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    Ghost Archer

    Written by Ghost Archer. No comments Posted in: Characters

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    Ghost Archer came to be after my very first encounter with Champions in the form of the Violet Avenger.  On a hobby shop hopping trip through the Tidewater Area I stumble upon a shop that allowed in-store gaming, a new concept to me and to many in 1982.   I’m a wargamer at heart but after running through the shop seeking new board wargames, I was attracted to a group of people sitting around RPing.

    I’d played AD&D for a couple of years by this time but honestly, the Fantasy genre is not my first love.  I’d also been playing AD&D long enough to see the major faults in the system.  I despise random generation for characters.  This group of guys were playing a new game, a superhero genre game.  Oh, joy, now this is my idea of a great genre.  I grew up with comic books, most guys my age had.  After watching for a little while, the guy running the store, yeah the store clerk was playing, invited me to sit in and offered a pre-made character, his archer the Violet Avenger.  It took me about two minutes to get hooked on the system.  By the end of the evening, I’d cobbled together what would become Ghost Archer.

    They talked of ‘concept’, something totally new to me as AD&D characters had random concepts, and explained the only limits to a Champions character were points provided by the number of disads you were willing to take.  That last point REALLY sold me.  So I started with the basis of my favorite all-time hero, Green Arrow and went from there but no one at the time was very good at actually building a character so we would search for a  power in another character published by Hero and steal . . . er . . . borrow that power.  My template was Rainbow Archer for the bow and arrows but the whole idea of desolidification was mine.

    When I began playing my new character, I had no idea what to call him so for several weeks he was just the bow guy that can walk through walls.  At some point, he was given the name Ghost Archer.  The whole personality thing didn’t come for a long time since the group I was playing with were essentially ‘hack ‘n slasher’ from the old D&D school.  Only when I decided to start my own game did the idea of role playing enter the picture.

    For many years Ghost Archer has grown and developed from a cardboard guy with a bow to something a lot more complex but the whole while I have always known one thing about my creation, he was a hero.  He was a hero because other people needed him to be.  He didn’t do it for glory or money or to get the girl, he did it because it was his nature.  That’s never changed and never will.  In the game he became the first to totally ignore combat to save others.  He became the first to try to organize the mob of characters invading the shop into something more than random battles d’ jour.  I became the first to actually be concerned with the whole background of a world populated by my creation.  It would be YEARS before I even considered playing a different character.

    Now, 27 years on, Ghost Archer has become an icon in my universe and a major player in the world’s super scene.  He hasn’t fundamentally changed, he is still a hero because he was born that way but he’s had a lot of hard knocks that have left him battered but still game.  He’s lost loves, he’s lost friends, he’s gained a family and he’s become a teacher.
    He’s still inherently a loner though he never lets on and, even with a wife, a house full of children, his own and students, a variety of friends and colleagues, lonely.  The loneliness stems from one of those lost loves, a girl that was and always will be the ‘one’ but he lost her to a goddess and struggled for many years to come to grips with it.  Though he has since found a woman totally dedicated to him, there is still that ache in his heart for the one he lost and her biggest fear is the return of his lost love.

    Over the years he’s gone on hiatus as I developed other PCs but always he is around and always he’s been integrated into the lives of my other PCs.  It’s been years now since I actually played him but he’s still there, trying to save the world one person at a time.


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