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    I have always been able to get into the head of my heroes but now I find I am getting into the heads of villains.  I think it started with Ronnie ‘Leo’ King.  To me she has always been a fascinating character.  Having lived my early life with a Leo, my father, I had more then a little insight into the personality.  Ronnie started as a little bitch and hasn’t let up.  Getting into her head was a little tough at first, I mean after all I am a 60+ year old man and she’s a young teenage girl.  We don’t have a lot in common … but I knew this Leo.

    Like any character I began by writing up a timeline of her life … you mean not everyone does that?  Hell, I got timelines 10000 years long in some cases.  Anyway, next came her family.  I knew mom was dead and that her sister was married to a very rich guy named Hawkins and they had a son, James ‘Icehawk’ Hawkins.  Superhero kid with a supervillain aunt.  Conflict, cool.  From there I started putting together her personality.  Arrogant.  Self-destructive. Party lover.  F’in’ mean.  Very bad temper.  I ended up with a self-centered primadonna that would do anything for fun with a volatile temper and very little self-restraint.  Oh, also an attention seeker … er … so an actress.  She starts out burning her rivals and doesn’t stop there.

    So, now I have this hot-headed ego-maniac and knowing Leos, she has a sex drive.  Sex, for a hot as hell young woman, is a powerful weapon and she quickly figured out how to use it.  Thing is, by this point, I understand Ronnie.  What was I going to do about that sexuality?  Use it, of course.  To that point, generally and in ‘public’, sex had been only lightly touched on but with the proliferation of ‘urban fantasy’ (read as ‘vampire/werewolf bangin’) I started relaxing my restrictions in my writing.  Ronnie wants to get laid, burns up a football player, does a little casting couch action and trades her ass for a part.  Now I’m trying to think like a woman when it comes to sex.

    Sagittarius, Summer Hunter, springs up.  Now I have to start thinking like a predator male, or a group of them in this case.  She is raped, all off-screen, leading to her becoming Sagittarius and discovering she can kill without a qualm.  I personally think rape is every bit as bad as murder so it is hard for me to get into that mindset to do something like that, hence the off-screen rape.  Bounce forward a bit.  Gemini, my new Gemini.  Twins, but actually a once a single being, and we have hinted incest.  Or since they were once a single being, is it masturbation?

    Finally we get to my newest project, the Pride, newly posted today, 12/17/16.  I have an innocent girl molested by her mother’s boyfriend leading her to run away from home only to be snatched up by the Pride.  The only thing saving her from prostitution is her powers as a pickpocket.  Enter my big bad black guy.  I didn’t intentionally design Slugger to use in this way, he was just Mask’s enforcer and the two of them grew up together in Compton California, hence they are black.  They are not my first non-white characters and I personally like they way they turned out and the way they interact.  Slugger threatens nice innocent pickpocket with rape, constantly.  Girl turns to new ‘friends’ for help.  Again, that friend, female and black, as it fits my story concept.  So, I gotta get into the head of Hawk from Spencer for Hire gone bad and a manipulative whore without a heart of gold.  And there’s Snap.

    Slugger’s a brutal thug rapist.  Snap’s even sleazier.  He uses his powers to sneak into places and talk pictures of people … like the president’s daughter playing with her vibrator.  Getting into his head was pretty slimy and it is amazing I can come up with all this shit.  Kinda scary if you think what could happen if you lost all sense of right and wrong.  That lives inside all of us, ya know, that hint of evil.  You can go all Christian on me and say ‘not me, I never think of that stuff’.  But you just did by my mentioning the possibility.

    I’ve found the dark in me but the nice thing is I know it is only imagination, no matter how twisted it might be.  So, if I get a little to descriptive in the future with sex and violence, it IS all made up.  BTW, if I offend, tough shit, go read something else.



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