The Wild Hunt

San Francisco by night

Years ago, during a trip to England, Ghost Archer encountered the Celtic manifestation of Good, the Wild Hunt. The uncontrollable urge to join the Hunt gripped the Archer and drew him along.  A group of Viper agents proved to be the quarry for the night's chase and their technology was more than the ancient Wild Hunt could handle. One by one the hounds of the pack fell until only the Master remained. Ghost Archer was too late arriving and found the Master mortally wounded by Viper. Realizing he was no longer able to cope with modern technology the Master proclaimed Ghost Archer his heir as he died. Ghost Archer continues as the Master of the Wild Hunt today. Gone, however, is the hound pack of old, replaced by Heroes of all types. On his return to his home in San Francisco he began recruiting his new pack. The Hunt, as it became known, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Valley of the Wild Hunt

Archer and Thistle, once


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