, a little there, you know.  I noticed a few, read ‘tons’ of, inconsistencies in the kids over in Legacy.  Somehow, in my mind, I thought I had sorted out all my continuity problems only to find out I hadn’t.  Turns out I couldn’t even keep things straight across one class year.  All of the group are like 15 or 16 years old but I had only established that in the Disads for a couple.  After I got that corrected, I found inconsistent Disads between the same character separated by a few years.  So I corrected that.  Next I took a look at backgrounds since I had been writing a lot more since they were originally published a couple of years ago and lo, more changes had to be done.  Then there was the actual positioning of character sheet on the page.  Some were lower down than others.  Fixed that.  Changed a few pictures, looked for even more, especially for Alicia Cross.

    Let me tell you about Alicia.  She’s got her grandmother stuck in her head and it kinda screwed things up for her.  Like many of the characters she wasn’t mine to begin with, Alicia was originally conceived  by a player named Kloe.  Of course I have no idea if that is a real name or even if Kloe is female, but of the sake of argument, she gave me the info she’d dreamed up and I have taken it and run a very long ways with it.  Like all of these characters, particularly in Legacy and Minutemen, I have really gotten to know them far better than some I’ve designed for myself.  Alicia became this girl with her grandmother’s conscious jammed into her head.  Why?  By whom?  What is the effect?  How does it manifest?  I decided to use her as a tie-in to the original group of meta humans from the ’40s and ’50s.   That determined, I deduced it would be Madam Midnight, I’ll write about her in an upcoming post.

    Effects of this ‘joining’ became my next concern.  Alicia is a little weird, okay?  She has this 1940s era debutante cum hard-bitten business woman jammed in there with a sheltered, shy, mousey teenage girl with no social experience or real concept of the world outside her grandmother’s estates.  This brings me to the ‘picture’ of Alicia, which is what I am looking for.  Kloe had a picture, a very odd looking girl in very odd dress.  Let’s see if I can post it here …


    Ah, there she is.  As you can see, a little weird.  Well, I had to figure out what that style is.  Goth?  Steampunk?  Emo?  I’d love to find a better picture but I figure I’ll have to settle at some point for something not quite …  Now in later years, Alicia finds love and begins to come out of her shell … Let’s see her now …

    Man, Slater’s a lucky guy to see that right away.  So, what I am looking for is a new picture for her.  After scanning through my three choices, Goth, Steampunk and Emo, I concluded she is more Emo and I’ll be searching there.  That’s one of the things I am tweaking for Legacy.  We’ll see how it comes out.

    BTW, anyone but me reading this?  Come on, drop me a note.  Thanks.


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