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    Trying to Find My Muse

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters, General Thoughts

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    I never thought I’d say something like this but the sucky part of being retired is that you have all this free time and no need to daydream to escape the mundane shit going on at work.  When I was working, doing something mindless, like painting an entire 120 foot crane, I had plenty of time to daydream.  Now I’m home all the time, watching TV, barely, reading books, several at once, trying to build models, four at a time … but NOT writing.

    I want to break out of this, so, here I am.  I am going to see if I can pick a topic and write 500 words about it then maybe post it here.  This was the first.  Topic, something your main character is hiding from everyone.  The MC I chose is Nat ‘Goliath’ Ryan and it took the form of him speaking to a group of newly recruited members of the Minutemen teams.


    Hidden Fear

    “Power, that’s all the world cares about.  Money is power but power is not always money.  With power you can do anything you want.  Only selfish people think that way.  When you have power, true world-wrecking power, if you care in the least for humanity, you can’t let it control you.  And power will.  If you’ve got it, why not use it?  Why not take what you want when you see it?  No one will stop you, right?”

    “That’s the problem.  What happens if ‘it’ takes you over?  I don’t mean today, or tomorrow, but in a decade, after you’ve been using it freely, doesn’t it become second nature?  It might not be a conscious decision, just a reflex.  After all, you’ve done it so many times.  Something is in the way?  You’ve got the power.  Move it, get rid of it, destroy it.”

    “What if you can destroy a car?  Or a bus?  A tank?  How about an entire aircraft carrier?  That’s the thing, that’s the power I have.  I could pick up an aircraft carrier and toss it onto the beach.  I might not be smashing it to bits, but I would have effectively destroyed it as an aircraft carrier.  Kind of off-center but how about a building?  I could wade it to it, fists swinging, and knock it right off the foundations.  It might take a few minutes, but who is going to stop me, or even slow me down?”

    “Everyone envies me, any of us, really.  We have power and what THEY could do with such power … that’s what they dream of, and all they see.  They think it is the answer to all their problems.  It is only the beginning.  Each of us, we metahumans, are feared more than admired because we have power.  It could be the small things we do, like being able to sculpt rock into works or art, or the big … like lifting an aircraft carrier.”

    “The hardest thing about having power is knowing when to use it and how much.  When I discovered my strength, the first thing I had to do was learn to moderate it.  I can crush a hand with a moment’s inattention.  Is that power?  To be able to do that?  That means I can kill as easily.  How does someone deal with that?  How do we, collectively, deal with our power? “

    “My greatest fear is losing control.  I don’t mean just accidentally smashing a car, I mean full on beserker rage.  Is it in me?  Anyone that says it isn’t is a fool.  We are each capable of horrendous acts, given the right circumstance.  Knowing that, recognizing that, is the beginning of control.  We must always consider the effects of our actions.  We must each learn how far is too far, then learn to step back from the edge.”

    “Destroying a life of someone that doesn’t deserve it.  That’s my greatest fear.  That should be yours as well, each and every one of you.”

    “Class dismissed.”

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